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The Performances Carry The Film
Theo Robertson22 April 2015
I'm not a fan of ghetto films . It seems wrong to profit from the misery of crime ridden , socio-economic deprived urban hell that many people have to endure by making a film on the topic . Let's be cynical if not honest and say these type of films are about the makers putting themselves in the shop window , getting money and acclaim about a serious subject and marketing the film for people who don't live in the ghetto . On top of that the formula is always the same of bright young kid having to choose between joining the nihilistic pack or following their dreams and the film is always peppered with variations of the F and N words . STREETS didn't hold much promise and as the opening credits started I logged on to this page to see the young cast held very low experienced resumes so I was expecting amateur hour . As the film continued I did actually find myself pleasantly surprised and despite being nowhere near Oscar was not nearly as bad as I was expecting

Now let's continue in an honest vein and say STREETS never breaks out of its formulaic bondage . It contains all the plot devices who claim to be characters . The aims and motives of these plot devices are the same as you'd see in any ghetto movie but what is does it does comparatively well . Much of this is simply down to the aforementioned young cast who bring the ring of truth to their roles , especially Nafessa Williams as the middle class Nicole Williams who manages to bring a likability to her role . I'm taking most the cast are from the mean streets of Philadelphia ? Being unknown this helps and I never thought for a moment I was watching a bunch of actors playing roles . Director Jamal Hill obviously has a very small budget to play with and STREETS does have a student film look about but if nothing else he does get the best out of his cast . He does over do things where track is involved by having mood muzak play over scenes as in "this is a sad scene so lets play sad music and this is a scene of menace lets play some menacing music and this ... " which is a pity because it takes away from the realist approach the director might have originally been looking for
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nogodnomasters6 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Recently divorced Monica Gordon moves from Harrisburg to Philadelphia which is a lot like Harrisburg without the cows. Her teen daughter Nicole (Nafessa Williams) makes friends with girls who date gang members and becomes privy to a murder her mom is prosecuting. The film incorporates rap/hip-hop which rhymes Rocky with cocky and use the word "Philadelphia" a lot. Nicole falls in love with Mike (Marvin Warner) whose brother was the first victim.

The story is told in eight 10-12 minute chapters from BET rated TV-14. The bad language cut out with far too many awkward silent moments, although there are times when you get a partial f-bomb. The story held my interest, the acting being acceptable for TV viewing.

Like most TV films, the story doesn't go too deep.
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Honest Film, Well Directed
bluealexandria2 February 2016
While the limited budget shows, and some lines are delivered very amateurishly, overall this film was well executed and the acting was better than you see in a lot of independent films. The writing was incredible and true, the dialogue believable and did not seem out of place to the setting. Locations were well-thought-out, and casting was well-done. The practical and special effects of the scenes were very realistic. The story carried me with it, the characters made me care about their stories, and the surprises took me by surprise. Well done.

Personally, I could have done without a lot of the swearing and excessive use of racial slurs, but that is true to the setting. It would be like telling you a holocaust film contained too much anti-semitism for my taste. I admire the writer(s)/director for keeping that language in the film, though sometimes hard to hear. Often the truth is. I would advise viewers to be aware that there is a significant amount of violence and foul language in the film. Sex is suggested, but not shown graphically.
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taylorgerman34624 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is honestly my favorite.... i love it... its just amazing words can't even explain you HAVE TO WATCH THIS MOVIE... it keeps you on the edge of your seat because its full of suspense... I've watched it over 10 times and never get tired of watching it... MEEK YOU DID THEE DAMN THING ON DIS ONE.... i would love to see a part 2 or something... or at least on DVD... the thing about this movie is you can't really take your eye off of the movie or you pretty much get lost... but other than that it was entertaining in every way.... i couldn't wait for the premier on BET i was TOO excited... just watching the previews and seeing that it was filmed in philli and MEEK MILL ( My favorite rapper) was in it of course i had to see it... trust me when i say this... its worth watching... you won't regret it.
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