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Sex & Nudity

  • The episode "Muscle Woman" and episodes featuring Muscle Man and Starla contains some some graphic tongue kissing and fairly crude innuendo and allusions to sex between Muscle Man and Starla.
  • Mild to moderate innuendo throughout, specially in the first seasons.
  • There is some kissing. Tongue-kissing can be seen sometimes.
  • In one episode, a male character stands in front of another male character in a towel, and his towel drops exposing his bare buttocks. He stands in shock.(the episode was heavily edited in some parts of the world, and is shown as an example of the show's censorship in foregin countries)
  • One character's butt crack is visible throughout the series, because he's fat and his pants slip down just a tad.
  • Some cleavage of female characters is visible in some episodes. And in bikini.
  • A character comes out of the shower and his buttocks are clearly visible throughout the episode.
  • A recurring theme of the show is how Mordecai has a crush on Margaret and desperately wants to date her.
  • In the episode "Slam Dunk", Margaret is wearing a shirt that exposes midriff and a little cleavage. She never does anything promiscuous however (she doesn't normally dress like that). There's one scene in the episode where as she's riding away on her bike, there's some focus on her figure from behind as she's riding away, suggesting Mordecai was noticing how her figure looks from behind. That lasts 3 seconds.
  • Muscle Man's pectorals are seen often, and sometimes they're shaking. In an episode he does it unconsciously in almost all the episode. At the end of it he literally jumps to his girlfriend.
  • Skips' pectorals (and nipples) are seen throughout the series, because he only wears trousers.

Violence & Gore

  • The halloween episodes get a little bit violent and gory
  • The episode "Grave Sights" contains some comic gory violence.
  • Cartoon violence, including punching, kicking and other light-hearted violence, and some deaths (and suicides).
  • In one episode, the climax is a gunfight. Guns are fired, bullets are shown, and machine-guns and missiles are shot. The Episode Name is Steak me Amadeus.
  • Explosions occur in lots of episodes.
  • In the episode "It's Time", appears two seconds how a zombie-like character snatch an organ from a person.
  • In another Halloween episode, "Party Bus", a lot of people is seen dying and turning into ash.


  • Shut Up was used in the earlier seasons of the show. Later on they used, Be Quiet, Stop Talking, And Shut It
  • Mild language and crude humor.
  • "Crap", "freakin", "pissed off", "turds", "balls", "heck", "hot" and similar language are used throughout. As of season 3, "crap" and "pissed" have not appeared in any episode.
  • in later airings, all instances of "pissed" were replaced by "ticked"
  • In the first episode, Rigby says "How in the h are we gonna fix this s?".
  • In three episodes ("Just Set Up the Chairs", "The Unicorns Have Got to Go" and "See You There"), "what the h" is said.
  • Mild words like "sucks", "jerk", "blows" and "screwed" are used. In the finale episode "My God"is used.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Mr Maellard Is Seen Smoking Pipe in some episodes
  • Nothing really, but there are indirect references.
  • Characters drink a lot of soda, to the point of nearly getting drunk.
  • In one episode there is an excessive use of eating fast food and candy (played for humor).
  • While it's not shown to be beer, characters sometimes drink liquid that is clearly beer. Also in one episode they play the song "Mississippi Queen" and the word "wine" is bleeped out by a car horn (however, in a background song of an episode the word "wine" can be heard).
  • In several episodes, the time "4:20" is seen on clocks in backgrounds as a joke. In one episode, a character says "I've got a 4:20 at a 4:20" which is possibly a drug reference.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The Halloween episode can be frightening.
  • Some scenes can be disturbing to younger children.
  • One episode where a car is bent on killing the main characters.
  • A few possible scary monsters, but very cartoonish.
  • Skin peeling off bone is seen twice.
  • In one of the episode one of the characters is thrown off a high platform while playing a game, he eventually gets up and continues playing.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • In the Halloween episode "In the House", Mordecai is decapitated (no blood), Rigby mutates to a house, Skips is burned alive, Benson is flushed in the toilet (with leaving gumballs which consists of), Pops is sufocated, Hi-Five Ghost is liquifed (spurting white liquid) and Muscle Man has his skin ripped.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • In the last episode a main character sacrifices himself, the scene can be sad for spectators.

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