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Russia’s Oscar Poster takes us Extremely Close to ‘The Edge’

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I know all you Russian film fanatics out there may know which film the nation chose to represent it at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards but for those of you without a clue I’m here to help you.

The Russians have decided to go with a film by the name of Kray, also known as The Edge. It’s a film that has been described as a romantic war epic that seems to have a slight post-apocalyptic feel to it.

The reason I mention all of this to you is because a new poster has been released to help promote the film to non-Russian audiences. Below you will find the latest poster for Aleksei Uchitel’s film along with a detailed synopsis to clarify any questions you may have about the poster.


Fusing steampunk aesthetics with selective fragments of Russian history, director Alexey Uchitel hurls his new love-laced
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