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Hellraiser: Judgement Brings a Familiar Devil to Small Screens in 2018

Tagline: "Evil Seeks Evil." The Uhm is reporting that Hellraiser: Judgement will release in the first quarter of 2018. The film has been developed by Makeup FX Artist and writer Gary Tunnicliffe. Tunnicliffe also wrote the previous film, Hellraiser: Revelations (2011) This latest sequel has been in development since 2013, when a crowdfunding project was started. It has been confirmed by Bloody Disgusting that Heather Langenkamp (A Nightmare on Elm Street, 1984) has been attached. As well, Dimension Films is producing this latest Hellraiser title. A few early details, on the film's impending release, are hosted here. In the story, several detectives are searching for a serial killer. The killer is terrorizing a city, while Det. David Carter (Randy Wayne) and Det. Christine Egerton (Alexandra Harris) track him down. As the case unfolds, it becomes apparent that there is a supernatural element at play. Now, a Judgement is being passed down on the innocent,
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Hellraiser: Judgment Finally Gets a Release Date

Hellraiser: Judgment Finally Gets a Release Date
At long last, the latest installment of the Hellraiser franchise is getting a release. Hellraiser: Judgment, which has been in the works for a very long time and said to have been finished for quite a while, will finally see a release in early 2018. If a new listing on Amazon is to be believed, Hellraiser: Judgment will arrive on Blu-ray on February 13, 2018. So, unless something crazy happens, you'll be able to see the new Hellraiser in time for Valentine's Day. And in HD, no less.

Part of the problem with Hellraiser: Judgment has to do with the fact that it was produced by The Weinstein Company. If you've been following the news cycle for the past few months, you'll know that the company is not in a good spot, given the Harvey Weinstein scandal. So it looks like, as a result of the problems facing the company, Hellraiser: Judgement ended up with Lionsgate.
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Pinhead Returns in New Look at Hellraiser: Judgment

Pinhead Returns in New Look at Hellraiser: Judgment
As hard as it may be to believe, we're heading toward the tenth move in the Hellraiser franchise. It's been 30 years since Clive Barker's original classic horror movie debuted, and five years since Hellraiser: Revelations arrived on the scene, which wasn't particularly well received. Still, Hellraiser: Judgment, which has been in development for a long time and can't seem to find its way to release, is forthcoming and will introduce us to a new pinhead. Now, a new image of Paul T. Taylor as Pinhead has arrived online.

Several images from Hellraiser: Judgment have been released online, but this is arguably our best look at the new Pinhead. It's been tough for horror fans to accept anyone other than original actor Doug Bradley, who played the part in every movie prior to Hellraiser: Revelations, but it's happening. Hard as it may be, Paul T. Taylor does look quite good as the famed Cenobite and,
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‘It Watches’ Review

Stars: Ivan Djurovic, Rick Irwin, Sanny van Heteren, James Duval | Written by Dave Parker, Ivan Djurovic | Directed by Dave Parker

I just finished watching It Watches, an independent horror/thriller movie which is coming VOD shortly, and I have got to say it has been a while since a movie completely pulled the rug out from under me like this film did! Honestly, I’ve seen enough movies to think I am always one step ahead of the film I’m watching, and for the most part I am, but I have to say this one outsmarted me. Which makes me very Very happy.

To director Dave Parker (The Hills Run Red) I tip my cap. First of all because I am getting tired of the found footage format. It feels like every horror movie these days has got to have that found footage/CCTV feel to it. However this
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First Look at New Pinhead in Hellraiser: Judgment

First Look at New Pinhead in Hellraiser: Judgment
Next year will mark the 30th Anniversary of the original Hellraiser, director Clive Barker's scary classic that is still beloved by horror fans to this date. Nine sequels were spawned off of this original classic, but the franchise hasn't seen its best days, with the last installment, Hellraiser: Revelations, going straight to DVD in 2011, believed to be shot only so The Weinstein Company could keep the rights to the name. Next year, the series will scream back to life once again with Hellraiser: Judgment. Today we have a new photo from this thriller, featuring Pinhead (Paul T. Taylor) and the new villain known as The Auditor.

Bloody-Disgusting has this first look at The Auditor, although we don't know who is playing this character quite yet. The Auditor was described in a casting call as "the accountant from hell," who comes to Earth to study a persons sins, "before passing
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New Pinhead Revealed in 'Hellraiser: Judgment'

New Pinhead Revealed in 'Hellraiser: Judgment'
He's back! But he's not exactly the same Cenobite we remember from the original 1987 horror classic Hellraiser. Doug Bradley opted out of returning for Hellraiser: Judgment, the tenth movie in this long running franchise. Taking over the role of Pinhead is Paul T. Taylor. And as you can see in the poster below, he looks pretty great.

It was announced last month that special effects maestro Gary J. Tunnicliffe would be making his directorial debut with Hellraiser: Judgment. With shooting taking place just earlier this year, the man is already in post-production. And has provided Bloody Disgusting with this exclusive first look at the movie.

Heather Langenkamp, who plays the iconic Nancy in the original A Nightmare on Elm Street, dropped the news that this sequel was happening. She is joined in the ensemble cast by another horror veteran, John Gulager, as well as Damon Carney, Randy Wayne,
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New Pinhead Actor Revealed for Hellraiser: Judgment, Cast Includes Heather Langenkamp

The eternal tormentor returns in Dimension FilmsHellraiser: Judgment, the tenth film in the franchise created by Clive Barker. With production currently underway on the project, the actor playing Pinhead has been revealed, along with the rest of the main cast, which includes an actress from another enduring horror franchise, A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Bloody Disgusting reports that Paul T. Taylor plays Pinhead in Hellraiser: Judgment. An actor with experience both on the stage and in front of the camera, Taylor has appeared in a number of films and TV shows, including Sin City, Deadroom, and Super. Hellraiser: Judgment director Gary J. Tunnicliffe told Fangoria that Taylor will bring “more than a hint of Peter Cushing and Ralph Fiennes” to the role of Pinhead.

A horror icon that has haunted generations of viewers, Pinhead was brought chillingly to life by Doug Bradley in the first eight
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Outrage Watch: The new 'Hellraiser' is getting roasted by original Pinhead Doug Bradley

  • Hitfix
Outrage Watch: The new 'Hellraiser' is getting roasted by original Pinhead Doug Bradley
Welcome to Outrage Watch, HitFix's semi-regular rundown of entertainment-related kerfuffles. Not feeling anxious enough already? Get your fix of righteous indignation below, and stay posted for outrage updates throughout the week. Doug Bradley is a British actor who rose to fame thanks to his role as the iconic white-faced demon Pinhead in the Hellraiser film series. So why is he ripping into the franchise's latest installment? In a slam posted to his official Facebook page earlier this week, the actor badmouthed the project in no uncertain terms, claiming he walked away from reprising the demonic ghoul in Hellraiser; Judgment after being told he would have to sign a non-disclosure agreement (a standard document that threatens legal action if the signee publicly discloses details of the project) before the script could be sent to him. "This was a three page document preventing me from talking about the script 'in restrooms', 'on elevators',
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'Hellraiser: Judgement' Will Introduce a New Pinhead

'Hellraiser: Judgement' Will Introduce a New Pinhead
Earlier this week, we announced that a new Hellraiser movie is shooting soon. This is not the Hellraiser remake that is bringing original director Clive Barker back to the franchise. Instead, this is the 10th chapter in the ongoing saga that already exists. The sequel is now confirmed to be titled Hellraiser: Judgement, with some calling it Hellraiser X: Judgement. FX and make-up artist extraordinaire Gary J. Tunnicliffe is now confirmed to direct.

The news surprised longtime fans of the franchise, as they weren't expected to see a new Hellraiser go into production so soon. As the sequel had never been mentioned in the trades. A Nightmare on Elm Street actress Heather Langenkamp broke the news herself when she revealed to ScareTissue.com that she has a cameo in the movie. Though, it isn't known how big her role may be.

Bloody Disgusting announced today that shooting has already begun on the sequel.
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New 'Hellraiser' Movie Starts Shooting; Original 'Elm Street' Actress Lands Role

New 'Hellraiser' Movie Starts Shooting; Original 'Elm Street' Actress Lands Role
In news that has shocked and surprised some horror fans, the first Hellraiser movie in five years is about to start shooting this month. And it will star an iconic genre actress. But perhaps most disappointing is that Doug Bradley will not be reprising his legendary role as infamous Cenobite Pinhead.

This new Hellraiser is not the long rumored remake, and Clive Barker is not involved on any level. The script comes from make-up artist Gary J. Tunnicliffe, who will also be directing. This latest sequel follows 2011's Hellraiser: Revelations, which Doug Bradley also refused to participate in. It was A Nightmare on Elm Street actress Heather Langenkamp that broke the initial news to horror website ScareTissue.com. From out of nowhere, she dropped the bombshell that she will have a cameo.

"I actually have an opportunity to play a small part in Hellraiser, the new Hellraiser. I'm so excited about it.
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Unlock The Secrets Of Gallows Hill - See The Trailer Within!

From director Victor Garcia comes the supernatural thriller Gallows Hill. Garcia's previous efforts include Hellraiser: Revelations, Return To House On Haunted Hill as well as Mirrors 2. Rich D'Ovidio, whose credits include The Call and THIR13EN Ghosts, penned the screenplay. Gallows Hill looks to bring the stranded, out of control terror to the forefront. We have the trailer for the film waiting for you below. Starring Peter Facinelli, Sophia…
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Check Out an International Trailer for Gallows Hill

Victor Garcia's latest film, Gallows Hill, has an international trailer, which you can watch here. Sources tell us a trailer for the domestic release - handled by IFC Films - is on the way soon. Garcia previously helmed Return to House on Haunted Hill and Hellraiser: Revelations. This time he's working from a script by Richard D'Ovidio (Thirteen Ghosts); check out the promo below and stay tuned for a release date!

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15 Nauseating Horror Sequels

The flavor of bile is unmistakable. There just isn’t anything that tastes quite like it. And you know it when it comes on: The belly rumbles, the esophagus lurches within, and you battle back the slimy liquid that threatens to spew forth from your lips.

It’s a nasty experience. We all hate that sensation so we’re taking measures at Dread Central to help prevent such a situation from occurring.

See, there are horror sequels out there that are so horrifically bad they somehow trigger something in our internal systems... and the belly begins to rumble. We wish you no stomach troubles here, and we certainly wish the taste of bile on no man or woman. So we’re going to provide you with a list of sequels to avoid at all costs because if you check these out, you’ll be searching for the toothbrush in no time!
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James Brown Biopic Finds Its Mick Jagger

With staggering sex appeal and serious star power that has lasted generations, Mick Jagger is more than a man; he's an icon. Which makes casting someone to play his younger self in a movie a pretty daunting endeavor. (Like casting Freddie Mercury almost!) But at long last the search of Get On Up filmmakers has ended, as THR announces Nick Eversman has signed on to play the Rolling Stones front man in the James Brown biopic. Eversman has an impressive list of film and TV credits considering he only made his screen debut in 2009 in a little-known crime-drama called Innocent. Since then, he has appeared in televisions shows like The Missing, CSI: Miami and House, as well as landed roles in movies like Hellraiser: Revelations, Vampires Suck, and the horror-thriller The Depraved. However, he might be best recognized as a series regular on the new CW sci-fi show The Tomorrow
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Fan-Made 'Hellraiser: Origins' Pitch Video Takes You Deep Into Hell

  • FEARnet
Fan-Made 'Hellraiser: Origins' Pitch Video Takes You Deep Into Hell
To say that it's been a long time since anything worthwhile has been done with the Hellraiser franchise would quite frankly be a huge understatement.  After a string of terrible sequels, Dimension Films quickly slapped together Hellraiser: Revelations a few years back, a film that was made for the sole purpose of the company retaining the rights to the franchise.  Dimension's plan for nearly a decade has been to reboot Clive Barker's original film, a plan that fell apart after a series of disagreements between the company and hired talent.  It seems that Dimension just hasn't been able to see eye-to-eye with anyone when it comes to a Hellraiser remake, leaving the project dead in the water for many years - that is, until Clive Barker's recent announcement that he will be writing the reboot.

Needless to say, during the period of time where Dimension was doing nothing with the property,
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This Proof of Concept Trailer for Hellraiser Origins Sets a Hellish Tone

Hellraiser: Revelations (2011) was the latest film in this long running franchise. It was released by Dimension Extreme and it received mostly poor reviews. Filmmakers Paul Gerrard and Mike Le Han want to alter the path of the Hellraiser series of films by introducing a stronger outing titled Hellraiser Origins. Gerrard and Le Han have brought together concept art, costumes and characters together in order to make a more horrifying film. Most recently, they have released a very creepy and stylish trailer for the film, which can be seen below. This teaser trailer is part of a proposal. Gerrard and Le Han hope to make the next film in the Hellraiser franchise. However, Dimension will have final word on any future sequels, or reboots. Based on the clip below, Dimension should start signing contracts and put Hellraiser Origins into development. The concept trailer is truly remarkable, sinister and perhaps even chilling.
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Clive Barker to Write Hellraiser Remake and Doug Bradley Back as Pinhead!

Horror author Clive Barker has officially been handed writing responsibilities on the 'Hellraiser' remake thanks to Dimension Pictures. Barker, who also directed the original 1987 version, met with Bob Weinstein of Dimension recently and pitched his ideas for a remake of the cult horror classic. The writer announced it all on his Facebook page mentioning an 'even darker' version this time around whilst 'telling the story with a fresh intensity'. And even better news is that British actor Doug Bradley would indeed return to once more to play Pinhead. The actor portrayed the spiky headed one in the first 8 installments of the franchise but was replaced by Stephan Smith Collins for the rushed, and poor, 2011 sequel 'Hellraiser: Revelations' which was made in 3 weeks simply to retain studio rights to the franchise. Check out what Barker had to say below....
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Clive Barker Writing 'Hellraiser' Reboot For Dimension

The saga of the potential "Hellraiser" remake has more twists and turns than your average supernatural thriller about a haunted music box that unleashes grotesque monsters from a hellish alternate dimension. Basically, the Weinstein Company owns the rights to the franchise, but every few years that option threatens to expire unless they make another movie. That goes a long way toward explaining things like the direct-to-video "Hellraiser: Revelations," which utilizes reconstituted footage from other movies and looks like it was shot on a third generation iPhone over a long weekend. But it looks like the king is returning to the series: with original writer/director Clive Barker back to pen a new "Hellraiser" reboot for Dimension/Weinstein Company. Sounds spooky! Writing on his Facebook page (yes, seriously), the author and filmmaker, who publicly decried the last few movies, said that all is well in the land of hell. "A few
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The Return of Hellraiser? Hellraiser: Origins Poster Suggests Likely Possibility

No one sets out to make a movie no one will watch but it sometimes comes as a surprise to see the movies that spawn franchises. Clive Barker's Hellraiser was one such project. Rich in mythology, not surprising considering Barker's other day job, the success of the first movie led to a series of movies (nine so far), with varying degrees of success, none have come close to the original.

The franchise has been at a standstill since the release of the terrible Hellraiser: Revelations and though fans, myself included, have been hoping for the franchise to return to better days, it hasn't looked particularly promising. There was word in 2010 that a remake was in the works but it was later revealed that both the writer and director once attached (Todd Farmer and Patrick Lussier [Continued ...]
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Are You Ready For A Friday The 13th Found-Footage Film?

I want to know who we can hold responsible for the found-footage subgenre. Admittedly, there have been a few films that made excellent use of the concept (the first Paranormal Activity springs to mind), but for every found-footage film there have been three that are simply dire (most of the other four Paranormal Activity films). Like so many trends that annoy me, it’s not going anywhere, and now the Friday the 13th franchise will be given the found-footage treatment.

The next installment in the Friday the 13th franchise is being produced by Paramount and Platinum Dunes (that’s Michael Bay’s company). To add a little more terror to the prospects of the next installment, there’s a good chance that we’re getting word of it now because Paramount has until 2015 to get a Friday the 13th film out before the rights revert to Warner Brothers. This might
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