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The Greatest Action Cartoon Ever Made
magicwalnuts23 October 2012
You might have thought Genndy Tartakovsky had already achieved this honor with Star Wars: Clone Wars and Samurai Jack, but in Sym-Bionic Titan Tartakovsky tops even those fantastic pieces of animation and creates the greatest action cartoon ever made.

Tartakovsky's trademark action, off-beat humor, and storytelling skills are ever present, but they are so much more refined and mature in Titan. We all knew Tartakovsky was a fan of Japanese mecha and this is chiefly where the show draws it's visual style from and it is truly striking. The character designs in particular for this show are incredible, but still familiar to fans of Tartakovsky's previous work.

The plot is nothing truly unique, but in typical Tartakovsky fashion, it takes its cues from all over the nerd-o-sphere from classic Anime, to American comic books, and even 2001: A Space Odyssey. Ilana, a young alien princess, Lance, a young rebellious soldier, and Octus, a robot programmed to guard the princess at all costs, flee to Earth from their home planet Galiluna, which has just suffered a crippling surprise attack led by a traitor general and an army of psychically controlled mutants. On Earth Lance, Ilana, and Octus must fit in as typical teenagers meanwhile defending themselves and the rest of the humans on Earth from a vast array of mutants the traitor general has sent remotely, to hunt down and kill the princess. Fortunately they have help in the form of Titan, a Voltron-style robot that Octus is able form when all three of them are together. The high school setting mixed with the, "save the world once an episode" structure will probably appeal to Buffy fans, and the action and humor is obviously top notch.

We've seen Tartakovsky do this before, he clearly loves popular fiction and loves incorporating it into his cartoons and for a sci-fi fan, it is really satisfying to see him at work in Titan. The special thing about Titan, however, is how good he's gotten at it. Characters learn, change, and evolve. Mysteries are uncovered and span whole episodes. Plot points are scattered all over the tragically singular season we have available to us and come together satisfyingly in an excellent finale.

I can not stress how quality this show is and how well it comes together as a full package. As of this posting Titan is currently on the 2am Saturday Adult Swim (now Toonami again) anime block, and that is where you can find it, and pray we get another season.
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No my review doesn't contain any real spoilers... I just love the show so far!!
gigan-9223 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Genndy Tartakovsky brings yet another great cartoon to the screen with "Sym-Bionic Titan", a show that just starts off with a great premise, as his shows always do. Aliens from a far off distant world have come to Earth to escape their ravaged world which is being devastated by the Mutraddi; terrible yet awesome looking monsters. Princess Ilana (voiced by Tara Strong), Corporal Lance (voiced by Kevin Thoms), and their robot-in disguise guardian Octus (voiced by Brian Poseh) are the main protagonist in this series and each character has a distinct yet enjoyable personality. Like a lot of Tartakovsky's works, this show may be aimed at slightly older kids, while I believe many adults could find quite some entertainment from the show. I'm eighteen now but I grew up watching shows like "Two Stupid Dogs", "Powerpuff Girls", and "Dexter's Laboratory", as well as "Samurai Jack", I myself have found this show just as enjoyable through its insane action, pretty thought-out characterization and just the look of the animation in itself. Not to mention the music is pretty decent.

I've seen all but one episode so far, but "Tashy 497" is so far my all time favorite by far. As I said before, this show tends to lean on the dark side a bit, which makes it just the right mixture of matureness but it will definitely still click with kids. I mean, come on, giant robots slaying giant alien monsters, what more could you want? I highly recommend the show if you loved classic Cartoon Networks series like the ones I mentioned before.
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Genndy Tartakovsky does it again
Rectangular_businessman28 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Since I was a little kid, I admired the work of the animator Genndy Tartakovsky:"Dexter's Laboratory" was one of my favorite shows from Cartoon Network, while "Samurai Jack" still has a place on my memory as one of the most stylish and fascinating animations ever made. I also liked his "Star Wars: Clone Wars" shorts(Which are much better than the new CGI series) Just like all his previous work, "Sym-Bionic Titan" is incredibly entertaining and well made, having a good balance of action, comedy and drama, with lots of homages to several classic anime shows, such as "Voltron", "Mazinger Z" and "Robotech", taking the best elements from those series, and combining it with his very personal touch.

I liked the character designs: The combination of the anime characteristics with a cartoonish visual style that resembles the Hanna-Barbera animations works incredibly well. All the monsters and robots from this series had a very imaginative and stylish appearance, being each one of them more surprising than the last one.

"Sym-Bionic Titan" was a fun series, having lots of action, comedy and thrills, and being possibly one of the most promising animated series from the recent years. Honestly, I can't believe that a show like this was canceled, while boring shows such as "Ben 10" or "Generator Rex" are still on air. That's a shame, because "Sym-Bionic Titan" was the best thing to be showed on Cartoon Network since "Megas XLR".

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Gorgeous! Deep Story! Action-Packed! Terrifically Original!
caidenw-3705010 December 2016
This show is just so amazing! It has brilliant action! It has brilliant, deep, episodes that will really make you think, forcing you into deep thought! The characters are likable! The show has great humor! It has TERRIFIC voice acting! Its' very concept is ingeniously original! You just end up wanting more and more of this show!

Sadly, it was canceled after the 1st season due to Cartoon Network not being able to make a deal to make a toy attract viewers...a toy line...something the show didn't need...

The sheer brilliance of this show is enough to light up a room! Kids will like it! Pre-teens will like it! Even teens and people in their 20's will like it! It'd take someone like Genndy Tartakovsky or Rebecca Sugar to make a show like this!

I'd still definitely suggest watching the 1st season and just soaking up the sheer originality and brilliance that this show is made out of! Watch it! You won't regret it!
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So far so good
DCfan18 November 2017
I haven't finished watching the whole series yet. I know this came out in 2010 and ended in 2011.

But the UK never aired this show and I wasn't interested at the time. I have watched 8 episodes so far and I am really impressed with this show.

The voice acting is good, the animation and the character designs are also very. This show has also made me recover from The Avengers united they stand and Problem Solverz (see my review). When I watched a really bad show and had a bad morning because of it Sym Bionic Titan fixed that. The intro is awesome as well I wish it was longer though.

I will resume the remaining 12 episodes when I am exam free and when Yo-Kai Watch will get dubbed and when Young Justice season 3 will be out. I will also resume Thundercats 2011 as well. I will also update this review as well.

It is a shame this show got cancelled though but I wouldn't mind if Adult Swim picks this up for another season like they did with Samurai Jack.
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Sym Bionic Titan is a very good show
dannylafontaine1324 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Sym Bionic Titan is a very good show. but its not for kids. its very vilonte with a bunch of battles with robots. and a kid gets punched in the mouth and spits out blood. later the guy is seen laying in a pool of blood and teeth. there's some sexual innuendo a girl dances to a song called shake it bake it booty quake it and does a pole dance on the lamp. with that being said i think Sym Bionic Titan is not for kids. and is a very good show for teens and adults.
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Unresolved show that need gaps to fill in
Rashid Ehzaz20 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Even though this cartoon has not been aired in the UK, I heard of it over the net though so I tried to read up info about it and it surprised me that it is one of Genndy's work (the same guy that made Samurai Jack), so I rather watch it. Even though there's this trend in all of Genndy's work e.g. dark & gritty look, badass tragic hero, origin episode, anti-climactic ending etc, but this show amazed me with it's visuals along with motion blurs in fight scenes and atmospheric sound and making the show more horror-action genre.

As for the characters, here's what I think:

Octus-Without a doubt steal the show, for some reason it's interesting to see a human side of him as he struggles to question whether he's a robot or not and also having feelings for Kimmy (even though she's a slut), also acts as a father-figure towards Ilana and Lance. I feel he's very likable and really hilarious.

Lance-Even though he's not as interesting protagonist compared to Samurai Jack (another of Gennedy's previous work), he can be badass at times and find his way through, even though he can be stubborn towards Ilana and not give a sh!t about Earth's customs. But to be honest whenever there are people in his past being a$$holes towards him and having to lose his father and mother, I kinda feel bad for him. He's somewhat likable and hilarious.

Ilana-Nothing much to say other than trying to be polite, I feel as if she needs more character development on her side.

General Steel-Other than the uncanny resemblance to Marvel's Thunderbolt Ross, he sure screams a lot.

Solomon-reminds me of Agent Bishop from TMNT (both having similar roles) and looks like Alucard from Hellsing. He was pretty cool and quite likable, he began being an enemy and later an ally towards the three main characters and I'm hoping to see the mystery behind G3.

Kimmy-Other than being an annoying whiny b!tch who gets whatever she wants, she began being a bully towards Ilana to being more caring after Ilana saved her. She also serves as being the love interest for Octus (hope he ditches her but I highly doubt it lol).

And my biggest problems are the plot holes that I question about and here it is: *Is Ilana still safe? *What is going to happen to the king of Galaluna? *Will General Modula find the princess? *What the G3 boss Lance's dad? *The origin of Solomon? *Is G3 an enemy of the US army? *Will Steel ever be allied with the three main characters? *Octus relation with Kimmy, if continued is he going to reveal his secret to her? *the fate of the people from Lance's past e.g. Baron, his roommate etc, if they're dead or alive? *Lance's relation with the goth girl, kristin? *What is General Modula capable of?

Also I feel like watching the 20 episodes feels like the beginning of the story (since it's like watching a quarter of the full story) hence the name of the final episode 'A New Beginning', it was pretty ballsy for CN to pull the plug on this show way too early just over toy sales (it could've been as popular as Adventure Time). I also want to see character developments, more variety of villains (not just monsters, but other Titans possibly), plot holes really needs explaining and also the struggle of the titan (since it was too OP, I want to see it get hurt and upgrade itself).

I'm aware that it's been nearly 6 years after it ended, but never say never as season 5 of Samurai Jack recently returned on Adult Swim, so maybe have this show back on Adult Swim or Netflix?
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A blessing to the world of Animation!
Theraxorterminate11 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
(My review won't be containing any real spoilers either because I too want to express how fantastic this cartoon really is!)

Boy, I don't know were to start? But I'd like to express and tell everyone that I am completely blown-away of this another masterpiece from one of my favorite animators ever existed, Genndy Tartakovsky! When has this beloved animator ever disappointed me? I don't think he has ever done so and probably never will, I loved his Dexter's Laboratory, Samurai Jack, the Micro-series Star Wars: Clone Wars from 2003 and his two features Hotel Transylvania! And now I have another favorite in my library and that is exactly this beautiful cartoon.

Although I haven't really been able to see this cartoon until this year, not that I didn't have any interests in fact I was a little too busy with my High School years and it was very hard for me to ever find this show and when I finally got my chance I fell in love with it already from the first episode! From the very first episode I already got hooked by it and couldn't resist finishing the entire series, it really is that good! I seriously can't remember the last time I got this feeling of true satisfaction from a flawless show especially from a cartoon.

There's so many good things I really want to tell you but again I promise no real revealing spoilers.

It's animation is probably one of the best things I've ever seen in my entire life, the design is incredibly, beautifully creative and detailed. The characters has got to be some of the most original creations I've never imagined, there's Lance who never gives up and is always there whenever you need him, Ilana without a single doubt as Genndy himself expressed that she's one strong lead character, funny and very loyal plus she's beautiful :) And let's not forget about Octus, I don't care what some might think of him because he got some of the most interesting capabilities an android like him can do for our humanity and I can honestly say that I would consider him being more human than us people. I know this might sound pretty crazy but I've always loved shows involving robots and I was very pleased to see a robot having such evolving personality. He's incredibly smart, nice and always helpful when you need him.

But most important of all how is it's stories? Again no spoilers: But the good thing I like from each episode is that they are never repetitive and never disappoints me in any way. This show feels like it has it all and never gets unbalanced. Although you can expect a lot of action in this show, but that is certainly not a flaw. Finally we have an action cartoon that never disappoints you and that matters with the main conflicts of our main characters. They're very well built-up and sometimes stylized but in a good way. And there's also some hints of lighthearted comedy and a good balance of drama without overreacting.

Seriously I have really been disappointed with TV-shows these days and it has been incredibly hard to find another worth-watching TV-show. But don't get me wrong I like CN's Regular Show and Steven Universe but Sym-Bionic Titan was without a doubt one of Cartoon Networks most unprecedented cartoon they've ever delivered to us. I know I'm raving but seriously if you're looking for a worth-watching show I cannot recommend you enough by seeing this show. It simply is that great, not to mention pretty underrated.


On a side note; I'm still incredibly surprised to know that Cartoon Network canceled this masterpiece. Why did they make that decision? Although I took some research and I happen to find a pretty stupid reason to why they canceled it. I mean seriously I'm not gonna shut up about this, Cartoon Network I have always loved you, but canceling SBT was a huge mistake! Please bring it back for some time soon so we can see of what will be next for our heroes. I mean seriously do you guys want to end up like Nickelodeon when they canceled Invader Zim? Please make up you mind.
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