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It does what it was meant to do
simplemandudee24 August 2012
Casa de mi Padre is not for everyone. There is a very limited audience for this movie, such as Spanish speaking folk, Will Ferrell fans. But the main one I think is the telenovela watching audience.

Casa de mi Padre is meant to poke fun at Mexican telenovelas, and it pretty much succeeded. The exaggerated acting, the exaggerated drama, weddings getting shot up, the hilarious mistakes that telenovelas usually do and the not so great pacing. This movie has it all, and it manages to exaggerate even MORE on top of that. Typical Ferrell style.

The film also has a great Hispanic cast to boot. Diego Luna, Pedro Armendariz, Gael Garcia, Genesis Rodriguez and more. And of course, Will Ferrell speaking Spanish the whole film. He does an excellent job at it.

All in all this movie is hilarious. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and if you liked what you read just now you will most likely enjoy it too.
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classic, intelligent humor
johnnyrj17 July 2012
This movie is getting ripped on left and right, thankfully I decided to give it a shot anyway and was pleasantly surprised. The humor is pretty old-school which you rarely see these days. They don't spoon-feed the audience a lot of obvious HAW and BAHAHAHA moments which is what makes this movie clever. I got the direction and what they were trying to accomplish throughout. Loved the way it was shot, especially the cut scenes where the director really had some fun. For those of you who enjoy comedy on many different levels, this one is a must. Oh, and could Genesis Rodriguez be any hotter? Stunning woman. Very much enjoyed this flick and I hope people give it a chance. Don't believe all the negative hype. Popular opinion is rarely the right opinion.
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Great for movie buff with lots of nods to great films...
Kilroymax22 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I don't feel there are any spoilers here, but for those who want to go into a movie not knowing more than there basic story, be warned.

If you are a movie buff and enjoy looking for gaffs, continuity mistakes, bad blocking etc, you will love this movie for that alone.

Things to look for (no spoilers): butterflies, mannequins, stuffed animals as in trophies, but wait... is that all?

How about rear screen (how many times is that truck going to pass?), moving trees, is that a man's arm? Once you've watched the movie, the commentary is very entertaining, but kind of deep, reference-wise. I enjoy most of Will Ferrel's movies.

If you hate him, this is not the movie that will make you change your mind. It is exactly what they set out to make, and I believe they made a very entertaining movie. It would probably make a pretty good movie for production classes on what not to do when making a movie. Hope you enjoy it!
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Wow....and I thought I'd seen everything!!
MartinHafer20 July 2012
"Casa de mi Padre" is a bizarre experiment--the sort of picture that shows that Will Ferrell has made a LOT of money over the years and now he just wants to branch out and have some fun. After all, why else would he agree to star in a Spanish-language comedy?! And, for the most part, the films is played VERY seriously while insanely stupid things happen all around him. It's very surreal and very odd--and the sort of experiment many will find baffling and unfunny. I liked it...but I certainly wouldn't like a steady diet of such films. My attitude is that this is one worth seeing...once.

This film is a cheesy yet stylish send-up of Mexican films. Compared to most Americans, I've seen a ton--but my experience with Mexican films is limited--with mostly el Santo and the Aztec Mummy films of the 50s, 60s and 70s. At times, it looks a bit like a combination of a Sam Peckinpah film, a VERY stylish commercial for cologne and a cheesy mess--complete with VERY unrealistic backgrounds, horses and the Jaguar King--all things you really have to see for yourself! It also is the only film I know of where there is an apology in the middle of the movie--by the second assistant director! Overall, it's VERY dry, very bizarre and a bit funny. But, as I said before, it's certainly NOT the sort of joke most will enjoy--it takes a special person to appreciate this ultra-strange film.

By the way, be sure to watch the making of featurette on the DVD--it makes the movie a lot more interesting to watch.
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It is a spoof, nothing serious
Planson4 April 2012
I am a fan of spoof movies like Mel Brooks, Naked Gun, Loaded Weapon, Airplane 1&2, Top Secret, Hot Shots 1&2, Mafia and Scary Movie 3&4 so I was not phased at all by this movie. Casa de mi padre is a spoof of soap operas, the ones in Latin America in particular, and westerns. The movie does ridiculous stuff such as obvious fake backgrounds, revealing the camera crew in reflections and obviously fake animals in the scenery.

Making Will Ferrell the lead works since he specializes in comedy and is not a native Spanish speaker which makes it funny. He spoke very well, and I understood everything so it was not annoying. He was fortunate to be surrounded by native speakers to coach him and have actors from Mexico that could teach him Mexican slang since Will Ferrell's character is from Mexico.

Gael García Bernal was a total scene stealer. I know him for only his serious roles in Amores Perros and The Motorcycle Diaries so it was odd seeing him be so funny.

Some of the silliness dragged on a bit, and I wanted to fast forward. The joke was delivered, I enjoyed it but please not stretch it out to a whole minute.

This is a spoof and in Spanish and has Will Ferrell. I enjoy all 3 so it was a lot of fun for myself, but I understand why it is limited release.
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Casa de mi Padre is a GEM!
estrellaeguino20 July 2012
Perhaps because I grew up amid my family's obsession with nightly Spanish soap-operas, the spoof of this most ridiculous genre made the movie so hilarious! I have been a fan of Will Ferrell since he played the cow bell on SNL. When he's in character just walking into a room makes me crack up, so watching him immersed in the character of Armando Alvarez, speaking Spanish throughout the entire movie made it all the funnier. The lampooning of stereo-types and clichés were abundant and satisfyingly fresh. The entire cast was fabulous and the small details, for those who notice, make this movie one of the best comedic films I've seen in a long time. It was a pleasure and a treat to watch.
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A Fun Parody of Telenovelas for Those Willing to Give it a Chance
brando64723 October 2012
I have nothing but respect when actors or filmmakers take risks, and this was a risk on Will Ferrell's part. Ferrell is already a hit-or-miss comic actor, with a few great movies under his belt and just as many forgettable. For every ANCHORMAN there's a LAND OF THE LOST. I'm not the biggest fan of his movies but when's he good, he's good. I was happy to see Ferrell had the nerve to release a small movie, low budget with deliberately poor production value, and completely in Spanish. In a time when so many American moviegoers refuse to sit through a movie they'll need to "read", you've got to love what you do to go against the grain with a film like CASA DE MI PADRE. Good for Ferrell and his film buddies for doing the movie, and the best part is…I actually enjoyed it. Well, not at first. The movie is done in the style of Mexican/Spanish telenovelas. It's a feature length soap opera/Spanish western, and I know that alone will turn some people off. It is the tale of Armando Alvarez (Ferrell), a simple ranchero working on his father's land when his beloved brother Raul makes a triumphant return to their homestead with exciting news. Raul (Diego Luna) is to be married to the beautiful Sonia (Genesis Rodriguez) and he has plans to revive his father's dying ranch. But with the dangerous drug lord La Onza (Gael Garcia Bernal) moving in on their land, Armando discovers that his brother might not be as noble as he believed.

This movie needed an extra viewing to really grow on me. I wasn't impressed the first time, believing it to be a one note joke dragged out to feature length (Will Ferrell speaking Spanish…poorly. I can hardly contain my laughter.) But, really, there is a lot of hilarious stuff here. It's just subtler than I was expecting. The best bits are a lot of the little things. Sure, there're some blatantly funny parts, especially with the deliberate poor production value. Painted backdrops, obvious sets, obvious props, rear projection, etc. But then there are the little things. Raul never without a cigarette and drink in his hands, even in the midst of a violent gun battle. Armando can't roll a cigarette to save his life (although the commentary with Ferrell reveals that he can, in fact, roll a cigarette…just not when he's trying to remember his lines in another language). The melodrama, the cheesy line delivery…it's great. The opening of the movie sets the tone perfectly: Ferrell in a field with his fellow rancheros and a herd of cattle. Ferrell stoically dismounts from his horse and approaches a small brown calf…the scene cuts to a new angle as he bends down to pick it up and he rises with a blatantly fake black calf as he stares dramatically into the sun. Boom…cut to the trippy, James Bond-ish opening titles with none other than Christina Aguilera singing. It didn't win me over at first, but I love it now.

I have to give Ferrell credit: there are times when he almost sounds fluent in his Spanish. I love his musical numbers. He's a perfect balance of serious and absurd, though I hate to say we're treated to an abundance of Ferrell butt shots. I could've done without that. The rest of the cast is even better. Diego Luna is solid gold as Raul with swagger and confidence, and Genesis Rodriguez (an actress with an actual history in Spanish soap operas) is both amazingly beautiful and the only one giving her role an honest try. She gives the movie it's biggest dose of dramatic performing, taking her role 100% serious amongst all of the bizarre. And then there's Gael Garcia Bernal….this dude is hilarious. Easily the funniest part of the movie in my opinion. Again, he's not outright goofball in his performance as the movie's villain, La Onza. It's the little quirks here and there that he tosses in. He had me laughing harder than anything else at times. All the more reason it's a shame that a lot of people will probably skip this movie because of it's strange premise and it's use of Spanish with English subtitles. You don't have to be familiar with telenovelas to enjoy it; I certainly wasn't. A passing familiarity with them and an open mind is enough to enjoy CASA DE MI PADRE, one of Ferrell's better films.
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Pure comedy gold!!!
MovieCriticMarvelfan15 March 2012
Nice parody of Westerns and Spanish telenovelas. Of course seeing a "gringo" play the lead in this comedy role with a largely Mexican cast was going to be fun, but Ferrell was absolutely perfect and the only guy that could have pulled it off very well.

With his poor broken Spanish and intentional bad acting guaranteed a laugh a minute. Just looking as his black perm and acting Mexican pretty much sold the movie. However, the barrage of over the top and bizarre sequences pretty much elevated the movie even more (and there are too many too list).

Probably my favorite involved the ones involving the "White cat" (pure gold).

The supporting cast is made of acclaimed Mexicans actors like Diego Luna, and the late Pedro Armendáriz Jr., and young up and coming actress Genesis Rodriguez who all gave great comedic performances.

You can tell they really had fun with this one.

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Will Ferrell fans will love this like I did. If you are worried he won't be funny in Spanish don't be. So funny. I say B+
Tony Heck13 July 2012
"Ill take care of my family, let the devil take care of you." After Armando's (Ferrell) brother Raul (Luna) returns home he is happy is family is whole again. His father is happy that his favorite son is back and they are all impressed with his new girlfriend. After talking to her Armando begins to wonder about his brother's new wealth. When he finds out his brother is a drug dealer he begins to second guess everything. When a family tragedy occurs it is up to Armando to avenge the Alvarez name. I have to preface this by saying that I am a huge Will Ferrell fan and love just about everything he has done (wasn't a fan of "Semi-Pro"). After the masterpiece that was "Anchorman" he did seem to make a few movies where he played that guy over and over. I really liked it but when you saw a movie with him you knew exactly what you were gonna get. Then I saw "Everything Must Go". I gained more respect for him after that because of his stretch to become more of a dramatic actor. Then he does this movie...entirely in Spanish. I was looking forward to it but wasn't sure what to expect. I should have known however. The comedy is definitely Ferrell type comedy...over the top line delivery and totally off the wall things that you can't help but laugh at (such as we walks to a large brown calf to pick it up, when he turns around it is an obviously stuffed black one). Trying his best to make a cheesy 70's style Mexican movie he 100% attains his goal. Cheesy effects and bad editing make it that much funnier. Overall, if you like Will Ferrell you will love this movie. I sure did. Very funny. If you are worried that his humor won't work in another language don't worry. It does and then some. I give it a B+.
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Not bad but nothing you should be running out for to see either.
Boba_Fett113826 March 2012
This sounded like a weird and yet also very interesting project. A Will Ferrell comedy that was different from most of his other work, completely in Spanish and set in Mexico. But let me just say that the idea and concept of this movie sounded better and more interesting than the eventual movie was to watch.

Comedy-wise the movie isn't all that clever or funny to watch. It's mostly recycling the same stuff, over and over again, throughout the entire movie. It's a bit disappointing that this movie wasn't being a big more creative with its comedy at times.

But I have a feeling that this movie is being very referential to Mexican cinema and I have seen basically very little of those movies, so most of the stuff is going over my head. If you're into Mexican cinema, I'm sure this movie would be a far more hilarious one for you to watch. It will probably also help you to understand certain storytelling aspects and techniques behind the movie better than I did.

But still, the movie could had been a real better one for everybody to watch, if it had a more tight script in it. The story in this movie really isn't strong enough and it doesn't get you involved with any of its characters or their story lines.

I still really respect this movie for being different. It still works in some ways and it obviously is also a refreshing one. I was also definitely impressed with Will Ferrell in a Spanish talking role. He did a real great job with it and further more was also holding back a bit more with his usual comical routines, that are starting to annoy more and more people now days.

But the movie has some more great acting and actors in it, mostly REAL Mexican ones. I wish I could see Diego Luna in more big movies, since I have always liked this guy and his acting. He also probably was the best thing about this movie. Also Gael García Bernal plays a really good role in this movie. It actually also made me wonder if I would had perhaps liked this movie better if it got done more as a straight-forward action-drama. It would had suited the actors and its story perhaps a tad bit better all and I do believe it would had made the movie a more compelling one to watch.

An interesting experiment that is not a failure but nothing too impressive or innovative either.

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The Love child of Ricky Bobby + Anchorman
queenlove3525 June 2011
My husband and I saw this movie about 9 months ago as a finished product. It was AMAZING and way more funnier than you ever think it would be! Will speaks very good Spanish and uses "Pedro" from the Napoleon dynamite movie as his BFF. Can't go wrong without seeing this movie if you want to see the lovechild of Anchorman and Ricky Bobby. it combines cheap backdrops, randomness and everything there is to love about Will. Movie has anchorman wit and corniness and Ricky Bobby's humorous take on Spanish Novellas. No Will Ferrel Movie is complete without dream sequences and lots of laughs that will make you want to purchase the movie when it comes out. We will be seeing this movie again once it hits theaters.
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We laughed a Lot-We were Not Always Sure Exactly Why
petercarey110 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
OK. This is not a movie one watches for the plot. No siree, Juan. There were tons of sight-gags, many of which I missed. Female lead=smoking. Will Ferrel and his lovable loser pals sing a great song in the middle of this flick, a song so full of fun and life that we snagged it off YouTube and made a CD of it for ourselves. Brother Raul looks as much like a drug dealer an anyone could, including Donald Fagen in concert. (The guy from Steely Dan, for the young-folk.) Armando's "discovery" that his bro is a dealer is akin to realizing that in a movie with prim and proper aristocratic English schoolchildren, the children will indeed be evil. (Think 'Village of the Damned)"You are a narco!" Well, the Pope wears a white outfit as well. Very funny. The big star of this movie is The Onza or the Jag King, an absurdly stuffed white cat you wouldn't give as a toy to that screaming neighbor kid down the hall for Quanza. Pretty stiff and bulky. "And now it's time for your vision." Hilarious! And why is the moon full on every night of every movie ever made in history? This flick is no exception. Some here have said that the jokes were stretched out too long. That's the point! Drive those stereotypic references to every Mexican potboiler movie ever made into the sod, and then drive them into the the dusty soil again! I loved that. This movie is not for everyone. If you like Will Ferrel, awkwardness/randomness in general and a drop dead gorgeous female for once loving brothers to fight over, check this one out. It was very funny, but excepting for the obvious charm of the stuffed White Jaguar, I'm not really sure why we laughed so hard. And where did Will get that dashing white leather embroidered outfit from in the denouement in an hour or two? Pretty spiffy for the "More Cowbell" legend.
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Great movie
spanishandbilingualed13 December 2013
This movie shows that contrary to what I thought about Ferrell, this is a real artist that no longer cares about making tons of money but want to DO CINEMA while at the same time entertain and have fun. THIS IS WHAT REAL CINEMATIC ARTS are all about. People that thought this is not funny just don't know the telenovelas and the classic low budget Mexican cinematic arts world. Go investigate that context and have fun watching this film. It's too bad Hollywood won't support real cinema. It just cares about the money. This movies, along with Napoleon Dynamite and Instructions not included are excellent examples of the global multilingual world we live on. "Do you speak American" sums how ignorant we have become as a community. Thumps up for Ferrell.
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Watching This Is Like Eating A Dodgy Enchilada
AyeLewisTheReverified26 June 2012
It looks good when you gaze upon the promo and the menu picture.

It initially tastes good when you take the first bite.

Then, halfway through, you realise something is just not right.

Towards the end, you can barely finish it.

And you feel sick and nauseous afterwards *gack* Not recommended.

I can see what Ferrel and the film makers were trying to achieve but they failed at Omega levels in reaching this goal. The film was an absolute mess and about as entertaining as an ingrown toenail. Not even worth renting.

Unfunny. Confused. Boring. Weak

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Had so much potential to be so much more!
Hellmant15 May 2012
'CASA DE MI PADRE': Three Stars (Out of Five)

Will Ferrell teamed with 2 of his SNL writer buddies, Matt Piedmont (the director) and Andrew Steele (the writer), to bring us this Spanish-language Western. The film is entirely in Spanish, with English subtitles, and played out like a very melodramatic telenovela (tongue-in-cheek of course). Ferrell plays a Mexican rancher who must defend his father's ranch from drug dealers. The film also stars Gael Garcia Bernal, Diego Luna and the breathtakingly beautiful Genesis Rodriguez. The movie is funny but not funny enough, feeling a little like a one joke spoof.

Ferrell stars as Armando Alvarez, a ranch hand who's always worked on his father's Mexican ranch and knows no other life. When the ranch runs in to financial troubles it seems like a blessing when Armando's successful businessman brother, Raul (Luna), shows up with his beautiful fiancé Sonia (Rodriguez). It turns out that Raul's business dealings have been of the illegal kind though and he's attracted trouble to the ranch in the form of a viscous drug dealer named Onza (Bernal). To complicate things Armando falls for Sonia but it might be up to him to save them all.

The premise of the movie is great: Will Ferrell playing it straight in an entirely Spanish-language Western is a hilarious idea but the funny ideas pretty much stop there. Steele's script is severely lacking jokes and the film might be played just a little too melodramatically. Piedmont's directing is impressively fitting and stylistic though. Bernal, Luna and Ferrell are all outstanding in their performances as well and Rodriguez, like I said, is absolutely gorgeous (in league with Salma Hayek and Sofia Vergara, two of my favorites). The movie had so much potential to be so much more though.

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Oh, very clever...
fe_wyld21 December 2012
I expected this to require a beer before being funny, given some reviews I've read, but actually, it's far far more than it appears. I don't know what it would be like to watch without knowing Spanish, but knowing both English and Esp, it's brilliant. The opening sequence is the perfect mood-setter and the occasional purposefully-terrible special effects through the movie really complement the "telenovela" style. It has an awful lot to say if you look beyond the surface, and I have to say that after hearing Will Ferrell's accent for a while and being very impressed, the more "american version" of Spanish seen later in the movie is one of the funniest scenes of my cinema year.

If can see the extremely thin, almost invisible social-political line that this is walking down, it's very, very funny. If you can't see that line you may get bored.
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Hilarious!!! Deadpan!!! Worth Watching!!!
zardoz-1327 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
"Casa De Mi Padre" qualifies as the weirdest Will Ferrell comedy ever made. First, the entire film is spoken in Spanish without any obvious dubbing. Reportedly, Ferrell spent a month learning how to speak Spanish and delivered all his lines in Spanish. Second, this is a spoof of Mexican telenovelas, soap operas with endings. Third, despite being a comedy, "Case De Mi Padre" is horrifically bloody. When characters are gunned down, you are usually treated to ragged bullet holes in apparel and splatter bursts of blood. One shooting occurs in the distance so that we don't see blood splatter, and the villains drag corpse away behind an automobile. Fourth, despite all this R-rated violence, the film is obviously a comedy because everything is so incredibly deadpan. You can actually enjoy this nonsense as a straight drama despite some of its goofy characters because everybody behaves in such a straight-faced and serious fashion. Apparently, since I have never seen a telenovela, the production values are the bottom of the barrel. Mind you, not quite Ed Wood, but not far off. There are scenes here when the hero and heroine are shown out riding horses and you can tell that the horses are ersatz and the scenery sometimes moves more often than the characters. Some scenes show Ferrell and his friends cruising around in a pick-up truck with obvious back projection. Occasionally, the film breaks and bits are missing.

The plot amounts to something of a reunion. The oldest son of a rancher, Raul (Diego Luna), comes home to receive his father's blessing for an impending marriage to sexy Sonia (Genesis Rodriguez). Renowned Hispanic actor Pedro Armendáriz Jr., plays the eponymous father. Ferrell plays the younger and often dumber son, Armando, who loves to ride the range, rescue calves, and rhapsodize about the agrarian beauty of the ranch. For the record, according to Box Office Mojo, "Casa De Mi Padre" coined a little more than $8-million. Director Matt Piedmont and screenwriter Andrew Steele have a lot of fun spoofing Mexican soap operas so much so that the joke isn't jokes in the film as much as the film is a joke. Critics who have complained that the film lacks hilarity are missing the point. "Case De Mi Padre" is a fantastic comedy that never wears out its welcome at 84 minutes and maintains a straight face throughout. The opening credits theme song is belted by a la "Goldfinger" style by Christiana Aguilera.
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Mi nombre es Armando Alvarez
www.ramascreen.com14 March 2012
What CASA DE MI PADRE couldn't fully deliver in comedy, it makes up for it in the concept, the style, and Will Ferrell's unbelievable dedication to his Spanish speaking role. Ferrell hasn't been funny in a long time in my opinion, since Anchorman, but seeing him in this different light gives some kind of new-found respect because even though his Spanish is very basic and very limited, it's more than obvious that the man gives his all. Comedy-wise, CASA DE MI PADRE works well as a satire or a parody, it's not necessarily laugh out loud but it's certainly unique… I think screenwriter Andrew Steele's mistake is that he treats this movie like he did his old SNL sketches, CASA DE MI PADRE does feel like a very long SNL sketch and the humor often happens only at the end of every scene either by way of endless chuckling or a character that would smoke more than one cigar at once for no reason whatsoever, that kind of joke only goes so far, it doesn't do much to tickle your funny bone. The best comedy, to me, is when the character is desperate, when he's cornered and his reactions aren't met accordingly. CASA DE MI PADRE on the other hand, tries hard to spoof the drama of Mexican soap opera to the point where the dialogue even comes off serious. But it's a good thing that director Matt Piedmont plays it silly, thanks to the use of miniatures and puppets, fake animals, and life-size dolls. Hilarious? not exactly. Silly, you betcha! I give mad credit to Will Ferrell for taking on this gig, as I said earlier, his Spanish is basic and limited and I'm sure it must be challenging for him to stick to the script considering he's known for his habit of going improv. His character, Armando Alvarez, is goody two-shoes, hopeless romantic, passionate, considered coward by everybody else but he's actually got some cojones, he's the kind of man who fights for his woman. Y Tu Mama Tambien guys, Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna are strong supporting actors in this film, those two fellas aren't strangers to each others' rhythm, it's one of those cases where you just roll the cameras and let them do their magic. New hottie in town, Genesis Rodriguez who plays the female lead, is beautiful and captivating. I think the movie tries its best to balance the tone between the comedy and the whole drug-trafficking commentary, but sometimes it's done at the expense of the comedy. The entire opening credit sequence, with a song by Christina Aguilera, looks like a James Bond opening theme for a Mexican Godfather movie if there ever was one. CASA DE MI PADRE pokes fun at old Mexican movies, Spaghetti western and cheesy Telenovelas. And all I can say is.. finally, Will Ferrell is worth watching again.
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I do not have the words to properly describe how horrible this movie is, but I am going to try.
insertfunnyhere19 March 2012
I am going to be honest, I did not make it through this movie. It was that bad. I am one to enjoy stupid comedies, seen the Naked Gun 100+ times, and enjoyed most other Will Ferrel movies, but this..... my god. Out of the thousand or so people who worked on this movie how did no one speak up, admit defeat, and stop the spending that went into making this.

Out of the 45 minutes I endured there was nothing funny, interesting, or clever that happened. Save yourselves time, money and brain cells. Go see anything else.

Hell, go rent Theodore Rex, at least it has a talking dinosaur.
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Ultimately disappointing - watchable but could have been so much more fun to watch!
lemoviecritic19 March 2012
This movie is at its best when it is "tongue in cheek" and using "earnest" performances in a gentle slap to westerns, drug cartel flicks, and romantic drama. It is at its best as a western, over-the-top soap opera.

Unfortunately these inspired gems (and they are good) come too few and far between otherwise just ordinary scenes. It would have been really fun to have the writers keep up that skewering of the genres and would have been a delight to watch.

Typically the best moments in the film were with Will Ferrell who gave an inspired turn as out as our hero. An amazing cast in what is a wildly uneven film in good performances which each of these actors could have given stellar performances with more inspired scenes. A shame. It felt the writers were a bit lazy to not keep it revved up.

In conclusion: While watchable, I would not recommend spending the money on the film at the theaters, I would recommend waiting to rent or download. Not a buy for me, nor a second viewing.
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Will Ferrell Ruins Another
Richard Reilly25 March 2012
Will Ferrell has always found the most unique ways to take a film and make it terrible. Casa de mi Padre is different. Will Ferrell doesn't even try in this movie. It's almost as if he is begging for his loving crowd to come to the realization that he cannot act is isn't actually funny. Why else would he learn Spanish simply to make a film even worse? Unfortunately his fan base is still addictive to him—several people in my theatre found some of the most pathetic jokes hilarious.

Casa de mi Padre is technically written by Andrew Steele. I say technically because all Steele had to do was present the skeletal structure of a storyline. The rest would be filled with improv. For example, in the opening scene, one of Will Ferrell's friends says something that isn't funny—and they proceed to laugh for two whole minutes. I hate to call this improv because it insults the people who actually know how to do improv correctly.

As a result, the storyline is irrelevant and annoying. I can only assume that the point of the movie was to laugh at how absurd it was. Instead, it just comes across as insulting. There is a segment in the middle of the movie which promises action but instead cuts to a letter written by one of the cameramen who explains why the action scene cannot be shown. This is supposed to be funny. It is not. It is simply a time filler attempting to cover up the fact that the movie is utter crap.

Several of the scenes take place outdoors. Almost all of them are set against a painted backdrop that is placed only feet behind the actual shot. It is supposed to be absurdly funny, I know. It isn't. When a studio cuts corners to put out a crap film starring a beloved actor, we all know what is happening. Everybody is making bank because the movie is guaranteed to make a good profit. I give you exhibit A on why marijuana should remain illegal (NOTE: Ruining Will Ferrell's career is the only reasonable reason I can think of to not legalize pot).

You know full well that seeing this movie is handing over money that would be better spent getting a vasectomy. The only reason anyone would see this movie is because they are a Will Ferrell fan—in which case you will be exiled from the human race her shortly. Only April 20th, when all of you are stoned off your ass and watching Elf, the Navy Seals will find you and bring you to the North Pole. Once you sober up and realize Elf is fiction, we will all enjoy the Hunger Games-like reality show as you slowly freeze to death in the Artic.
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Was it released or did it escape?
Quietb-130 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Low brow low budget comedy that has a few laughs. They go out of their way to make it look cheap and cheesy in an attempt at humor. The cheap look gives it a certain charm. However, even at 84 minutes it feels too long.

Much of the humor is visual and the subtitles often distract from the visuals.

It's the kind of movie you expect to see funny out-takes over the end credits; you get a song. No reason to stay past the song for a final cameo that doesn't work at any level.

Will Ferrell took a risk. He forget the advice of Ron Burgendy "Stay classy". If you want to see this in a theater better hurry as it looks like it will have a quick exit to Netflix.
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Armando Alvarez is the hero we need, but don't deserve!
Tehmeh7 March 2014
There is something hilarious about a film where Will Ferrell stares passionately and speaks Spanish.

I'm not always a fan of Ferrell, but here the guy is funny as hell. The best part is that he doesn't even tell jokes. On the contrary, he's almost overdramatical to a point where silliness abounds. And that's probably the thing that either makes the movie for you or turns you away from it. Think of it as fun and care-free satire combining spaghetti westerns, Spanish soap operas and crime movies about drugs.

In "Casa de mi padre", you find lots of shoddy sets, fake animals, dolls, R-rated violence, smoking and songs. I absolutely loved the songs! This is a weird combination of elements and felt so fresh. I could not help but get into a good mood. Add the most ridiculous love-making scene I remember seeing, and we got ourselves something special.

This movie has problems though. As much as I love the fake outlook and silly approach, they kind of messed it up at some parts. Sometimes when they try to actually make a visual "so fake and ridiculous that it's funny"-joke, the joke lingers too long or is shoved in your face, thus losing some potential. When it works it's great and even pretty intelligent, and when it doesn't it seems like the movie is pandering to children in a "here's the joke! get it?"-manner. Also, some characters had the potential to be funny (Nick Offerman) but they ended up being something less.

The whole cast is good and funny enough, and Ferrell gets two thumbs up, but Genesis Rodriguez was outstanding. She wasn't only outrageously beautiful, she had a certain edge to her performance. I really enjoyed it. She might have a great career ahead of her.

When you watch this film, don't expect a typical comedy. Don't expect a "Hangover 11". Don't also expect a Lebowskian masterpiece, but something intentionally shoddy and funny in its own weird way. And Will Ferrell speaking/singing in Spanish, of course.
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Max Rodrigues Nunes6 August 2012
After reading some of these reviews, I had to comment.

I don't understand that some of you, (especially those who write some clever reviews), missed the "greatness" in this movie.

This film is based on clichés and is predictable. THIS FILM IS NOT MEANT TO BE AS A "laugh out loud" - COMEDY!

It is the way Ferrel portraits his character with HIS kind of humor. Mixed with typical buildups and "one-take" shots, seen in Mexican movies and Spanish series... The facial expressions and timing makes this film.

You don't have to like it, but don't say it is bad... it's a matter of taste.
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Lost in translation
josebrenes3 July 2012
I have read a few reviews about this movie and I think some people have missed the point about this movie.

1. I don't think this movie was meant for an Anglo American audience, unless you have lived in Latin America and understand the idiosyncrasies of Latino TV and movies. The giveaway was that the movie was in Spanish.

2. It wasn't a fantastic film, but it provided a good entertainment.

3. Someone compared this to a Mel Brooks film, but I think they are not in the same category. Mel Brooks films are silly funny, this movie is taking the mickey out of the way the Latin American TV and film industry release what they think is entertainment. Not much different as how Hollywood produces their franchised entertainment using a formula.

4. I think the movie is taking a big swipe at the Mexican corporations that think they provide entertainment via their products (TV + Films). Using Will Ferrer, an American as the front man is like you getting your cousin to tell your parents that they suck.

My 2 cents
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