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Train Wrecks
Gretta21 January 2011
I watched two episodes and gave it a chance but it was just too unbearable to keep watching. Like most reality TV, all of the characters seem shallow and to have no substance. One of the episodes I viewed was an entire evening spent yelling at each other. I really feel sorry for them. Occasionally you see the actions of a real person shine through, but it's rare. I don't understand why anyone would want to watch a bunch of sad people with low self-esteems be cruel to each other all day. I think all of those women need to go on a spiritual retreat, leaving their designer bags and make-up behind before they spend their last day on Earth thinking, "What did I do with my life?"
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Professional Wrestling for the Soul?
sciacca126 November 2013
Watching last night's episode it hit me why I watch these aging women back stab, gossip, and ridicule one another like Gloria Steinem squeezed into her playboy bunny costume and tight heals that pinch toes until they bleed. They are in pain, I mean real pain. Like Gloria, part of me wants to save them, but the bigger stronger part of me knows it is just too late for these old broads. Their fierce anger is palpable. It must be excruciating to try to look and dress like an 18 year old when 50! It is all down hill from here for these girls. This show reminds me of professional wrestling. (Although this might be an insult to professional wrestling). With all the over the top outfits and fake fighting. I mean come on! These petty snipes and self centered bickering cannot be real. Right? I would love to see a spoof on one the networks just go for it. Over the top drag queens yearning for their youth. Queens who never matured emotionally, striking a chord in the archetypal collective heart, longing for youth and empathy; yet just cannot give any empathy to anyone and I mean ever! Wishing, if only I could just be 18 again. I could really get into that show. This one, I do not think I can stomach anymore. This show is achingly bad!
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Nothing admirable or memorable about these phony woman and cohorts
damepdx5 February 2014
This show and especially Carlton need to be put in the trash! Enough already! The women are offensive and do nothing but bicker and spend money shamelessly . Their husbands are worse as they stand by and watch the insanity. Brandi should be locked up and her mouth sewed shut! David Foster - SHAME ON YOU ! You should be smarter than this . Bravo has THE BEST SHOW in TOP CHEF . Why pollute the channel with RHBH and Van Der Plump Rules ( an even WORSE travesty) when you can have quality shows such as Top Chef? I don't get it? The show is bordering on disgusting this year . Will not be watching as it is too offensive and boring.
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Kim Richards is Baby Jane
Sober-Friend2 April 2017
I like this show its fun but I am also not a fan of all these women. Season 7 to me has been the most interesting season since season 1.

Now much of drama has been caused because of Lisa Rinna. I truly believe she is never one that likes silence. She is always talking. I also think "She meant no harm" when she said "Kim was close to death" because in reality I think Lisa thinks "Kim still drinks and does whatever" and she doesn't want to see anything bad happen to Kim. She is afraid that if she says "Nothing" and something does happen to Kim she would feel guilty. This is why she is bitchy around Kim. Since she thinks "Kim is not getting help she thinks that Kyle is an enabler". This leads me to the conversation Lisa she had with Eden Sassoon.

Eden is a recovering alcoholic. When Lisa told Eden about Kim and Kyle Eden thought she could help them. The next time Eden saw Kyle she repeated what "Lisa said". Then all of hell broke loose.

Later we learn that Eden lost her sister to addiction and that her mother was also in recovery. There was a scene to me where Eden and her mother had a conversion about "Kim and Kyle" Her mother told Eden "... that she should not have gotten involved".

Now what did not ring true to me was the fact it that scene with Eden and her mother seemed to have been filmed months after the fight that Eden & Kim but, that is not how the show presented it.

It looked to me Bravo saw Lisa Rinna's popularity going down and wanted to save Eden. So they shot that scene with Eden and her mom! Shady Bravo!

Now I think in reality Lisa meant no harm but was lying when she said she "Did Not remember saying Kim was close to death". However she came clean. I think Kyle should forgive her only because Lisa meant no harm and that carrying a grudge is a heavy load. However Kyle & Kim seem to be getting along now and I am happy for them.

Now I love Eileen and Ericka. I never herd of them before this show. I like them and Lisa Rinna because they all came from nothing and I could be easily be friends with them. Now I am sober for 20 years now so I could be friends with Eden but not best friends! She might be a nice lady but there is something about her that I can't put my finger on.

I still like Kyle. I love the fact now she is trying everything that she can to be on good term with her sister Kim.

Lisa Vanderpump is someone who you can't trust. If she doesn't like you she makes your life hell. She does what she can to make other not like you. She is not as nice as she pretends. She is the underlying problem with all of them. She is a uses people.

Dorit is nasty fake & rude! She and her husband are Euro-Trash. Even though she is an American her fake accent makes her sound like she is mentally challenged. One thing for sure people were most liekly doing drugs at her party.


Kim Richards has always been a terrible person. My sister worked in a movie theater in the 1970's. When she saw Kim Richards She asked Kim for an autograph and Kim called my sister all sorts of names.

Years after the incident my sister wasn't shocked to see how Kim turned out. I had to tell her about this show but she refuses to watch. Kim still has lots of anger in her. She is not working the program. If she is acting like a "Dry Drunk". I don't feel sorry for her anymore. She should grow up. She is a real life "Baby Jane"
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Obvious Formula & One Trick Ponies
Vlad_the_Reviewer23 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers

The real housewives of Beverly Hills is a 'Reality Show'. Some major events occurred such as the suicide of the spouse of one of the actresses and the divorce of Adrienne Maloof. Other than that, most drama wasn't that spontaneous although not everything is scripted in detail. Some real life friendships were broken in most unpleasant ways as well.


It becomes apparent how the casting works. Basically all stars of this show know each other. Kyle Richards knows some of the ladies because they were clients of her husband, a real estate agent. Kim Richards is a sister of Kyle Richards. Dana Wilkey, a former guest star, is a real life friend of Taylor Armstrong. And so forth. They are all connected.


I've read that the stars have only a few hours per episode to prepare. So not everything is scripted in detail. However, it has been implied that the actresses have to make their own storyline. Because of the absence of Dana Wilkey I searched for an explanation. Turns out she wasn't asked to return because she didn't make her own (interesting) storyline. That's a major hint on how things work. For a bigger part the stars have to invent their own character and keep it interesting.


Another thing that revealed itself gradually is the motivation for the actresses to participate. Money seems to be the obvious answer, but that's not all. This show serves as a platform for the women to launch their own products, shops, programs, books and restaurants or to re-launch their acting career. Yolanda Forster used the show as a platform to raise awareness for Lyme disease, which she suffers from. Later it becomes a platform to promote her two daughters' modeling career.


To create drama, things were escalated often out of nowhere, so it seems. More on that later. For example Brandi calling Joyce constantly 'Jacqueline', Kyle who pretends not to see the difference between a Witch Pentagram and a Star of David and when Carlton (the Witch) complained about it she got accused of anti-Semitism. During a dinner party, somebody calls somebody a fat pig out of nowhere. Brandi Glanville's (evil) ways is legendary by now.

Also the emotions are the same. Kyle's way of looking disgruntled is her trademark. Lisa V's attempts to cry (or to faint) is laughable. Eileen Davidson's level headed demeanor has become a bore to me. Cautious hustling Lisa Rina is a bit cowardly for my taste but she's popular, I get it. In general people perform their shtick so bad, it's sometimes toe cringing. But then again, the perfection is in the imperfection in reality shows.

But some things are real, such as the troublesome relationship between the sisters Kim and Kyle. I find this truly heartbreaking and feel Bravo should not pursue this angle ever (again). Nor would I encourage Bravo to pursue Kim's (lack of) sobriety again as well.


Basically in every season and episode, the drama was setup quite structurally. For example the show involves us in the preparation of a nice party, get-together, boat trip, meeting, you name it. The second step is giving us hints what tensions could arise at said event. The third step is the event itself and the drama that unfolds.


I think RHOBH created a lot of winners: the actresses, the Botox companies, and it created a fan-base for each of the participants. Nevertheless, I rate the show a 4 out of 10. The modus operandi to create drama was the same. I didn't see enough of the 'Beverly Hills luxury life' and the actresses were too much of one-trick-ponies.

Having seen it up to and including season 5, I would welcome less negative vibes during the episodes. Sometimes it's a little bit too much. Less on the drama, more on the grand estates, awesome walk-in closets, man-caves, cars, foods, bling, fashion, nice restaurants, lifestyle, smiles.
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"Real Housewives" escapism at its finest!
Sue1 February 2011
I have followed every city's version of the Real Housewives franchise and believe this is the most intriguing and addicting of the franchise thus far.

"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" accomplishes superbly what the initial location - Orange County - set out to show the public: a peek behind the gates and into the lives of the fabulously wealthy. While the initial season of Orange County's opening credits featured an opening gate and a theme song reminiscent of that of "The Twilight-zone", Beverly Hills opens with a theme song as light and bubbly as the pink Veuve Cliqot Brut Rose served at Lisa Vanderpump's restaurant "Villa Blanca." Somehow this seems to convey that peeking into the luxurious worlds of the housewives doesn't feel as voyeuristic as it did when the franchise began.

The Beverly Hills series takes viewers behind the lives of some of the most awesomely wealthy households in America. The extravagances of daily living in Beverly HIlls are incomprehensible to most Americans outside of the 90210 zip code . . . private jets, personal limos, houses full of servants, nannies, cross-continental flights on a whim, and world-renowned designer ateliers on speed dial are just some of the mind-boggling aspects of life in Beverly Hills that make the series deliriously irresistible to viewers. While all of the Housewives series' have showcased those with extraordinary lifestyles, the extravagance of the Beverly HIlls lifestyle is like F. Scott Fitzgerald's Jay Gatsby to the nth power.

Along with the fabulousness of the Beverly HIlls ueberlife is the ueber-drama that accompanies it. Viewers will also find themselves intrigued to see the social foibles of the Hills' women and how they play out over the course of the season, culminating in an explosive finale that involves drama with family members, close friends, and mere acquaintances. At times it is difficult to remember that this portrays the real lives of real people, as the show does such a skillful job of removing the viewer from everyday reality with its portrayals. Each installment of Beverly Hills promises to keep viewers on their toes and attuned to the nuances of every character's mannerisms, conversations and body language, and eagerly anticipating the next week's episode.

Is your interest piqued yet? If you want to find out more, just watch what happens :)
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Ridiculously funny and silly
Kingslaay19 April 2017
I understand a lot of people justifiably hate this show and shows like this. But one has to admit they can be pretty entertaining. Seeing these dated, over medicated and useless women go at it every episode is pretty funny. This makes for hilarious viewing if you got nothing to watch while your having dinner or waiting for another show to start. The fights and the reasons make no sense and are as trivial as someone burning their toast. Sometimes if you tune in there are some real things you can understand so its not all bad.

Remember this is far better viewing than the Kardashians and shows the funny and silly side of reality television. For the fights and the laughs I am giving it a higher score than 1.
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More money, power, glamor, and jewelry!
Syl25 October 2010
I have to say that I like the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Of course, they are plastic but they appear likable. Let's start off with Adrienne Maloof who is married to a plastic surgeon and her family owns the Sacramento Kings basketball team and the Palms Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas. Then there is her neighbor and friend, British Lisa Vanderpump, who is married and they are business owners and entrepreneurs as well. Lisa has a gay trainer who moved from London to be with the family. They have two grown children. Then there is the sisters, Kim Richards and Kyle Richards, who were both actresses in the seventies and eighties. They became mothers and housewives. Each one has four children. Kyle is married and younger than Kim but acts more like the big sister than Kim does. Kim and Kyle are also maternal aunts to Paris Hilton as well. Then there is Taylor and of course, Camille Grammar, who is Kelsey Grammar's soon to be ex-wife. They are in the process of divorce. We only see Kelsey in the first episode before he jets to New York City to star on Broadway in La Cages Aux Folles. I prefer this show to NJ of course even though I live in NJ. At least, these housewives have some class, more money, and look fabulous than the other shows. They have just as much drama and are appealing too.
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Better Than Other Housewives Shows
rmschmidt7116 October 2010
Initially I liked this show when I first turned it on. The mix of characters is interesting, and finding out about their lives was fun. Once they got together, the usual snide comments surfaced, and they all seem to like and dislike each other in equal proportions. The big mansions pall after awhile, and there is nothing in these women's lives that anyone would be jealous of. Only two seemed to have a stable marriage. The others were either divorced, teetering, or in the process, and one candidly admitted that hers was in trouble. I'll take my little house and my family over theirs anytime. I liked most of them, and I am reserving judgment on the others for now. If this turns into another debacle like New York or Atlanta, count me out, and don't mention New Jersey. Just the commercials for that make me cringe. All in all, it's not a great show, but it's entertaining, and certainly the best of the Housewife franchises. If you want to see bad manners, lavish homes, jewelry, and appalling plastic surgery this is your show. The woman with the weird mouth and too many teeth,looks like a clown, and not in a good way. If you like junk TV, this is your show. Masterpiece Theater it isn't, but it never aspired to be that. Take it for what it is, and take it or leave it. This one will probably be my guilty pleasure. For all that's wrong with it, there is a lot right with it. Most of them are likable and/or entertaining. Will I watch it every week? No, but then I don't eat chocolate every week either!
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The BEST Reality Show (especially the best Real Housewives)
mr-darcy-w23 September 2012
This is the best reality, docu-drama show on TV. The reason I say this is, it seems to actually be real. The women on this show have their petty fights and spend big money, but they also have real issues that make their characters more rounded out, and makes this reality show actually seem real. They don't just fight over a sour comment (although they do that too), they have issues such as divorce, suicide, bankruptcy, and so on that are included on the show.

This show is also the best of the Real Housewives franchise. The cast isn't clearly divided into two specific teams, like say Atlanta or Season 4 of New York City. The women all have relationships with one another that aren't always based on their relationship with yet another woman, if that makes sense. There are no teams, there are genuine relationships. Even with the advance of new cast members, they seem to already be in the world of the existing cast, but they're just being brought into the show.

Overall, this show is unique because it's actually REAL, and doesn't at all come across as producer-devised or contrived. If you just want to understand reality TV, this is perfect. It is the best reality show on TV.
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"Old" Women Playing out Adolescence in an Orchestrated Melodrama
industrialwonk30 January 2017
This "scripted melodrama" encourages women to stay in a perpetual state of self-absorbed, immature, petty unsympathetic, materialistic, and adolescent state of being. I remember the late Arthur Ash suggesting that people need to "chose their role models well." A face-lift on a fifty year old "teenager-hag" does not a role model make.

A real societal danger exists in allocating airtime to this show. The producers of this show have made millions on a back of American women who aspire to remain in stunted in adolescent-self-absorption. I am sure that many women think that the behavior in this scripted- orchestrated-contrived is not only real but is desirable and laudable.

I like women who faces that have not been lifted, but instead have elevated themselves into responsible and competent adulthood. Why are people seeking to live in a vicarious fantasy land.
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What better Reality TV could there possibly be?
richardmolenschot30 July 2012
I completely understand why this series scores so low on the IMDb rating: it's trashy, cheap and fake.

And that's why it is so great! Not only a lot of vulgar bitchfights exceed the classy catfightscenes between Alexis Colby and Kristel Carrington in Dynasty in many ways, but there is so much more: betrayal, jealousy, addiction, cunning plastic surgery (!), adultery, abuse and suicide. And it's all real!

Well, at least to some extend. Not only do you hate the grotesque characters, you are also going to love theme and care. Fascinating how people perform in front of a camera.

If there was an adjective of the noun dramaqueen, it would be the first adjective to describe this series. Of all the spin-offs, to me 'Beverly Hills' is top of the bill. Hear, hear! :)
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Keep kids out
cerph21 December 2017
STOP PUTTING KIDS IN THESE SHOWS! Its incredibly boring and its clearly a plug to advance already pampered and spoiled kids that bore the hell out of viewers. Quit shoving kids in our face. I either fast forwardi or turn it off. There seems to be more and more kid time and its a huge turn off. Its obnoxious. Please stop using the show to pump up already spoilel rich kids.Stop making these shows that shove kids in our face.
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Best of the Bestest Best
PartialMovieViewer25 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Talk about having some real scandalous fun. Tramped emotions everywhere and all those little broken hearts. Now this is interesting stuff. I can't help it, some of these reality TV shows are so silly, you just have to watch them. Kind of like, 'Gilligan's Island' or 'Lost in Space' - you can classify them as irritating fun. Are the shows phony? well, you make your mind up on that one...if you really care. For me - I do not care one bit. Watch anything Hollywood puts out and they label it as a "True Story" - do you believe that? Nah. Anyways, if you want to see the fur fly and claws come out - check this show out. Hope you will enjoy it as much as I have.
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Why many men stereotype women as vain and stupid...on full display
keelhaul-8085630 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
There are many smart, talented, and wonderful women, who are beautiful inside and out-- those women ARE NOT featured on these programs. My wife insists on playing these shows early in the morning on reruns and listening to bitches scream insults at each other for some reason.

Why these shows are utter garbage:

1)Marketed as "reality" shows. Really? Is it normal reality for a bunch of plastic old women with botox to sit around in a lavish set or house and cuss each other out about manufactured, scripted events that matter less than the pocket lint in your pockets??? Then they have some stupid reunion events where everyone "hates" each other but agrees to sit around and critique each other yet again, with some retarded gay dude in a suit who gets paid to produce and come up with this fecal matter. How this is a reality, I'm sure I don't know...

2)There is nothing redeeming about these shows. It just showcases the extreme narcissism and vanity of blowhard airheads that already dominates our society in modern America.

3)Why is everyone cussing and being bleeped out constantly. The stupid BLEEPS are so God-awful that it drives me nuts. You can't even understand what these morons are talking about, because they have so many loud bleeps and edits. It is like watching COPS or Jerry Springer, but with bimbos in fancy gowns and dresses, with botox and plastic surgery.

4)The reunions with the gay fairy in the suits. Why do we need a reunion meeting for people that hate each other and already argued or cried like 500 times in the past? That is another setup for a fake WWE argument match for no reasons, just to do the same setup yet again.

5)Why do intelligent women like this show? I understand guilty pleasures, or shows that exist as a low-brow relief, or a social commentary, but these shows seems to genuinely portray themselves as "reality", "entertainment", and "drama". There isn't even any real tension or drama here-- the only tension being in the women's faces to the point that they can't express emotion from all the crap injected into their heads. I feel that this show makes women dumber and more petty and materialistic, as you can't help but absorb, at some levels, the stupid behavior of these people on a daily basis.

6)What kind of "man" wants to be married to these shallow, fake women? They are nothing but gold-digging morons, many of whom look 65, trying to dress and augment themselves to look like teen hookers at a tanning salon. How does a woman like this add value to your life, raise good children, contribute to her community, or make you feel desirable as a man, when they are merely married to any buffoon in a necktie, as long as he has a mansion and some checks coming in for their latest surgery or sports car??? PATHETIC.

7)If I want stupid humor or social commentary humor, I watch Sunny in Philly, or South Park. If I want drama, I watch a show like Walking Dead, Narcos, Black Sails, or Breaking Bad. This show doesn't qualify as anything other than fake idiots screaming at each other over superficial BS in a trash fest that literally looks the same on every episode, and has NO VALUE to society. I literally cringe and lose braincells upon hearing every portion of these shows. Hell, even watching the roadrunner drop anvils on the coyote, or 3 stooges throwing pies in peoples' faces is more entertaining than this, and more socially uplifting. I digress...
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is this show still on TV, I cannot believe this show is still on
hamoshame15 July 2016
throw all the episodes of the dinosaurs of Beverly hills back into the in the labia tar pits throw all the episodes of the dinosaurs of Beverly hills back into the in the labia tar pits throw all the episodes of the dinosaurs of Beverly hills back into the in the labia tar pits throw all the episodes of the dinosaurs of Beverly hills back into the in the labia tar pits throw all the episodes of the dinosaurs of Beverly hills back into the in the labia tar pits throw all the episodes of the dinosaurs of Beverly hills back into the in the labia tar pits throw all the episodes of the dinosaurs of Beverly hills back into the in the labia tar pits throw all the episodes of the dinosaurs of Beverly hills back into the in the labia tar pits throw all the episodes of the dinosaurs of Beverly hills back into the in the labia tar pits throw all the episodes of the dinosaurs of Beverly hills back into the in the labia tar pits
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Love this show! Don't love Joyce!
Jane Sproul14 January 2014
I watch almost all of the real housewives shows but this one is my favorite. I have to say though through all of the different cast members never did I dislike someone as much as I dislike Joyce. She has done nothing but start trouble since she started and she repeats and twists everything anyone says to her. Just because someone says a joke about a black person swimming does not make her racist nor does calling someone by the wrong name make them a bully. I think the only bully would be Joyce for calling and branding Brandi with names because she couldn't take a joke knowing how that could affect her children and her life. When my friends joke with me all the time about how white girls can't jump I do not call them racists nor would that even cross my mind. Grow up Joyce, life does not revolve around you as much as you want it to! I'm 100% for a guy standing up for a women but come on do you really need to fight your wife's battles with another women? Love Lisa! And especially love her new show vanderpump rules, makes for a fun Monday night and gives us something to talk about and look forward to until the following week. The real housewives of Beverly Hills is a great watch for all ages and types, highly recommend it. Looking forward to visiting Beverly Hills with my family to go to Sur!
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