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Anne Hathaway: Fantine



  • Fantine : I had a dream my life would be so different from this hell I'm living!

  • Jean Valjean : How have you come to grief in a place such as this?

    Fantine : M'sieur, don't mock me now, I pray. It's hard enough I've lost my pride. You let your foreman send me away - yes, you were there, and turned aside. I never did no wrong

    Jean Valjean : Is it true, what I have done? To an innocent soul? Had I only known then...

    Fantine : My daughter's close to dying. If there's a God above... He'd let me die instead...

    Jean Valjean : In His name my task has just begun, I will see it done!

  • Fantine : There's a child who sorely needs me, Please M'sieur, she's but that high. Holy God, is there no mercy? If I go to jail she'll die!

    Javert : I have heard such protestations, every day for twenty years. Let's have no more explanations. Save your breath, and save your tears.

  • Jean Valjean : God on high, hear my prayer. Take me now, to Thy care. Where you are, let me be. Take me now, take me there. Bring me home. Bring me home.

    Fantine : Monsieur, I bless your name.

    Jean Valjean : I am ready, Fantine.

    Fantine : Monsieur, lay down your burden.

    Jean Valjean : At the end of my days.

    Fantine : You raised my child in love.

    Jean Valjean : She's the best of my life.

    Fantine : And you will be with God.

  • Factory Woman 1 : And what have we here, little innocent sister? Oh, come on, Fantine, let's have all the news.

    [reading the note] 

    Factory Woman 1 : "Dear Fantine, you must send us more money. Your child needs a doctor; there's no time to lose."

    Fantine : [taking it back]  Give that letter to me; it is none of your business. With a husband at home and a bit on the side? Is there anyone here who can say swear before God she has nothing to fear, she has nothing to hide?

  • Jean Valjean : What is this fighting all about? Will someone tear these two apart? This is a factory, not a circus. Come on, ladies, settle down. I am the mayor of this town, I run a business of repute.

    [alarmed to see Javert waiting in his office] 

    Jean Valjean : Deal with this, foreman. Be as patient as you can.

    Foreman : Yes, Monsieur Madeleine.

    [Valjean leaves] 

    Foreman : Now, someone say how this began.

    Factory Woman 5 : At the end of the day, she's the one who began it.

    Factory Woman 1 : There's a kid that she's hiding in some little town.

    Factory Woman 5 : There's a man she has to pay.

    Factory Woman 1 : You can guess how she picks up the extra. You can bet she's earning her keep sleeping around. And the boss wouldn't like it.

    Fantine : Yes, it's true there's a child and the child is my daughter. And her father abandoned us, leaving us flat. Now she lives with an innkeeper man and his wife and I pay for the child. What's the matter with that?

  • Fantine : Cosette, it's turned so cold. Cosette, it's past your bedtime. You've played the day away, and soon it will be night. Come to me, Cosette, the light is fading. Don't you see the evening star appearing? Come to me, and rest against my shoulder. How fast the minutes fly away and every minute colder.

    Jean Valjean : Dear Fantine, Cosette will be here soon. Dear Fantine, she will be by your side.

    Fantine : Come, Cosette. My child, where did you go?

    Jean Valjean : Be at peace. Be at peace evermore.

    Fantine : My Cosette...

    Jean Valjean : Shall live in my protection.

    Fantine : Take her now.

    Jean Valjean : Your child will want for nothing.

    Fantine : Good monsieur, you come from God in heaven. Tell Cosette I love her, and I'll see her when I wake.

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