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Great sequel. A new classic.
CriticsVoiceVideo19 November 2022
Same tone, same vibe, same story but in a different way. I loved it. It had wonderful nods to the original, the spirit of the original, the aesthetic of the original. But a film that stands completely on its own. I absolutely loved it.

After watching it three times and then back to the original, I realized just how brilliant the ending is. It all comes full circle. BRILLIANT. I had to adjust my rating from a nine to a ten. This is how you make a compatible sequel.

As a big big fan of the original since I first saw it as a kid in the 1980s, this sequel definitely put a smile on my face and gave me that warm fuzzy feeling. I would be mad if this didn't play on the nostalgia. It's done in the right way, not heavy handed and pointless. Loved hearing the original score and seeing that original cast back. Melinda Dillon was sorely missed as the mom (I understand she has been retired for quite some time). Julie Hagerty is an adequate replacement.

A must see for any fan of the original and be sure to drink your Ovaltine.
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Has the heart of the original..
ashwetherall117 November 2022
Just watched this and to be honest I was hoping for the best but really expecting the worst.. Thats why, I watched it early.. Well thank god... It was a very worthy sequel to the Christmas classic.

Never over doing it and keeping the character's real.

It also benifits from getting many of the original cast back and keeping them very likable. Now, without giving to much away, the story now set in the early 70s and follows Ralphie now in his 40s coming to terms with his fathers (The Old Man) passing and also dealing with percieved personal faliures. But his mother has asked him to make a special christmas and thats what he's going to do. (All this is in the trailer).

The film has all the style of the original and the new character's such as Ralphies wife and kids are very well drawn and acted.

I will be watching this again as part of double features with the original closer to Christmas.

All in all a very fine sequel that manages to bring the story full circle..
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This is the movie no one asked for yet we all needed. Perfection
TheLastDon8119 November 2022
I can't even begin to tell you how much this is needed. To be honest, I was really really sceptical when I heard that they were making a sequel. In my opinion, a Christmas story is the best Holiday movie ever made. So to fiddle with that can be very touchy. Thankfully they did the original movie justice and expanded on the original story. They didn't change any of the original events which made me really happy. It's amazing how through the years Ralphie has gotten older, but somehow looks exactly the same. It's a feel good movie which touches on a lot of nostalgia and tugs at your heartstrings. I cried through most of it... and that last scene. OMG, brings it all together. Just perfect.

Beautiful movie, and well done.
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In a world of sequels...
nathan-p-hart18 November 2022
... This one was solid. Even better it isn't one of those garbage Christmas rom coms that get churned out this time of year. It got an extra star from me just for that!!!!

The story was touching. Independent from the first movie. But it stayed true to the first movie when important and had good callbacks. Peter Billingsly reprises Ralphie perfectly. The mannerisms and face expressions took me right back.

The story is relatable and touching. A little heavier in subject matter than the first. But plenty of lighter moments too. I liked the Christmas carolers scene because I feel the same way about them. Haha. Overall a pleasent watch. It's not going to replace the original as your favorite. But you're going to be able to sit thru the entire movie without questioning why they bothered making a sequel. And it's going to get you into the season!
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I was really worried. But so much thought and heart was put into this.
Otkon25 November 2022
It absolutely captures the spirit of Jean Shepherd's storytelling and the original movie.

It truly was a labor of love on Peter Billingsley's part to make sure that it just wasn't an excuse to cash in on the legacy sequel craze and throw something together. And it is a fun ride to take with him.

The fact that they recreated the street perfectly on European sets is just amazing. It takes you right back.

While it would have been nice to have Melinda Dillon back, you can't go wrong with Julie Hagerty in the role of Mrs. Parker. Who doesn't love carolers and casserole? And the returning cast seems to be having a great time reenacting the craziness that has made them beloved characters.

The actors playing Ralphie's wife and kids did a great job being his beleaguered family, sticking with him thick and thin, playing along with his dreams and eccentricities. The movie is laugh-out-loud at times. The callbacks to iconic scenes from the original (but often done in a grown-up way) are fun to spot. Some are outright hilarious.

It is nice to see how Ralphie and the boys all turned out.
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A heavily nostalgic, warm-hearted sleigh ride of laughs and festive charm
Amthermandes18 November 2022
If you're a fan of the first movie, do not hesitate to watch this film.

Going into this, I was expecting to watch an unoriginal, cheesy cash grab like other recent sad attempts to bring back "the good 'ol days" (looking at you, "Hocus Pocus 2") for 80's and 90's kids. But it ended up being surprisingly good! Not amazing, definitely has some cheese (that's a subtle joke for anyone who's already seen it), and it may rely too heavily on the original classic, but it's a fun, heart-warming sequel that captures a lot of the magic from the the first "Flick".

So obviously there are a lot of throwbacks and references to the original. A LOT. And most of them are fun. They aren't really subtle, but they are fun, like the fact that they use the original house, and that most of the original actors are all back, which is an impressive feat for a movie sequel. My wife and I especially found ourselves excited to see a nod to THEE LAMP.

Most of the movie is pretty much a time portal to the first film, but it's still got some originality. Even the narration has funny, clever, and sometimes profound thoughts just like the original. It has the feel of a Hallmark movie, but it's actually enjoyable (this is a guy's perspective here, no offense meant to anybody who enjoys Hallmark movies).

It's cute and funny, it really is.
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Wow! What a great movie! It should get a major award!
puterdood19 November 2022
Warning: Spoilers
And I mean it! A Christmas Story Christmas is a really great movie! It does have a few dull spots and a few cheesy moments, but it is a great sequel to "A Christmas Story". It manages to recapture some of the warmth of the original movie which was set in the 1930s/40s and present it in a 1970s manner.

All of the actors and actresses did a great job as well. The kids were wonderful. Peter Billingsley presented Ralphie as a grown up yet still holding on to young Ralphie in every way. Julie Hagerty was especially sweet as Mom/Grandma. Erinn Hayes portrayed the perfect, supportive wife for Ralphie. Scut, Flick, Schwartz and others were also portrayed very well. Jean Shepherd would definitely give his stamp of approval!

One thing about the movie is that although some of the earlier events were imitated, they were not recreated so as to be a rip off. Memories were relived when and where necessary and provided a great amount of nostalgia. Therefore, if you have not watched the original "A Christmas Story", it is almost necessary to do so to understand some of the events of this movie.

Also, pay attention to some of the background sight gags. Some are laugh-out-loud worthy.

To all those involved in making this movie, I say great job! You really made this movie a definite "must watch"! Everyone should add it to their Christmas movie collection! No one will be disappointed!
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A gift
mrashtastic8926 November 2022
Oh my lord, what in the world, how was this so good?

The original Christmas Story is one of the best Christmas movies ever created, naturally I had high expectations for this film but to say it exceeded them is just an understatement, this film was just beautiful, and it's honestly just as good if not better than the original film, which I didn't think was possible.

A Christmas Story Christmas manager to perfectly use callbacks to the original film while also weaving in brilliant originality, beautifully bringing in real world issues and dare I say, it almost managed to make me cry on multiple occasions.

It's a truly hilarious film, and I wasn't expecting Polly from Malcolm in the Middle to show up, Peter Billingsley puts on a truly beautiful performance and it just managed to fill my heart with joy and is one of the best early Christmas gifts I could ever have.

I'm gonna give a Christmas story Christmas an A.
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I actually cried!!
sunny_wells20 November 2022
I'll be honest! I was really very skeptical of this. How often does a sequel made almost 40 years later exceed expectation?? The original is so iconic. We absolutely love watching it every year. With this one, other than missing Melinda Dillon, it was wonderful that the entire cast came back, even Farkus! The tribute to "The Old Man" literally brought tears to my eyes! So much of the old magic along with some new magic! Really well done Ralphie!! I Hope that TBS & USA add this to their 24 hours of Christmas! Maybe they can alternate the two. Will definitely be added to our Christmas traditions!
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Sunsphxsuns19 November 2022
I don't know about you, but for me, It's nearly impossible to wrap my mind around the hard, cold fact, that the original "A Christmas Story" was pretty much ignored when it opened in theaters in 1983. But after years of rotation on cable television during the holiday season it ultimately achieved its current status as a much respected and deeply loved Yuletide classic.

In my opinion this new "installment" was long overdue. And thank goodness this film ignores all of the unofficial "sequels," (and unless you are a degenerate fan of Ralph and the Gang then you should plan on ignoring them too).

A Christmas Story Christmas picks up in 1973, and stars the now middle-aged Peter Billingsley reprising his role as Ralphie Parker. He's a grown man, with a wife and kids. He's finally abandoned Cleveland for Chicago where he's hoping to have his first success in getting his first book published. But just as importantly, Ralphie is looking forward to spending a Christmas holiday visit with his parents. There is no reason to discuss more of the plot (why spoil it for you?). Moreover other wonderful IMDb reviewers have done this quite thoroughly.

I think a little bit of Ralphie exists in most people. The time you spend with your family during the holiday season rarely makes up for the time spent apart during the rolling year. Ralphie cherishes the memories of growing up with a loving family. His own fleeting childhood was so much more simple than his now more complicated adult life. If anything else, A Christmas Story Christmas establishes what's changed with many of the original characters now that they've become adults. That plot line alone makes this a worthy watch!

No spoilers here as usual but I can reveal that Melinda Dillon was unavailable to reprise her role as Ralphie's mother as she had completely retired from acting by 2007.
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A charming sequel
donnagrei19 November 2022
A Christmas Story is probably THE most classic of classic Christmas films.

I'm not always for sequels, but A Christmas Story Christmas pulls all the nostalgia off nicely.

Much of this only works due to the commitment of quite a few of the original cast you know and love from the original film. Ralphie (Peter Billingsly) looks much the same and carries the sequel very well. Flick, Schwartz and even Farkus return.

While some of the situations are different in this 1973 setting, they manage to carry on the humor of the original and you'll definitely have a smile and a chuckle whichever of the generations you fit into.
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Thank you. I needed this.
fufi-319 November 2022
Ralph's imagination cutaways were a bit overused, but this movie is everything a Christmas movie or story should be. Funny, poignant, impactful, silly, and nostalgic.

Tying to the original as it does but propelling us to the 'future" (in this case, the America of my childhood) without being heavy handed or unrealistic makes us feel all of the nostalgia and happiness for the characters of the original, and develop a deep connection to who those characters have become since.

Most importantly, it reminds us of how we've been touched by family and friends we Love who are no longer with us.

Thank you.
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I won't apologize, I loved it!
Drachen7719 November 2022
You'll be hard pressed to find a bigger Christmas Story fan than myself. I love the original so much, and I'll be honest that I was nervous about a new one. Rarely do they find the right mix of nostalgia and new material, especially when there's big a long time since the original. However, perhaps people are starting to figure it out with the great Top Gun: Maverick and now A Christmas Story Christmas.

One of the things that is always worrisome is if they simply try and recreate those nostalgic moments. However, this movie finds ways to avoid those and create it's own new ones. For example, there is no forced scene where the oldest child has to wear the bunny outfit, or Ralphie getting a leg lamp, etc. In fact, the lamp, bunny outfit, Triple Dog Dare You and some other iconic moments are minimized and allowed to be left as memories for the characters the way they are for us.

It's far more emotional than I would have ever expected, acting as a fitting tribute to The Old Man and to Christmases of the past.

Ralphie still has an active imagination and there is one snowball fight daydream that is particularly funny.

Most of the original cast is brought back with the one exception being Mrs. Parker. If I had one complaint it would be that I thought Julie Hagerty played the mother a bit goofier than I thought she would be, but that's a minor gripe. I absolutely loved how they handled the return Of Scut Farkus.

Overall, it's just a fun movie that can be added to the Christmas rotation. It's hard to say if it will become a classic , but it's important to remember the original wasn't appreciated until years after it came out. I think most fans of the original will enjoy this.
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Low-Key But Affecting Nostalgia Trip as Ralphie Goes Home
EUyeshima21 November 2022
There are plenty of clips from the homespun 1983 holiday classic of which this is the 33-years-later sequel. Peter Billingsley returns as Ralphie Parker, no longer a BB-gun-obsessed cherub but now a struggling novelist and married father of two in Chicago. The story pivots around his father's unexpected passing and his return back to his Indiana hometown where his mom and most of his childhood friends still live. The sitcom-level shenanigans are little changed from the original as our familiarity with the characters. What's different this time is how Ralphie's cherished upbringing serves as the catalyst for unleashing his writing talent. Julie Hagerty replaces Melinda Dillon as Ralphie's mom and injects her welcome trademark ditziness. The rest of the cast serves the story well. Fans of the original will likely not be disappointed except maybe the extended time lapse.
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I bawled through the entire movie.
gkanary19 November 2022
I actually did. I bawled through the entire movie. I loved every second of it. Don't try to much to compare it to the original. It stands on its own yet it holds on enough of the original to bring in this wonderful, magical nostalgic tone throughout. They all go through new challenges that are their own, yet are somehow connected to the challenges that Ralphie and his family faced over three decades ago. I don't know if I can watch it again for a little bit because I am definitely emotionally drained. I recommend this movie to the old and the new. Is so simple but very deep in its message. Like I said, I may not be able to watch it again soon, but it will always be part of my "must see a hundred times" Christmas movies !!
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Such a great continuation!
mishahaynie17 November 2022
This is the true sequel we were all wishing for! This blew my mind how good this sequel to a Christmas story was today! Its such a faithful sequel to the original film, with all the original cast and locations. Every part of this movie felt like a recreation of the original movie and was brought back to life in 2022 made with such love and care. Every aspect was just such a great continuation. Definitely go watch this! I think this is going to be an equally great holiday classic! Brought back all those great classic Christmas feelings and will be great for the whole family to enjoy on Christmas Day!
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The Long-Awaited Follow-Up To A Christmas Story Is Full Of New And Old Faces And Plenty Of Hilarious Scenes.
rannynm17 November 2022
A Christmas Story Christmas is the highly anticipated and long-awaited follow-up to the classic Christmas movie, A Christmas Story. It's full of new and old faces and, of course, plenty of hilarious scenes. This movie certainly gets you ready for the holiday season.

Peter Billingsley returns as Ralphie in A Christmas Story Christmas. He's back and all grown up, and tries to give his kids a magical Christmas, just like the ones he had when he was younger. But with an unexpected loss, he must do it by himself. Can he live up to his dad's standards and give his kids the perfect Christmas?

As the title suggests, this movie is the sequel to A Christmas Story, nearly 40 years in the making! It isn't necessary to watch the original movie to make sense of this one; however, there are references to the original movie that may be a bit confusing for those who haven't viewed it. Also, A Christmas Story is one of my favorite Christmas movies and is a joy to watch, so I do recommend it before watching this one if possible. One of my favorite parts of this movie is the fact that most of the original cast members play their same characters. Flick (Scott Schwartz), Schwartz (R. D. Robb), Randy (Ian Petrella), and even Scut Farkus (Zack Ward) all make an appearance. It is surreal (in a good way) to see what these former childhood actors now look like all grown up. I've never searched for their current appearances, so they are all a pleasant surprise. I also love how the sequel stays true to the original movie with all the sets, transitions and personalities of the characters. The narration is even similar to the first movie. Peter Billingsley, on top of just acting in this movie, also co-wrote and produced it. Kudos to him for all the work he did to bring us this movie. Speaking of some of the actors, my favorite performances are from Peter Billingsley (Ralphie), Julie Hagerty (Ralphie's mom) and Erinn Hayes (Sandy). Peter Billingsley keeps all his mannerisms and quirks from Ralphie even in his adult years, which makes this movie feel familiar and comedic. Julie Hagerty replaces Melinda Dillon as Ralphie's mom, and she fills her shoes so well. Erinn Hayes plays the newly introduced character Sandy and fits right in. She makes me feel as if she has been there forever because of the amusing interactions she has with other characters. The actors have so much chemistry, no doubt due to the fact that most of them have known each other for so long.

The primary message of A Christmas Story Christmas is that sometimes, it's the thought (and effort) that counts. This movie also deals with the loss of loved ones. There is some mild profanity and consumption of alcohol.

I give A Christmas Story Christmas 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 5 to 18, plus adults. Fans of original movie will enjoy this movie as well as those who are unfamiliar with the original. It comes on HBO Max November 17, 2022. By Katherine S., KIDS FIRST!
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A sequel done right
mrgiggles00718 November 2022
I'm sure many will disagree, as people so often do, but this was much better than I expected. Between the returning cast members from the original to the extension of the story we all grew up watching, this is a love letter to those of us who loved A Christmas Story.

Even though Darren McGavin's character is missing, his presence is felt throughout the entire story much in the way we like to think about our own relatives who have passed on. It isn't perfect, nor will it win any accolades, but it is precisely the sequel the original movie needed.

My holiday season watch list just grew by one.
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autumnkeely17 November 2022
I think everyone, (much like I did) will go into this movie with the stubborn mindset that it won't be "as good" as the first one, but in my honest opinion, it came pretty darn close! There were flashbacks and callbacks to the original movie which I definitely appreciated, and most of the cast surprisingly came back to reprise their roles. "The Old Man", while not being in the movie, definitely takes a big part in making the plot special. From the leg lamp to the bunny pajamas, you'll get every bit of nostalgia you're hoping for in what will soon be another classic, wholesome tale of Ralphie Parker.
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Give it a chance
malomar1219 November 2022
It starts out slow as it tries to give a recap of how we got to this time and place. But about midway through, it breaks into a memorable movie with some laugh out loud moments and some very touching scenes. Obviously Peter Billingsley had a lot of input but Vince Vaughn also leaves his mark on the story. Might not be the classic that the original one is, but it is certainly a well executed sequel destined to someday run back-to-back with the original in an all day marathon.

Ralphie may not be screaming Bumpus! Every five minutes like Darren McGavin did but then he was never destined to have the same personality as his on screen dad. He's the character we all assumed he would grow up to be.
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No doubt the biggest surprise of 2022!
vincenzoangeloni26 November 2022
I watched this movie very hesitantly. The original is honestly one of my favorite comedies and holiday traditions, and I couldn't help but cringe at the trailer for this, yet another attempt to make a sequel to A Christmas Story. I think it's worth noting that, in my opinion at least, the trailer does this movie no favors. I feel like the trailer makes this movie out to be a cash-grabby sellout, just made to capitalize on nostalgia. And while this movie is definitely not perfect, and occasionally has those problems, I was delighted by the unexpected originality of this movie. I feel like this is the absolute best that a sequel to A Christmas Story can be, as it delivers a fun, funny, heartfelt and lighthearted story with a great ending that, against all odds, actually makes the original even better!
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A great follow up!
swadwolf118 November 2022
Warning: Spoilers
Ok so all these later they do a follow up to the classic a Christmas story I watched not really expecting much sequels usually aren't so good but I was wrong it was like catching up with old friends again and great they got most of the originals back ralphie,flick,schwartz and Scut farkus, ralphie back after the death of his father and bringing his new family back to his old stomping ground just as much fun as the original with a new twist I'm sure many will pick holes in it but me I loved the original growing up and this all these years later made me smile again,take it for what it is a good old bit of Christmas fun.
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A Great Way Back In And Frame Narrative--But Absolutely Nothing Else
zkonedog20 November 2022
Warning: Spoilers
Making a sequel to one of the most beloved holiday films of all time was always going to be a near-impossible task. To their credit, writers Nick Schenk & Peter Billingsley and director Clay Kaytis find a good "way back in" to the Parker family saga and actually construct a nice framing narrative to end the picture. Unfortunately, everything in between is a straight rehash of jokes and sight gags from the original--rendering "A Christmas Story Christmas" largely hollow outside of wrote nostalgia.

For a very basic overview, this film sees a middle-aged Ralphie (Billingsley) trying to--but not succeeding in--building a writing career. He's down to his last straw before giving up his dream to help support his family--wife Sandy (Erinn Hayes) and children Mark (River Drosche) and Julie (Julianna Layne). But then, Ralph gets a call from his mother (played by Julie Hagerty) relying the sad news that The Old Man has passed--requiring a Christmas visit back to the old stomping grounds. While back in his childhood haunts, Ralphie reconnects with old friends Flick (Scott Schwartz) & Schwartz (RD Robb) and tries to create a magical holiday for his family like his father once did for him.

The death of Darren McGavin's Old Man character as the emotional stimulus behind Ralph's journey is brilliant. Every time that picture on the wall is shown, a flashback is seen, or the maudlin music starts up, real emotion is present. The filmmakers have a keen grasp of what made the original "tick", so to speak.

The framing narrative here is also quite impressive--that being having Ralph essentially become the narrator of the original film. I didn't see that neat trick coming and it made me smile!

Those two aspects alone earn "Christmas Story Christmas" a down-the-middle rating--but it doesn't get a star more. Why? Because there is not one original set piece or joke in the entire runtime. It is, most often, a location-for-location, joke-for-joke remake of the original. There is very little effort or interest--clearly intentional--in unearthing much (if any) new ground here. Another swing-and-miss? The re-cast of Ralphie's mother as a sort of ditzy, out-of-it old woman. Nothing against Hagerty as an actress here--rather her overall character construction resembling none of the heart and humor of Melinda Dillon.

Overall, "A Christmas Story Christmas" ends up being a rather odd experience. At times, you'll feel some real emotion/nostalgia. But for prolonged stretches, you'll also be either bored to tears or shaking your head at the stupidity/crassness/imitative nature of it all.
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Bring Tissues The Perfect Sequel
haloeffect-7540219 November 2022
I saw A Christmas Story in a small theater during a Christmas vacation with my older sister and brother. I was 9 years old in 1983. It became my gold standard with It's A Wonderful Life. This long awaited true sequel is everything I have waited for since I saw the first.

Peter Billingsley figured out with Vince Vaughan how to make the perfect sequel. Cried my eyes out through the whole thing. The flashback sequences to the last credit rolling brought nonstop tears and such a warmth to my heart and soul.

Thank you Peter and everyone for doing this. 5 stars.

I lost my Dad suddenly at 11 years old and everything clicked in this movie with those memories of Ralphie's Dad...the old man. RIP.
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New fave xmas vibe!
babyjudy-0752017 November 2022
Ralphie is back. And he's drunk sometimes. He gets into all kinds of holiday hijinks, shenanigans, and such. He also gets to live out his childhood bully's revenge fantasy. At once maudlin and hallucinatory, this film gives us the taste of burping up fruitcake. Darren McGavin dies offscreen, but God bless Julie Hagerty, who hasn't been this outrageous since Airplane. And don't say it's the material... anyhow. They give My Old Man a fond send-off in the way of an only slightly creepy found-footage sort of cameo. Later in the film, McGavin'poltergeist mysteriously manifests. He blew his fuse! Get it? Twist: Dad"s ghost is Santa!
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