"Merlin" Part 2 (TV Episode 1998) Poster

(TV Mini Series)


Miranda Richardson: Queen Mab, Lady of the Lake



  • Queen Mab : [to the Mountain King]  Why give him the sword? He won't be able to do good with it!

    King Arthur Pendragon : I don't know what I'll do, or who I'll become, only who I am!

    Mountain King : A wise answer.

    King Arthur Pendragon : [looks at Merlin]  I had a wise teacher.

    Queen Mab : [to the Mountain King]  You're destroying the old ways! You'll be forgotten, just like all the rest of us!

    Mountain King : That is your fear, not mine, Mab. I can not die! I am the Rock of Ages. I live for ever, on the edge of dreams...

  • Queen Mab : Mordred's dead.

    Merlin : So we both have nothing left to lose.

  • Queen Mab : [on Arthur]  His reign begins in bood. It will end the same way.

  • Merlin : You lied to me!

    Lady of the Lake : I didn't lie, Merlin. I said the guardian of Camelot would be at Astolat.

    Merlin : That's where I found Lancelot!... It wasn't Lancelot, was it?

    Lady of the Lake : It was the boy, Galahad. It's human to make mistakes, Merlin, and part of you is human... the best part.

  • Mordred : Why didn't you kill him, Auntie Mab?

    Queen Mab : Because that's what he wanted me to do.

  • Queen Mab : With evil all around me, I can do nothing but evil to survive.

    Nimue : Oh... that's too easy.

  • Queen Mab : [after Mab and Frick had just appeared out of the closed door]  We thought we would come in the traditional way, through the door.

    Merlin : It's traditional to open it first.

  • Queen Mab : Don't die!

    Mordred : Die, dear Auntie Mab? That's the last thing I shall do.


    Queen Mab : No...


  • Lady of the Lake : My sister was right about one thing. When we are forgotten, we cease to exist.

  • Queen Mab : I'm glad to see you haven't lost all the skills I taught you...

    Merlin : I've lost none of them. And it was Frik who taught me!

    Queen Mab : Don't mention that ingrate! He left my employment... without a reference!

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