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19 Jan. 2013
The Short Way Around: Venice
For the latest proposed travel adventure of Marco Polo's route from Venice to China, Karl wants to take along a mate for support and companionship. Who Ricky assigns is Warwick Davis, who Karl believes will be more of a hindrance than an asset if only because of his dwarf stature. But as their stay in their first locale - Venice - progresses, Karl realizes that the biggest problem with Warwick as an adventure travel partner is their total incompatibility in terms of what they want to do and experience. Their first Warwick chosen event is to attend a masquerade ball, which is a ...
26 Jan. 2013
The Short Way Around: India
Karl and Warwick arrive in Mumbai, India, the country which Karl hated on his last visit. Warwick, who is immediately taken by the sights and sounds, hopes Karl will appreciate it this second time around, while Karl wants to expose Warwick to the down and dirty side of life in India. They partake in the morning activity of laughing yoga. Ricky manages to get both Warwick and Karl parts in a Bollywood movie, which is right up Warwick's alley, but in which Karl wants to do his own improvisation. Next, Ricky gets them on a train to Varanasi, specifically so that they can...
2 Feb. 2013
The Short Way Around: China
Still in India, Karl and Warwick are still clashing over Karl's want to be part of the Spider Sister's "act", as Warwick feels it's solely to capitalize on his dwarfism and the old mentality of him and the Spider Sisters being sideshow freaks. Once in China and on a Yangtze River cruise, Warwick believes that Karl's experience on the cruise is some retribution. They next travel to a panda reserve, and are required to get up and close and personal with one in what Karl considers a less than safe way. They decide to do some people watching on a down Sunday in Chengdu, ...

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