[Comic Execution] 5/16 – ‘Vincent Price: Night Terror’, ‘Mars Attacks: First Born’, ‘Tales From The Con: Year One’

I think it’s high time we start putting a premium on subtitles. Not the subtitles that you see in foreign films. I’m talking about when a book or a movie or a video game has the main title and also a secondary title that is deemed necessary for dumb audiences to figure out that it’s different from the previous, identically titled thing. For example; is it really necessary for every iteration of Bluewater Productions’ ‘Vincent Price Presents’ series to have a different subtitle? Can’t they all just be called ‘Vincent Price Presents’? This week’s column title was nearly a third of the work I did getting this thing published!

Actually, you know what? I’ve changed my mind. From now on, every week, I’m going to give Comic Execution a new subtitle. Give ‘em a taste of their own medicine. And you know what
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Mad Max's Weekend Movie Guide: 'The Wolverine' & More

"I don't want to achieve immortality through my work. I want to achieve it through not dying." – Woody Allen

Greetings from the apocalypse! Woody Allen may have been cracking wise with that quote, but when it comes to Wolverine, eternity is no laughing matter. Somehow this weekend has found a way to include both in your moviegoing diet, so let's feast, shall we?

Friday, July 26

Pow! In Theaters

Bias Admission: When Darren Aronofsky announced that he would be directing "The Wolverine," I went out and bought up the original Chris Claremont/Frank Miller source material, absorbing the Japan-set rōnin's tale in all its '80s glory. Then the "Black Swan" helmer dropped out, James Mangold took up the reins and I promptly sold that graphic novel. Why? It wasn't worth getting invested in anymore. Aronofsky is a visionary director, Mangold is a journeyman, and as soon as he signed on
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Mad Max's Weekend Movie Guide: 'Much Ado About Nothing' & More

Greetings from the apocalypse! Along with my trusty dog, I'm currently gunning the last of the V8 Interceptors towards a fortified gasoline refuge in the middle of the Australian outback. While I'm thus occupied, why don't you innocent clanspeople of Tomorrow-morrow Land check out some of this weekend's most fruitful distractions … unless you're chained to a car with handcuffs made out of high-tensile steel. Man, I've been there …

Friday, June 7

New On Blu

Oh man, oh man, oh man … The 'Mad Max' Collection on Blu-ray! It's all three of the most-worshipped post-apocalyptic vehicular mayhem movies ever burned onto celluloid, including for the first time on Blu-ray the amazingly bizarre "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome." Unfortunately there's not much in the way of new bonus content on any of these, but the prints are all glorious — especially "Thunderdome," which looks like a brand-new movie. There's a great doc on the first "Mad Max,
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Mad Max's Weekend Movie Guide: 'After Earth' & More

"I don't know what my calling is, but I want to be here for a bigger reason. I strive to be like the greatest people who have ever lived." –Will Smith

Greetings from the apocalypse! It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock n' roll, but if you're Will Smith's kid it ain't that long. The thoroughly Thetan-free father-son gods among us will be exemplars of human perfection on screen this weekend, but that doesn't mean you have to give them your money. There's plenty to see, do, touch, taste, smell, snort and vomit with the fully stocked weekend of entertainment I have lined up for ya, kiddos.

Friday, May 31

Pow! In Theaters

M. Night Shyamalan hasn't exactly been an audience's best friend for the last, oh, decade or so, which is why the studio wasn't generous in name-dropping him as director of "After Earth." Indeed,
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Mad Max's Weekend Movie Guide: 'The Great Gatsby' & More

"And I like large parties. They’re so intimate. At small parties there isn’t any privacy." ― F. Scott Fitzgerald, "The Great Gatsby"

Greetings from the apocalypse! This is an exciting week for me, since I'm making my art gallery debut and all — I'm celebrating with two docs covering cool artistic subcultures (gig posters and tattooing), as well as a hella ton of Mother's Day recommends. Let's get to it, shall we, old sport? Yep yep.

Friday, May 10

Pow! In Theaters

Glam filmmaker Baz Luhrmann's reimagining of F. Scott Fitzgerald's timeless Jazz-age romance "The Great Gatsby" looks like my 11th grade book report had sex with a disco ball, but that's par for the course. Luhrmann had previously razzle-dazzled "William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet" and reunites with Leonardo DiCaprio as enigmatic rich dude Jay Gatsby, clinging to the memory of a past dalliance with Daisy Buchanan (Carey Mulligan). Clinging tragically,
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Full WonderCon 2013 Schedule Released

Image via: ACGArt

A few of us here from GeekTyrant will be hitting up WonderCon 2013, which takes place from Friday, March 29th to Sunday, March 31th at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California. We went for the first time last year, and we had a great time, so we're all excited to be going back for more geek goodness!

WonderCon has released the full three-day schedule! There's a ton of great stuff to check out this year! Enough cool stuff to keep you more than busy! Check out the schedule and start planning out your trip! If you're going and you see us around make sure to say hi! We can talk about geek stuff! See ya there!

March 29 • Friday

12:30Pm – 1:30Pm


35th Anniversary: BattlestarRoom 300De

Host Richard Hatch (Capt. Apollo, Tom Zarek), Kevin Grazier (science advisor, Battlestar, Caprica, Defiance),Michael Taylor (writer/producer, Battlestar, Defiance, Caprica
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Emerald City Comicon Exclusive: Day 1

Emerald City Comicon Exclusive: Day 1
Welcome To The Emerald City Comicon!

While it’s no San Diego Comicon, maybe that’s a good thing. This past weekend, from March 1st to 3rd, Seattle hosted the 11th annual Emerald City Comicon, an event that has ballooned in size to an almost unwieldy horde of nerds, freaks, geeks and cool kids. On the strength of its celebrity guests and its massive hall of comic book writers and artists, with a heavy bent on the independent scene, for one weekend, the Con takes over downtown Seattle.

For awhile now, it’s been clear that the Con is not just for the periphery, for those that toil in their parents’ basement subsisting on Mountain Dew and WoW (though they’re welcome). The Con has become mainstream, for better and worse, and is a family event that appeals to nigh every demographic.

This year, after two years volunteering behind (and
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Hulk Vs. The Comic-con Floor!

Hulk Vs. The Comic-con Floor!
As Hulk Journeys Toward The Convention Center Itself, Hulk Looks Up At The Marriot Which Has Two Gigantic Screen Advertisements Over The Side Of The Towers. Looking Around The City, These Kinds Of Ads Are Everywhere, Taking Up The Entire Sides Of Skyscrapers… It’S Like The City Itself Is Cosplaying.

Hulk Arrives To The Back Of The Line In The Midst Of Chaos And One Of The Biggest Surprises Is That Line System Works Pretty Damn Well. The Volunteers And Security Are On Their Game. They Direct People With Care And Know-how. And There Is No Doubting That The
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The Amazing Spider-Man 1970s TV series review

As (500) Days Of Summer (2009) director Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man swings into cinemas, with The Social Network and Never Let Me Go wunderkind Andrew Garfield wearing the red and blue pyjamas and Zombieland actress Emma Stone bringing Peter Parker's girlfriend Gwen Stacy to life while Rhys Ifans goes all Jekyll and Hyde on them as Doctor Curt Connors and The Lizard, it already feels as though Sam Raimi and Tobey McGuire's well received trilogy of barely a decade ago is 'old' Spidey.

However, nearly thirty years before The Evil Dead auteur finally put a human (as opposed to animated) version of our favourite webhead on the big screen, Spidey had made his live action debut on the small screen in 1974 in a series of short skits on the popular children's show The Electric Company. Played by puppeteer Danny Seagren, these three minute sketches which spanned a three year period
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The Con of Wrath Trailer

The Con of Wrath Trailer
Producer and Star Trek enthusiast Larry Nemecek is embarking on the documentary The Con of Wrath, which chronicles one of the most notorious Star Trek conventions ever held. Taking place June 19th-21st, the show took place shortly after the theatrical release of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, and promised that the entire cast would be together for the first time on stage. It has been described as the original Star Trek "rock concert" arena convention that went from "meltdown to miracle"; an amazing save by fans, staff and Trek actors alike over three long days in 1982.

Larry Nemecek has released the first trailer for the film, featuring Walter Koenig. You can check it out below. And if you'd like to donate to the production and get some cool swag and a credit, or if you were there and want to offer your own personal story: clickHere

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Sdcc 2011: Saturday Comic-Con Schedule

San Diego Comic-Con has released its full schedule for Saturday. We have pulled out all of the movie, TV, and DVD-related activities for both nights below. If you want the full schedule with all the comic-book related activities, you can clickHere

Saturday, July 24

10:00-10:45 Chuck Screening and Q&A

Comic-Con fan-favorite Chuck returns with a bang for its farewell panel to celebrate its fifth and final season. Executive producer and co-creator Chris Fedak, along with series stars Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, Joshua Gomez, Ryan McPartlin, Mark Christopher Lawrence, Vik Sahay, Scott Krinsky with Sarah Lancaster, and Adam Baldwin, offer a Q&A with fans and an unforgettable video presentation. Produced by Fake Empire, Wonderland Sound and Vision in association with Warner Bros. Television, Chuck airs Friday at 8:00 Et/Pt on NBC, and Chuck: The Complete Fourth Season DVD and Chuck: The Complete Fourth Season Blu-ray will be released this fall.
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Protest Against DC Reboot at Comic-Con – And a Counter Protest

Every once in a while we hear about a protest outside of Comic-Con by some fringe (not to be confused with Fringe) group with some anti-something issue, but this year there is a protest planned for inside the Con. As we told you in the beginning of June, DC Comics is planning a reboot of all of their series to begin at the end of August. Some fans are not pleased with these plans, and have therefore scheduled a “Walk to protest against the new awful designs” scheduled for Saturday, July 23 from 2-3pm.

Here’s what it says on the event’s Facebook page:

Are you utterly baffled, disappointed and just Angry to see how DC ruins your favorite character’s design and wipes decades of comic history out of the mainstream universe? Well, you’re not alone!

And why not make some noise at the biggest pop-culture event this year,
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White Collar Season 2 Episode 13 Review – Cool Guest-Stars and Pure Fun

“Countermeasures” fell under two categories: cool guest-stars and pure fun episodes. Nothing about the music box or Kate; just a stand-alone episode that featured the little-used character June, played by incomparable Diahann Carroll. This episode was hinted at Comic-Con 2010, as well as June’s dynamic duet with Neal (Matt Bomer), which by the way was not a lip-synched forgery–those two can sing. Billy Dee Williams guest-starred on White Collar as Ford, June’s old friend who ran cons back in the day with late husband Byron.

Williams is no stranger to deception, Lando Calrissian (Star Wars reference, yes!) was the biggest snake in the universe, but truth be told, the man still has it. Neal saw Ford as The Con of Christmas Future, that is, if he doesn’t eventually go straight and leave the con game for good. He pointed out the differences between them to anyone who would listen,
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