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If not every detail of the band's fluctuating fortunes and lineup is chronicled with crystal clarity, the punchy scrappiness of Jarmusch's film — stuffed not only with electric concert footage but with a cornucopia of amusing visual references, plus cool graphics and some droll original animation by James Kerr — is an appropriate fit for the subject.
Gimme Danger is still plenty entertaining and includes many moments of foaming-at-the-mouth musical fury.
Even if you don’t agree with Jarmusch’s introductory claim that The Stooges are the greatest rock and roll band ever, there’s still a lot of pleasure to be gleaned from Gimme Danger; most of it coming from Iggy’s love of the band, the music, and inability to be anyone but his incomparable and uncompromising self.
Considering how cheerfully its subject courted controversy, this is a chummy, openly booster-ish profile, designed as an introduction for those ignorant of the Stooges’ legacy. It’s plenty entertaining, but it’s also nearly as tame as Iggy, in his prime, was wild.
Jarmusch fans won’t find much of the director’s signature touch here, as he self-effacingly pays homage to a beloved act – Stooges fans will find plenty to enthuse about in the film’s ample coverage of a little-documented career.
Gimme Danger has an ironic tone for a Stooges portrait: dutiful and engrossing, but not electric or crazy.
Village Voice
The frontman's reminiscences, though, are invariably eloquent, witty, and often moving.
Jarmusch’s film is a strictly conventional affair that resembles any number of TV documentaries.
Gimme Danger checks the usual rock doc boxes, but it succeeds because of its smashing subject matter. The Stooges may not be the greatest musical act in history, but they are one of the most lively subjects for a documentary.
Slant Magazine
The film reveals the erudition and shrewd self-awareness that Jim Osterberg drew on to become Iggy Pop.

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