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Looked at my watch once ...
Oldenbur7 October 2010
When I saw this film, knowing it was an hour and a half, I looked at my watch once. However, it was not to see if it would soon be over. On the contrary, I looked at my watch to make sure that not too much time had passed, because I didn't want the film to end. It was very long ago that a Swedish film got me hooked like this one.

Sure, the main actors are 15 years old, so the acting isn't perfect. Sure, you wonder how the teachers can be so blind to the hierarchy between the sexes and become upset when the pattern begins to crack. But I really felt for these girls and their different struggles to be heard and seen. Sadly, it mirrors the situation that awaits them after school, in society in general, where men take up more space than women.

I wish there were more girls like Saga. And I wish that no girl (or boy, for that matter) comes across such teachers. And I wish this film can make a difference for those who feel oppressed, be it in school, at work or at home.
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Great movie for anyone!
eddierotestam18 February 2011
I freaking love this movie, i watched it with the school today (i'm 15 years old) and Swedish if it matters.

but anyways this movie is wonderful and i recommend it for anyone, i cant explain why its so good, you just get this wonderful feeling by looking at it. But i can try explaining why its so good anyways. The actors is really good, they make it real, the storyline is awesome and you can feel the connection from the movie and real life. Like i already said, anyone could watch this, even the whole family, or a whole class, i actually highly recommend teachers showing this to students that is 13-17 years old. And i'm sorry for my bad English, but i hope you understand :)
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Loved this movie!
signe-2922 September 2011
This is one of the best films for tweens (10 to 14 year-olds) that I have seen in a very long time. I love how the film caught the ways boys dominate school classrooms, how boys use sexual language as a way to keep girls in line, and that life can change. I enjoyed seeing the narrator grow in her own quiet way. I think kids respond to the expectations that surround them, and A Thousand Times Stronger questions the many small ways we expect different behavior based on gender. I think this film could be used to spark wonderful discussions between girls and boys in middle school. It would be amazing to have a film like this show in mainstream theaters in the States!
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Feminism in the classroom
stensson3 January 2011
Good intentions. So good intentions. Too good intentions and you're wandering to whom this film points. Not really to people in that age.

In this classroom, the boys are dominating. There are the usual fractions, like we maybe all know them from our own school-time. Some pupils have the power, the structure can never change, until Saga turns up. She also turns things upside-down for a while.

But the morals here are the ABC of grown-up's lessons for young people's lives. This is how it ought to be and too pity it isn't or doesn't become that way. Very simplified indeed. Life was never that full of possible solutions even at school
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for gods sake don't watch this movie
kenzogirl10 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
It was really terrible and I regret that I wasted money on this movie where you were misled by the trailer that it possibly would be good. Written and manuscript was not at all lifelike and you could interpret right away that it was an adult man who was behind the screenplay. There was no logic around the story, it was only a very clear grouping. The boys will be messy and the girls will be shy or bimbos. One could really feel that those who created the film simply assumed the it is in schools "stereotypical". The main character was annoying and even if it was a great actor, they had no opportunity to demonstrate talent to the script was so bad. I feel sorry for the actors involved in the project as they possibly possess a kind of talent but they had absolutely nothing to work with when it was this movie. The only realistic scenes was when the guys in class used the gender vomiting and sexual harassment. Besides that, it was just a clear grouping around the "current school classes" looks like.
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A great plot but a boring movie
chris-thomson-smith15 September 2011
This movie is about how a girl can change a whole class. We thought the story was interesting but the movie was quite boring, there seemed nothing special about the movie. It was somewhat like a normal school day on film. The music was a good match to the film. Some of the actors weren't good enough for this kind of movie. The actress who played Signe was quite average, we thought.

It's a great movie for all ages but it's more related to teenagers. It was a story to relate to but the movie did not bring out the message like the book did.

If you really want to enjoy this story, read the book! This review was written by Tova, Cornelia, Nadia, Johan, Cecilia, Elvira and Albin at Kunskapsskola, Örebro!
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