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  • 1980, West Germany. Frank Lehmann is drafted into the Bundeswehr because he neglected to object. As his petty-bourgeois pa claims his room for TV repairs, Frank moves in with hippie squatters in his natal Bremen. Just as in the army, his big mouth and naive honesty keep causing trouble. He's appointed unit spokesman and shows courage standing up for a virtual deserter. Back home, pacifists keep blaming him as if he volunteered. Trouble at the Berlin Wall changes a lot.


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  • New Vahr South is a coming-of-age story which is set before an exciting contemporary background. The world was still clearly divided into two geopolitical blocks in 1980. The NATO Double Track Decision and the struggle against nuclear energy dominated the political debate in Germany. The left-wing alternative movement was activated - but not until the Green Party held its initial convention were they able to miraculously - and with great effort - unite fundamental ecologists, members of Marxist splinter parties as well as disoriented democrats under the auspices of an expansive political platform. Sven Regeners protagonist, Frank Lehman, is caught in a balancing act between the disparate worlds of army barracks, on the one hand, and the Bremen district dominated by alternative political activists, on the other hand. Frank is no typical protagonist. Hes a procrastinator who doesnt want to attract attention, but everything usually goes completely wrong. Despite his need to find peace and quiet, he is infused with the spirit of contradiction, and language is his strongest weapon. His tongue is what gets him in trouble often enough - for example, when a new army company spokesman is to be elected.

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