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lloydene29 November 2010
If all movies were like this I would actually watch TV or go to the movies! This was an excellent film, well written, well directed, well acted. It's all about relationships, and that's what life is about! Thanks to Hallmark for another outstanding performance and to the wonderful cast! I appreciated the fact that God and prayer were given proper respect and significance. I also appreciated the way our human condition (sickness, broken relationships, death) was dealt with as being a part of life. Life isn't always fair and hard times come, but the way we deal with it speaks of character and faith and perseverance, and taking joy where we find it. This is one movie that I would actually buy and make a family tradition to watch. Thank you!
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Moving With A Capital M
Jack Spencer29 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Like most Hallmark Hall Of Fame presentations, this one really tugs at the heartstrings. Very moving, and touching. You fall in love with all the chacters.

I've been watching Sam Elliott since he did Lifeguard 35 years ago. This just might be his best role yet. Mr. Sanford is a man anyone would want to have as a friend. The little girl who plays the central character is just charming. Sometimes a role like this can be overdone, and not believable, but this is definitely not the case here.

I think the best thing about the film, is its theme of redemption. Virtually all the characters are redeemed, and restored. It sets out to show the good in people and how life triumphs. It succeeds wonderfully.

The only minor negative is that by knowing the ultimate outcome in advance (which the film shows) it might lessen the emotional impact for some people. Than again, I can't think of anyone who would really want to see the outcome that you'd think would happen.

I hope they show this film again. It would make a perfect DVD for a family to rent, and not just at Christmastime, but any time of year.
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Wonderful job
vchimpanzee6 December 2010
"November Christmas" is the name of a story a pretty blonde girl is reading to children at a library. We find out later it is based on the real (in this movie) life of 8-year-old Vanessa--though some details in the story being read are a little different.

15 years earlier, Tom and Beth are new in the small community. We never learn what work Tom does, but he and Beth spend a lot of time with their daughter Vanessa, who has been in the hospital a lot. Vanessa has no hair but a cheerful attitude for the most part. Her 4-year-old brother Gordon seems to accept what is going on better than many his age. Tom visits Jess' farm to buy vegetables, but he later shows up in the middle of summer wanting pumpkins. The reason: Tom is worried Vanessa might not survive to see Halloween.

Jess and his friend, who have both suffered losses in their lives, go to a relative of Jess who already has pumpkins, and they come back with a big load, and a possible second wife for Jess' friend.

Vanessa has a new friend, a teenage waitress who is a talented artist and aspiring writer, though right now she must work for her demanding uncle at his diner. Meanwhile, Beth is helping out with story time at the library, where Jess' wife Claire used to work and still volunteers some.

If Vanessa continues to go downhill, she also won't see Christmas. It just so happens Jess grows Christmas trees, and Tom goes to pick one out.

Jess is going through a lot of bitterness, but helping this family helps him a lot, and he becomes a kind and loving grandfather type.

Eventually the whole town knows about Vanessa's plight, and what happens next is truly a Christmas miracle.

Will Vanessa make it? I will say that the movie has a happy ending.

The story is great, and the holidays are celebrated just as one might expect--just at different times.

Everyone involved gives a great performance, but I believe Sam Elliott stands out from the group. If anyone gets an Emmy nomination, I believe it will be him.

Emily Alyn Lind certainly deserves something, though most likely she would be nominated only in a category that favors kids. Vanessa keeps her attitude positive so much of the time.

It was worthy of the name Hallmark Hall of Fame.
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So well done it seems like a true live story
landmarkbaptist11 November 2013
this is so well done and such a heart warming story that it seems like it was written from a true situation. I Lost my mother and a brother in law to cancer and this movie just warms my heart every time I get to watch it.

if this is not based on a real life situation I would hope that people in real life would would do something like this for someone suffering from cancer no matter their age but especially for a child.

I have Watched this movie a couple of times and every time it tugs at my heart and puts tears in my eyes.

as others have said you fall in love with all the characters and to the point you wish you could have taken part in the making of this movie.

I would suggest this move to everyone to watch this beautiful movie
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Marianne Grimbly30 November 2012
I did miss the beginning of this movie but quickly found myself involved in it fully. This movie made me long for a time when you knew your neighbours and could count on them when you needed them. The neighbours in this movie go above and beyond with their wonderful surprises to make a little girl happy. I say get yourself a hot chocolate, a nice warm fuzzy blanket and a box of tissues for all those tender moments! This movie was well directed and the actors truly brought the characters to life. The scenery was also quite beautiful, I believe it was filmed in Nova Scotia. The Christmas Tree farm is especially beautiful! Just when I finished having a tearful moment over an act of kindness, they would come up with another one. If more movies were made like this I would honestly enjoy watching TV more. November Christmas is totally a family movie, no need to worry about foul language, nudity or violence. I would definitely recommend this movie and look forward to seeing it again.
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November Christmas 2013
hawgcaller26 November 2013
As I was flipping channels, looking for something interesting, I found November Christmas. As I checked on the information, I saw that Sam Elliot was in this movie. Enough for me to watch......

I once read where he saw some parts that he had passed up on, then later thought that he could have done that...

I have always admired his work and felt that he could have/should have been a mega star, very much in the caliber of John Wayne, just in our era of time.

In my view, we do not have many actors in the caliber of our hero, John Wayne. Mr Elliot has stretched his acting legs many times, in different movies and different types of roles and he has excelled in each, as I expected.

In "November Christmas", Sam plays an aging neighbor to a family in crisis.This family in crisis, allows him to do a "do over" from a crisis in his past. This is something that he missed in his real life, so he gets to address that concept on screen. Sam personifies someone that is bitter from circumstances of the past, who transforms into a wonderful, Grandfatherly figure, with a new opportunity to right the past. He does just that, in grand fashion. It is saddening for me to understand what his age is, and to know that even tho he never attained the reputation of a John Wayne, He will always be a hero for me, and a truly grand actor, in my view.
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Get the tissue ready for this emotion-packed movie
SimonJack30 November 2016
This is a fine film for the Christmas season. But, unless one usually has a supply of tissue on hand for this time of year, it is wise to be prepared before sitting down to watch "November Christmas." This is definitely a full box tissue movie for the ladies, and a hankie soaker for most men.

The movie goes at a very slow pace, but that's dictated by the circumstances. Vanessa Marks is an 8-9 year old girl who is being treated for cancer. But many of the people in the small town her family has moved to are hurting from their pasts. Nearly every scene is packed with emotion. I won't say more about the plot, but note that there are several smaller stories built in this one movie. And, it's done quite well.

The cast all are excellent in their performances. Especially worth noting is Emily Alyn Lind who plays Vanessa.
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Well Made & Heartfelt SEE IT!!!
Christmas-Reviewer18 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers

A small community comes together to create special Halloween and Christmas moments several weeks early for Vanessa Marks, an 8-year- old girl with a life-threatening illness.

After the father quietly asks a neighboring farmer (Sam Elliott) about buying pumpkins - and later Christmas trees - the farmer figures out that the father is trying to speed up the holidays so that Vanessa will have one more Christmas!

To give anymore of the plot away would be a huge mistake. I will say this film captures everything in a realistic manner. All motivations from everyone seem "Realistic".

If you lost a child I think this film would be very hard to watch. However the film does show (Like In Real Life) how all of us hurt in someway! It also shows that at times "It Does Take A Village".

Have a tissue or two handy.

Great Film
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What in the world happened?
elliewarner29 November 2010
A poignant story of families facing heartbreak with excellent acting, endearing characters and believability… UNTIL, very near the end… it suddenly becomes a moronic public service announcement. Several characters are gathered in the town diner when tired old clichés such as "that's what it's all about, isn't it ~ helping your neighbor and giving back" suddenly start tumbling out of everyone's mouth. It is mind boggling and such a departure from the rest of the movie which managed to be both heart wrenching and heart warming without having to explain to viewers, in the most condescending way, what it all meant. I was suddenly cured of any emotional connection to the characters as I watched this inane transition to PC drivel. All tears dried up but quick. Then, the ending… Gads, it was so cheesy and saccharine sweet. It was almost like a parody and did not belong in this movie. I cannot imagine what happened behind the scenes to ruin what could have been a first class motion picture. What an embarrassing ending.
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Pay no Attention to pwarner3's Review!
kennethbarrette13 July 2014
This person is would not know a good movie if it reached out and clobbered them! All you have to do is look at all the other reviews and see that this person is a 'JOKE'! The ending of the movie was perfectly done and as a whole the movie was one of the best I have seen in a long time! I really felt moved by how the whole town came out and gave this little girl Christmas in November so that she would be able to have Christmas at home since she was most likely going to have to spend it in the hospital.

The only thing that I found wrong with the film was that it seemed as if they left us hanging on the story of the teenage writer who befriended the little girl. It would have been nice to know what happened to her in the future.
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What Most Films should strive for
elsalions25 August 2017
We all know Christmas movies can get bad. I am sure there is plenty examples of bad Christmas movies.

Now if I asked 10 people "What is One of the worse Christmas movie you have ever seen" I will get 10 different examples.

Now if I asked the same 10 people what is the best Christmas movie you ever seen chances are they will say "November Christmas" that is if they have seen it!

A father of a "Cancer stricken child" bumps up the holidays just to cheer up her child. By doing these the father inspires his town to mend fences and that "The Christmas Spirit" does not exclusive to December.

Not to be missed!
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Christmas comes early
Prismark1010 January 2016
November Christmas is a sentimental movie with not much of a festive theme until the end of the film.

A Rhode Island community get together to help out the parents of a severely ill 8 year old girl. Sam Elliot is the curmudgeon who suffered a loss of a child some years earlier and recognises what John Corbett is going through and realise what he is up to.

Fearing the worse Corbett wants to give his daughter an early Halloween and Christmas in case she does not make it through to the end of the year. The small town rally round once they find about the little girl's condition.

The film is sentimental, light on plot but the direction is sensitive and the film is told in flash back which leads to an encouraging ending.
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