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  • The police investigate the death of Colin Doyle who is found murdered sitting behind the wheel of his car. More interestingly they find dozens of passports and ID cards in the trunk of his car. Clearly Doyle was an identity thief and a good one who likely bilked a great many innocent people out of their savings and investments. Dr. Isles' autopsy reveals that the man was killed by by an ice pick. When it's determined that Doyle was actually the son of one of Boston's top-rated and most wanted Irish mob enforcers, Patrick Doyle, the police think it was likely an attempt to flush the elder Doyle out into the open. Maura's examination of the dead man also reveals something completely unexpected - that he is her biological brother. Meanwhile, Frankie Rizzoli arranges a plumbing job for his Dad at their favorite pub - and ends up working with him overnight.

  • When an identity thief with no apparent identity of his own is found brutally murdered with an ice pick, the investigation leads Jane into Boston's Irish-mob past. A startling discovery about the victim sends Maura on a deeply personal quest. Meanwhile, Frankie Jr. tries to help his dad add to his client base.

  • An unknown man is killed with an ice pick pierced into his ear. Police find that he is Colin Doyle, son of the Irish mob enforcer, Patrick Doyle, the actual target of gang rivals. Dr. Isles is in an emotional upheaval about the dead man.


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  • A young man walks to his car late at night and gets in. He turns the keys and someone grabs him from the backseat and starts stabbing him. The car moves forward and bangs into the parked vehicle in front of it as the figure in a hooded sweatshirt gets out and disappears into the night.

    The next morning, Jane and Frost check out the scene but have to wait for a warrant to examine the car. Passing motorists are angry they can't get by.

    The victim was killed by an ice pick. Korsak remembers ice picks as the weapon of choice for Whitey Bulger and his gang back in the day.

    The tow truck arrives to relocate the crime scene, car and victim.

    In the police garage, the ice pick is still sticking out of the victim's ear. Maura finds the victim had no fingerprints, they were burned off by acid.

    They find a box full of passports, IDs and ATM cards in his trunk. There are also drawings with highly advanced geometric shapes.

    In the morgue, Maura says his dental records don't match anything but she submitted his DNA. Jane wonders why he was driving such a crappy car.

    Maura gets a call saying there's something wrong with her DNA samples. She doesn't believe it was contaminated, even though she and the victim have similar DNA. She concludes the victim was her brother.

    Later, Maura explains the DNA showed they have the same father. (She was adopted.) She wants to know more about him. She doesn't know anything about her biological parents.

    In the bar, Frankie checks on his dad. He says business is down. Frankie introduces him to Murray the barman, a former cop. Turns out, he has a plumbing problem. They settle on $3,000, but Frank Sr. says he can't do it for that price without a crew, so he wants Frankie to assist on the job for his friend.

    Back in the morgue, Maura is finding facial similarities to her half-brother. Jane brings her the victim's sketches. They recognize the drawings as all of one building from different views.

    Jane and Frost head to the building and find the place across the street, where they think he was drawing from, is vacant.

    They find an alarm and bust in and find an apartment set up inside with multiple computers. They find a teenager in there and arrest him. He claims not to know the victim, but admits the computers are his.

    Back at the station, they learn he's Drew Beckett, one of the best computer crackers around he even cracked the Department of Defense a couple years ago. Frost shows Korsak a demonstration of the software by pulling up all his credit info.

    It works for identity theft, and they think Beckett used it to find out who his John Doe partner was. They come up with the name Colin Doyle, but he's not in the system. Korsak suggests Patrick Doyle instead, Whitey Bulger's righthand man. Colin was his son.

    They discover that someone just deposited $250,000 in Beckett's account.

    In the morgue, Colin's father (and presumably Maura's) comes to identify his body. He (link=nm0231283) calls himself "Mr. Selsi," but he is in reality, Paddy Doyle.

    Beckett claims to Jane that he didn't think Colin would get hurt. He doesn't think they can protect him. He'd rather go to jail than talk.

    Maura tells Patty Doyle that his son was stabbed with an ice pick. She asks what he was like. She makes conversation and offers Doyle/"Selsi" water. He says he'll make it easy for her. He takes out a knife and cuts his hand, then gives her the bloody handkerchief.

    Maura freaks out to Jane as she looks at all of her father's victims. She catches herself twirling her ring like he did and points out "Selsi" is her adoptive "Isles" spelled backward.

    Jane thinks whoever killed Colin knew his murder would draw Patrick out. Jane thinks whoever killed Colin will try to kill Maura if they find out who she is.

    The group meets to discuss. Korsak thinks Patrick couldn't have gotten into the morgue if he didn't have contacts. They're not telling anyone about Maura. The go through Patty's known enemies, all Irish organized crime big wigs in Boston.

    Frost goes back to the encryption scanner, Maura goes back to the body to look for clues again.

    Korsak and Jane check out the car. She finds a road assist service and, noting that the car rolled into another as Colin was being killed, contacts them for records of when the crash occurred.

    She needs a court order, and a DA that won't tell everyone about it.

    Frost tells Jane someone cracked Colin's lab file, where they would have seen that Maura is Patrick Doyle's daughter.

    Jane races to the morgue.

    We see Maura walking into the freezer and being grabbed.

    The van holding Maura reaches its destination and Patrick Doyle greets her. He apologizes for grabbing her, but says there was no other way to see her. He says she's in danger. Maura is angry and full of questions. She demands to know who her mother is. He says they gave Maura up to keep her safe and her mother is classy. He wasn't close to Colin's mother, who raised Colin.

    He tells Maura he always kept an eye on her and gives her photos. He was at her high school, college and med school graduations.

    He wants to protect her. He gives her a cell phone and promises he'll always answer. He wants to know who killed Colin.

    Back at the station, Jane is panicking when Maura calls to say she's OK.

    They meet at Jane's. Maura tells Jane she was surprised how gentle Patrick seemed, despite the fact he's wanted for killing a dozen people. She gives Jane the cell phone. Jane wonders if they should just let Patrick protect Maura, even if it means letting him kill someone.

    At the bar, the Frankies Senior and Junior get to work, but it quickly goes poorly when water starts spraying everywhere and they can't turn it off.

    Maura continues to freak out over the fact she's related to criminals. There's a knock at the door.

    It's Frankie, drenched and angry at their dad. Maura's eager for the distraction so she and Jane head to the bar to help. Of course, Maura knows about plumbing.

    Frost reports that the Road Assist recording is in. They head to the station to listen to it. It has the killer's voice on it. They compare it to every voice they have on file and come up with Tommy O'Rourke, an enforcer with an even worse reputation than Doyle.

    Jane urges Maura to call Doyle so he can send a message and protect her. But Maura says that's not who she is. So Jane says she'll take it to the crime lab so they can track it.

    The next day the team heads to another crime scene - Tommy O'Rourke, dead with a stab wound through the heart with an ice pick. There's a photo of Maura as a baby pinned to his chest.

    Jane claims she didn't tip him off. Korsak says you do what you need to do to protect family.

    At the bar, Frank Sr. proclaims the job done and turns on the main water value. Frankie, Maura and Jane wait. The pipes creak but then water comes out without problem.

    Maura enjoys the Rizzoli family craziness.

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