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MPAA Rated R for crude and sexual content, pervasive language, some graphic nudity, drugs and drinking

Sex & Nudity

  • In two scenes, two men are seen walking with only socks covering their genitals. Pubic hair and bare buttocks are clearly visible. This scene is prolonged.
  • A drunken man stands on a bar, partially exposing his butt in front of some women. He then pees on them.
  • Women are constantly seen wearing tight, skimpy, and revealing outfits.
  • Men and women kiss on multiple occasions, sometimes quite explicitly.
  • Two young adult men are trying to find a girl named Nicole and they accidentally walk into a a girls dorm room. Two girls are they're blindfolded saying they want to be spanked with a paddle by "Pledge Mistress". The one young adult man spanks them with a paddle. The two girls then make out implying they are lesbians.
  • A woman is running without wearing a bra, breasts are shown.
  • Breasts and butts are shown in the film.
  • Jeff's penis and testicles are briefly shown when his two best friends pull out the teddy bear toy of his penis and his penis is seen stretched while they pull of the bear stuck with glue.
  • Some graphic nudity, generally buttocks, testicles, penises, and breasts.
  • A group of women force two young men to kiss and make out. They are wearing only socks on their genitals; pubic hair and buttocks are seen.

Violence & Gore

  • A man meets two other men at a bonfire rally where he shouts at them and hits them in the stomach; one of the injured men pulls a handgun and fires it into the air, causing people to run away, screaming, a buffalo runs through the scene trampling the gunman, and we later see an EMT vehicle drive away and the next day we see the man with a bandage on his hand and several cuts and bruises on his face.
  • A male cheerleader accosts a man after the man throws a dart into his cheek, leaving a patch of blood; the cheerleader picks up a bar stool and slams it into the dart-tossing man and his male friend. Not to graphic.
  • Two men drop a third man out a second story window, where he bounces off of a pool cover and into rosebushes; we then see the injured man face-down on a table as a woman pulls large thorns from his buttocks with tweezers (we see a little blood).
  • A cheerleader was being hit by buffalo (the screen cuts to black and we don't see it.)
  • Three men break into a sorority house and one man tells two blindfolded pledges to bend over and accept a light whack with a paddle; the women remove their blindfolds and chase the three men away.
  • There are some bar fights. (punching, hitting, scratching, etc.)
  • A man punches his friend's father.
  • A cheerleader and his friends break into an Asian's house and confronted the three. Later, his father arrive and confronted them, then the father attack him by a baseball bat.
  • Two men was being abduct by sorority girls for being breaking their house earlier in the film. Later, they are being confronted and punished by sorority master.
  • At the end of the movie, it is shown that the man has a broken leg (we don't know the cause) while going for interview with professor.


  • About 160 F-words and its derivatives, 2 obscene hand gestures, 12 sexual references, 24 mild obscenities, name-calling (idiot, morons, crazy, weird, stupid, tiny-yellow, old man, animals, white trash, spoiled, lazy, fat, nuts, psycho, loser, worthless, douche, dork, dumb, tampon, renegade, nerd, and racist.)
  • One character is particularly racist, using stereotypes to describe Chinese Asians and Jews.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A drugged elderly man wearing a Native American war bonnet and long brown bathrobe dances erratically outside a house for 24 hours until he falls into a parked car and his eyes looked glazed.
  • A pre-med student says that he was cracked up on pills in order to stay awake 72 hours to study and that the pills caused him to attempt suicide (he says he is dropping out of college).
  • People are seen drinking and smoking while in a bar.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The film has no content that is extremely explicit or inappropriate besides the sexual content.

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