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Season 4

Incontinent mammoth
The couples therapist attacks a pregnant couple on their glossy expectations about parenthood. Eva is forced to work as a life coach. Benedict is out on parole. Social Services has a pregnant acquaintance he shall give parental guidance to.
Do You Want Me to Plug It in?
Dag forces his primary doctor to give him sleeping pills when he shows up to measure Dags blood pressure. Eva continues as life coach for pregnant Annie. Benedikt and Dorina runs over a badger that ends up as a drug addict.
Buried Relationship
Ernst buries his transsexual wife Jouanita, the father to Evas child. Benedikt takes an emotional confrontation with Ernst. Dags have a session with the divorced couple who now are pregnant. Benedikt runs into a female janissary orchestra.
Bacon? Salt of the Earth
Eva and the pregnant Annie befriends each other a little to close. Dorina must exaggerate the drug threat to awaken Benendikt from his haze of denial. Eva reveals a secret for Dag that provokes an emotional reaction that makes him speechless.
Angst and Paralyzed Escape
Dags bacon abstinence is serious. The Nun visits his office looking for potential candidates for her new parish. Dag has to air out the confusions of becoming a father to Ernst.Benedikt must save Dorina from the revenge seeking drug relatives.
Drug Craving Badger
Dag and the pregnant Eva have different views on nest building Benedikt and Dorina drag Dag and Eva into the crazed escape race with grave consequences for a life long friendship. A tragic accident sends Benedikt on an escape from himself.
The End of Everything
Dag, Eva and Ernst arrive Shetland searching for Benedikt. Malin handles three drug hunting intruders with brute Kung Fu force.Benedikt is tempting a final farewell from the deadly cliff. Ernst reveals a dark secret.
Kilt, Infidelity and JFK
Malin arranges Eva's bachelor party.Isak is back in the therapy sofa with grave doubts about Amish and polygamy.Benedikt is determined to take responsibility as a father.Ernst shares the many pleasures of smoking opium with Dag and Benedikt.
Self Therapy
Dag and Eva both have bad conscience the "day after". Ernst and Benedikt travel to Serbia to rescue Mia and his son Alexander. Mialin writes herself into the Oval Office. Eva and Mariannes lifelong friendship is put to a grave test.
He Is Back
Dag heads for his own wedding.Eva has grave doubts. Benedikt is a polygamist with two multi handicapped Serbian sisters and Mia. Dag's wedding present causes silent attention. Malin and Ernst meet for the first time, but not the last.

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