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'Grim Weaver' to screen in North Hollywood in October

by MoreHorror In Hollywood,

Ernest Serrano’s Grim Weaver will be featured at the historic NOHO7 Laemmle Theater in North Hollywood from October 28 through October 31, 2016. The Laemmle Theater is located at 5240 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91601. The Laemmle Theater phone number is (310) 478-3836. There will be 28 showings of the film at the NOHO7 Laemmle.

Grim Weaver” stars Sid Burston (Exit Strategy, Get Thee Behind Thee), Art Roberts (Interstellar Wars, Slink), Roxanne Dover (The Shield, Miles Away), Malika Perkins Blessing (The Perfect Man), Belinda Fruge (Unspeakable Indiscretions), among many other talented actors. The film features Dawna Lee Heising of More Horror in Hollywood as Debbie Cory.

As a child in Newark, New Jersey, “Grim Weaver” director Ernest Serrano had two seemingly conflictual dreams - to enter into law enforcement and to write, direct, produce, and distribute independently produced films. Serrano enlisted in the Navy upon graduation from Barrington High School and
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Open Casting Call - 2 Male Leads in New Feature Film From the Producers of 'Pariah' & 'Yelling to the Sky'

Fyi actors! A new feature project which the producers of 2 critically-acclaimed films (Dee Rees' "Pariah" and Victoria Mahoney's "Yelling to the Sky") covered quite extensively on this blog, are attached to, is looking for actors to play 2 male leads. Details follow below: Casting Notice- Martian  (Film/New York) From writers Jameel Saleem ("Manhattan Love Story," "The Soul Man," "Exit Strategy"), Andre Robbins, and award winning writer/director Bobby Yan, as well as the Producers of the highly acclaimed "Pariah" (Nekissa Cooper) and "Yelling to the Sky" (Diane...
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SourceFed’s Elliott Morgan Walks 30 Miles On Soul Pancake

We recently noted just how advantageous collaborations can be for top YouTube channels, and one of the site's hottest channels continues to embrace that notion. SourceFed's Elliott Morgan and Exit Strategy's Jameel Saleem star in the most recent episode of The Flipside, Soul Pancake's philosophical series of one-off sketches. The video, titled 'The Watch', features Morgan stars as a man who wishes to travel thirty miles to give a family heirloom to an ex-flame. Saleem plays his beleaguered best friend who drives beside him the whole way. Though both of its leads have plenty of comedic ability, a more serious tone is present, with 'The Watch' attempting to answer the thought-provoking question of "Who really matters to you?" Morgan is not the first YouTuber to appear in an episode of The Flipside.

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Watch Tatyana Ali In Reality TV Parody 'This My Show' - Episode 2

A spoof of reality TV shows, here's episode 2 of the web series This My Show, with Tatyana Ali, Jameel Saleem and Bresha Webb. The series - written and created by Saleem, who stars in and wrote the romantic feature comedy Exit Strategy (profiled here on S & A a few months ago), and Webb, who is a TV actress and writer - makes fun of those Basketball Wives and Love and Hip Hop reality shows. In the series, Webb plays an actress who decides to capitalize on the reality show craze by creating her own scripted show with her current roommate, played by Saleem. For Webb's characater, reality shows are the quickest and easiest way for a...
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Interview: Jameel Saleem Talks Exit Strategy

  • ShockYa
Interview: Jameel Saleem Talks Exit Strategy
Read our exclusive interview with actor and screenwriter Jameel Saleem, who plays James in the upcoming film ‘Exit Strategy.’ The self-described “un-romantic” comedy, which is set to hit select theaters in the Philadelphia area on February 10, 2012, follows Saleem’s character, James, as he’s evicted from his apartment. He moves in with his new girlfriend of three months, Kim, played by Kimelia Weathers, and discovers she’s not what he wants in a relationship. He enlists the help of his best friends, Carville, portrayed by Quincy “Qdeezy” Harris, and Leona, played by Noelle Balfour, as well as Kevin Hart and L.A. Power 106 radio host Big Boy, to find a relationship...
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Official Trailer For Exit Strategy Released

Official Trailer For Exit Strategy Released
The official trailer for the upcoming independent urban comedy ‘Exit Strategy,’ directed by Michael Whitton, has been released by Ask Around Entertainment. The self-described laugh-out-loud un-romantic comedy is set to be released in limited release on February 10, 2012 for Valentine’s Day, at AMC Theaters Cherry Hill and Franklin Mills in the Philadelphia area. ‘Exit Strategy’ follows James, played by Jameel Saleem, who gets evicted from his apartment and moves in with his girlfriend of three months, Kim, portrayed by Kimelia Weathers. He quickly discovers that she’s everything he never wanted in a woman. So James enlists the help of his best friends Carvile, played by Quincy “Qdeezy” harris and...
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Kevin Hart and Power106's Big Boy in Exit Strategy (Video)

Comedian and actor Kevin Hart is starring in a new film, "Exit Strategy." Breaking up is hard to do. But how do you know what's the right way to do so? From Ask Around Entertainment, comes "Exit Strategy", an un-romantic comedy for Valentine.s Day, starring Jameel Saleem, Kimelia Weathers, Quincy .QDeezy. Harris, Kevin Hart and Power 106's Big Boy (also an Executive Producer on the film). In Exit Strategy, James (Saleem) gets evicted from his apartment and moves in with his girlfriend of three months Kim (Weathers) and quickly discovers she's everything he never wanted in a woman. He enlists best friends Carville (Harris) and Leona (Balfour), plus high-schooler Scoop (Sinise) and strangers Big Boy and Kevin Hart to find
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Promo Clips & Trailer For Indie Rom-Coms “Exit Strategy” And “Cream Soda”

Looks like Russ Parr won’t be the only national radio personality in the film business soon. Nationally syndicated radio host Big Boy will be joining him in this arena as executive producer of Exit Strategy, a romantic comedy starring Jameel Saleem and Kimelia Weathers.

Synopsis for the film: The romantic comedy centers around a man named James (Jameel Saleem) who is evicted from his apartment and forced to move in with his girlfriend of three months, Kim (Kimelia Weathers) and quickly discovers she’s not his type. When he enlists his friend Carville (Quincy ‘QDeezy’ Harris) and Leona (Noelle Balfour) to help him find an exit out of the relationship, things go haywire, as Kim refuses to let her boyfriend leave peacefully.

“I’m a movie fan — and when QDeezy brought this to me, I thought it’d be something my listeners would be in to,” Big Boy told AllHipHop.
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