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Good Mindless Fun
Molly Jay24 January 2014
This was a fun way to watch bad old movies. Usually they had old science fiction alien invasion type movies or monster horror movies from the fifties or whatever that were supposed to be scary but really these movies are just stupid. The movies were the low budget type of movies that would be forgotten and just laughed at when you watch them today. The hosts would watch the movie and make comments about them. Sometimes they talked too much which could get annoying but most of the time the show was better when they were talking than when they were not. It is hit or miss depending on the comments they were saying and how funny the particular movie they were watching was. This show was not as good as MST3k but that show is gone so it's nice to see this genre live on. The article says this show is coming back but I think it is dead because it would have come back by now.
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Very Good
joan635027 August 2010
This is a very good show!

As a Hamilton born and bred girl I grew up watching the classic shows on CHCH like Smith and Smith Comedy Mill and then Red Green and I still remember all those great campy Hilarious House of Frightenstein episodes that I am lucky to have found DVDs of in a pawn shop this summer.

This Movie Sucks is in the same tradition of great Canadian comedy shows that are great even though they have a small budget and are not in a very big city. In fact they are throwing the small budget right back in our face and reference it all the time with Ed saying how they don't have money to do things.

I love this show especially compared to how bigger budget Canadian shows try too hard to be American style with more money and just fail miserably (I can't begin to describe how much I don't like a lot of Canadian TV) so this show is a breath of fresh air.

I won't give it full marks cuz it is walking in the footsteps of one of my other fave low budget shows Mystery Science Theater but it is unique in its own way. I see others say this show got better since it started, not sure how many episodes I missed but I have seen four weeks straight and the quality seemed consistently good to me, maybe I missed some bad ones to start.
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Enjoyable If Uneven
Jekkyl9 February 2014
This show was an entertaining enough way to spend a late Saturday night. If we don't want to go out or just want to have some popcorn and stay in and laugh at a bad movie. It is like watching a movie with a couple more extra friends in the room with you except they are usually good at cutting the movie up with funny comments.

They lines they did sometimes weren't so funny and lots of the time what they were doing in between the movies was just wasted time with nothing entertaining going on.

This show is obviously done now it is 2014 and when a show goes off for like two years it is not coming back for a new season sorry to break it to you. Lucky for us we can still watch bad movies and cut them up ourselves. Too bad everything else on CHCH is hella awful.
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Huge Potential
Steve Adams26 August 2010
This show is very funny and there is huge potential for it to be a really great show that could last a long time. I am a huge fan of Ed the Sock and he has already been on TV for many years but I hope he sticks around and does this show for many more years. I have seen every episode even though it is hard to keep track sometimes (they do not always list it), I watch CHCH TV a lot and it is on once a week depending on the day. The movies are very good (by that I mean they are entertaining the movies obviously suck like the title says they do) and the comedy added is very funny with Ed, Liana his red haired sidekick and Ron Sparks from Video on Trial fame cutting jokes all the time. The show was very rough at first with bad audio problems where I thought it would not stay on the air but it got better every week and is one of the few shows I look forward to seeing each week now.
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A Great Surprise!
jasongibbonsxxx13 September 2010
I was just on another board writing about how Dan For Mayor and Hiccups are not very good. It is nice to now be balancing out that with a little positive since I don't want to become someone who just gets bitter talking about all the shows I hate. This Movie Sucks was a great surprise for me. I avoided watching it for a few weeks because I have always been a huge fan of Ed the Socks from his old show and of Ron Sparks who was always my favorite on Much Music and Video on Trial (also he is my Facebook friend which is how I heard about this show, ha). It is so good to see them back on TV, Liana is still pretty hot too (is it cliché to say hubba hubba nowadays?) I avoided watching at first because I was sure it would be terrible. The comments I read on Ed's home page for episode one were terrible and I wanted to remember him in a good way. Also I am possibly the biggest fan of MST3000 in the world and nothing can compare to that. The truth is this show doesn't compare to that but as I said nothing could do the bashing-a-bad-movie-thing better than MST3000, but it is still very funny and not so much like MST as I feared/assumed it would be. They still watch bad movies, including two so far that I know MST3000 already did, but they have different jokes and they talk a lot in the studio, have guests, other differences. This is totally worth checking out, the bashes of the movies are really very good.
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Doesn't Compare To MST3K, But Not Bad!
blackie-930-70177922 February 2014
This show is very funny sometimes but it doesn't have the same look or feel or level of entertainment value as Mystery Science Theater did back when it was on.

They clearly don't have even as much of a small budget as MST3K did but the best episodes they did were special ones like when they had the telethon to raise money because their bosses were such cheap bastards. That's one place this show was great because they could do and say things that they couldn't on MST3K because Canadian TV has looser rules and regulations about that stuff.

The host Ed the Sock is someone you either love or hate and I always loved him. The big downfall in this show is it just had a really cheap look and sometimes just looked boring. Ron Sparks is maybe the best sidekick ever and my biggest laughs were from his comments during the movie. I always liked the movie part better than the part where they just talked about the movie because that stuff got boring, the good stuff about these shows is when you watch a really bad movie and just trash it.
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Hamilton CHCH TV Magic Needs To Return
George30 September 2017
For a small town that is made fun of a lot by Toronto and the Toronto area Hamilton's small but proud TV network CHCH TV has made a lot of great shows over the years. It reminds me a lot of what CITY TV in Toronto used to do and be very good at which was making very funny television shows on a very small budget by just doing simple stuff that people liked.

Hamilton's CHCH has come up with a lot of these. Smith & Smith is not on in reruns any more but Red Green came from that and lasted for decades. Big Top Talent was so good they made a new version of it now. This Movie Sucks was hilarious and looked like it cost about twenty bucks to make it and it's all because of the talent and natural funniness of the people on the show. Ron Sparks made me shoot beer out my nose twice in the same show. Who also can forget Hilarious House of Frightenstein and Billy Van?

CHCH made a big mistake by stopping this show, like I said it could not have cost much and was beloved by the local TV community. Not sure why they did it but it is gone and won't come back. Ed the Sock is never on TV at all any more. I hope this channel gets back to what it did well because I hear it is in financial trouble and the new shows they are doing just are not very good, like the stupid game show they have with the wheel. The new Big Top Talent just does not have the magic either. Both of those shows have bad hosts.
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Seriously? 8.2 out of 10???
magicshadows-900983 December 2016
You have to be kidding me. This is the old racket where you air an old movie then have inserts that make fun of the show. It started with horror shows in the 1950's with Zacharley and the like. Back in the 80's Lorraine Newman did the Canned Film Festival. Then the MST3K garbage. This is suppose to be funny I think. But Ed the Sock is not funny. I remember first seeing him on late night TV. His audience is young drunk males. But he isn't funny, he's rude. The movies are all public domain and available in the discount bin or on youtube for free. So why watch this mess? I stood in for about 30 minutes because I was interested in the movie. Evidently, some people think Ed is funny. Fair enough. But this is rated at 8.2 currently. That means it is TV gold! Up there with the best shows of all time. Really.... I guess if you're drunk or smoking of weed this rates a 9 or 10, I wasn't drunk and give it a lofty 3, only because of the movie.
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