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Episode List


Season 1

28 Feb. 2011
Correr para vivir
The Güero is killed and Teresa runs for her life.
1 Mar. 2011
Vía de escape
The Ratas chases Teresa to kill her.
2 Mar. 2011
Detener inocentes
Willy stops Teresa Mendoza.
3 Mar. 2011
Juego de suerte
Teresa arrives in Melilla and starts working at Bar Yamila.
4 Mar. 2011
Vendida por droga
La Mexicana meets Santiago Fisterra.
7 Mar. 2011
Honor herido
Teresa has to pay her freedom with a favor to Cáceres.
8 Mar. 2011
Venganza Mexicana
Teresa tries to kill Sheila by messing with her.
9 Mar. 2011
Escapar del destino
The Mexican warns Dris not to get in his way.
10 Mar. 2011
Deseo Gallego
With the Colonel's help, Teresa is finally heard.
11 Mar. 2011
Pesadilla de tráfico
Santiago tells Lalo that he will not deal with people.
14 Mar. 2011
Jugar con la vida
Santiago mourns the loss of the child.
15 Mar. 2011
Matar por amor
Santiago saves Teresa from death.
16 Mar. 2011
Sacrificio de amor
Abdelkader tries to seduce Teresa Mendoza.
17 Mar. 2011
Carrera de Hachís
Teresa starts her narcotics career. She deals hashish, and problems occur with Santiago.
18 Mar. 2011
Víctima de tortura
Chaib asks Lalo's tongue to be cut off.
21 Mar. 2011
Amor a la Mexicana
Teresa decides to burn the photo of Güero.
22 Mar. 2011
Misión cumplida
Teresa and Santiago enjoy the sea and their love.
23 Mar. 2011
Amar con locura
The Russians kill Jaime and hurt Patty.
24 Mar. 2011
Amor mortal
Santiago dies trying to escape from the coast guard.
28 Mar. 2011
Objeto de deseo
Paty and Teresa are saved from death.
30 Mar. 2011
Libertad peligrosa
Teresa says goodbye to the other inmates and leaves the prison.
31 Mar. 2011
Tesoro de mafia
Patty and Teresa do business with the Russians.
1 Apr. 2011
Tesoro de mafia
Teresa swears to kill the murderers of the Galician.
5 Apr. 2011
Enemiga mortal
The Mexican asks Patty to control herself with the drug.
6 Apr. 2011
Camino de ceniza
Patty and Teresa face for their friends.
7 Apr. 2011
Víctima de su suerte
Tarik before being killed shoots Muhammad and Fatima.
8 Apr. 2011
Muerte por amor
Mohamed is kidnapped by the Turks who want to get back at Teresa for stealing their business with the Russians.
11 Apr. 2011
Culpable de masacre
Teresa is arrested following Fatima and Mohamed's death.
12 Apr. 2011
Pistas señaladas
Epifanio gives the order to leave Teresa alone, and she decides to go to Colombia.
13 Apr. 2011
Escape de suerte
Teresa stumbles on Pote, Ratas and The Gato and is very afraid.
15 Apr. 2011
Morir o vivir
Teresa orders to kill Rats and Gato.
18 Apr. 2011
Pacto de muerte
Ratas escape from the Russian Mafia.
21 Apr. 2011
Atracción desmedida
Verónica manages to capture Patty's attention.
25 Apr. 2011
Vida doble
Teresa spends the night with Teo.
26 Apr. 2011
Seduccion mortal
Attempt against Teresa's lawyer.
27 Apr. 2011
Ajustar cuentas
Teresa thinks that Oleg ordered to kill Teo.
3 May 2011
Venganza de Reina
Eddie dies trying to escape from Nino.
3 May 2011
Enemigos cercanos
La Mexicana gets revenge on the French.
6 May 2011
Marcar territorio
Eugenia slaps Teresa because of her husband.
9 May 2011
Despedida suicida
Teresa accuses Eugenia of attacking Teo.
10 May 2011
Primera plana
La Mexicana negotiates with its enemies the narcos route.
11 May 2011
Deseos de traición
The press and the police follow the trail to Teresa.
12 May 2011
Sin salida
The police put pressure on Teo and demand that he give Teresa away.
13 May 2011
Amor ciego
Teo agrees to hand over Teresa to the authorities.
16 May 2011
Engaño fatal
Oleg suspects that Teo is negotiating with the police.
17 May 2011
Abismo extremo
Patty is injured and Veronica dies.
18 May 2011
Víctima mortal
Teo blames Patty for being the blower.
19 May 2011
Amor suicida
Patty tries to commit suicide..