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19 Aug. 2010
Christine & Kimberley
On the series premiere, American Idol's Kimberley Locke appears with her mother Christine, who she feel could use a makeover following her battle with breast cancer. Christine would like to see Kimberley take a few more chances in her wardrobe as she takes her career to the next level.
26 Aug. 2010
Charlene Tilton & Cherish
Actress Charlene Tilton and her daughter receive makeovers. Charlene wears loud clothing that's out of style, while her daughter chooses drab and ill-fitting outfits.
26 Aug. 2010
Jane & Christine
A college student and her recently divorced mother put little effort into their appearances, often opting for comfortable, too-casual clothes.
2 Sep. 2010
Annie Duke & Maud
Poker pro Annie Duke sheds her outdated rocker look, while her teen daughter develops her own sense of style and learns to take fashion risks.
9 Sep. 2010
Janine & Lilly
16-year-old Lilly and her mother Janine have just moved from Seattle, WA to Hollywood, CA with the hope of a fresh start. Lilly wears drab, oversized clothes that she uses to hold onto the sadness associated with the loss of her father years earlier. Janine, on the other hand, tends to wear unflattering, tent-like dresses and has an overall unkempt style. With this head-to-toe overhaul and a dose of confidence, this process will hopefully mark a new chapter of rebirth for both mother and daughter.
16 Sep. 2010
Desiree & Alana
Daughter Alana is a 15-year-old high school student who loves fashion but incorporates too many trends at one time. She's approaching her "Sweet 16" party and her mother Desiree wants to be sure Alana's full-figured body is well dressed while remaining age-appropriate. Desiree is a busy career mom of three whose wardrobe is boring and out of date. Luciene works her magic with uplifting results for both Alana and Desiree.
23 Sep. 2010
Bolette & Sarah
Daughter Sarah is a 27-year-old nursing student with a rebellious attitude toward fashion whose boyish wardrobe hides her feminine side. Mother Bolette is an ER registered nurse who is addicted to terrycloth towel-dresses. They constantly bicker over each other's questionable sense of style, causing real tension between the mother and daughter, creating a desperate need for a professional style referee.
30 Sep. 2010
Finale: Siobhan & Elise
Mother Siobhan has a closet full of outdated duds, including loud floral shirts and hyper-colored spandex and leggings. She is ready to begin picking up the pieces of her life after the sudden death of her husband last year. Daughter Elise, a 24-year-old student readying to enter the job market, is also mourning her father and tries to keep his memory alive by wearing anything plaid, his favorite. This episode is about healing and moving forward, and Siobhan and Elise learn to embrace the next phases of their lives with Luciene's help.

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