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I really really loved it!
CranberriAppl27 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
And coming from me, that's saying something bc Lifetime movies in the last 8-9 years have been ridiculous with all the man=hating, sex, death (oh excuse me MURDER) movies. I used to watch Lifetime in college, but now I don't even bother except for Frasier reruns. But I digress.

I saw the preview for this on Hallmark (I think) and as a fan of LL's from back in the Ally McBeal days, and this movie seemed light and fun, so I made plans to tune in. I was verrry pleasantly surprised! The writing was great, the actors were great (very rare that not a single character irritates me), and it was just a great miniseries to watch.

From the previews, I thought it was going to be fantasy-based, but it wasn't. One thing I liked about this romance is that they acknowledged that everything was happening fast. One thing I hate about TV movies/romcoms is that everything usually happens in less than a week, so it just seems weird, but even though this one probably took place in 3 months, that fact was lampshaded enough...and then... SPOILER.....Lucy's character still waited a year to get married. So you can imagine that whichever of the guys she married, she still took the time to get to know him. Another pleasant surprise was that, it was only 50/50 percent predictable. I had my #1 guy, but I honestly thought they were going to switch it I was somewhat on the edge of my seat.

This could become a Lifetime classic, and I prefer movies like this one and The 12 Men of Christmas to all the killing movies they show.

P.S. If I may have a shallow moment: I really loved Lucy's wardrobe! Whomever styled her did a fantastic job.
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Adorable Movie!
kappa102129 May 2011
This is a great movie, and any girl that is not married can relate to it. Even if you are married you will probably still enjoy it. The guys are adorable and of course frustrating (typical). The quotes are great--good writing. Marry Me is not predictable like a lot of Lifetime movies can be. After watching Part 1 I could not wait to watch Part 2 to find out what happens. The four hours go by really fast. You will enjoy this movie.

As for her family not being oriental she explains she was adopted more than once. No where in this movie did she come off as selfish. She knows what she wants, and refuses to settle. Last I checked that was a good thing.
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BEST romantic comedy in a long time
hellaszer11 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
First of all: WHYYY I haven't heard of that before? Secondly: this is the best, funniest, most charmingly witty and true romcom I have seen. I have seen a lot. All.

My flight just got canceled for a second time. I don't give a damn. All I want is to watch this movie.

Lucy Liu looks stunning, the conversations are so witty and have such a great grasp on reality, that it is something like Sex and the City and Ally Mcbeal combined. I will take it as my personal quest to make publicity for this movie.

THANKS! - dear creators.....
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Marry who?
issachar8 October 2011
Having recently break up with Adam, Rae (Lucy Liu) was expecting a proposal from him while he's actually leaving for a work grant.

Luke came into Rae's life as introduced by Church preacher, as well as Luke's best friend, Harry. Later on, Adam came back and in this 3 hours movie, nothing is boring, it's all about life, love and choices.

Rae is the romantic kind, but also kinda career type of girl, as social work previously an artist, she's looking for romantic true love and she do not want to settle for less. What does she do when she thought she's out of the game but now she has all three choices?

"Marry Me" is a sweet, funny, romantic movie, I recommend this "movie" to any girl that having problem seeing what next to do when you are lost in love, or recently ended a relationship and wondering if you are doing it right. It is more than just an entertainment, there are messages in it. See it.
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touching, funny and long
Bill McKeeman24 June 2012
I loved every minute of this movie even though I am WAY beyond the romantic stage of life. The dialog was great (closed caption necessary), all the characters were attractive and believable. I would like to meet every one of them. Love can be (probably must be) confusing and unsettling, especially to those who have loved and lost. In a way this movie is a textbook on maintaining personal integrity and a consistent purpose as the waves of emotion crash in, through betrayal, imagined and real, through misunderstandings and mistakes, through the intruding challenges of everyday life (well, maybe some of it was not "everyday").
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seems strange
jking14327 April 2011
First of all, I don't think I'm going to be able to stand watching the whole movie just to find out who she marries--the whole movie feels a little shallow to me, other than being a foster parent to the young girl--probably put in the movie to make her seem less shallow? But one thing seems strange--she's the only oriental in the family? No mention of being adopted or did I perhaps miss that? I figured at first after seeing her mother (Annie Potts I believe? I always love her in whatever she does), that the father would be oriental. Just seems a little strange and something that is pretty noticeable to remain unexplained. And I guess I don't care enough to find out who she marries--Justified just came on and I've been wanting to check it out. It has to have more substance.
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