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By making this look like the sort of film that studios think of when they think of animation, but subverting the very nature of those movies, Sausage Party is more than funny. It’s downright revolutionary.
Foodstuffs, metaphysics and a heap of raunchy action add up to something surprisingly hilarious.
Seth Rogen’s naughty food cartoon Sausage Party is, like much of his best work, deceptive packaging.
There are a few points where Rogen and company go way too far, but even in those cases, you may find yourself trying hard not to laugh and failing miserably.
Often, the randomness of the jokes is as sparkling as the execution, creating the sense that the filmmakers will try just about anything for a laugh — and the more shocking the better.
Sausage Party is something far short of Shavian in terms of sophisticated dialogue — really, there is just so much novelty value one can milk from repetitious fusillades of F-bombs launched by animated characters — but it is difficult to deny the hilarity quotient of a movie so exuberantly and unapologetically rude and crude.
Sausage Party is a mixed bag of comedy, but when it finally has the gusto to ratchet things up on a visual level, the surrealistic vulgarity is something to be appreciated, even if you may feel assaulted once the lights come up.
Slant Magazine
Though the filmmakers may not believe in a higher power, they still maintain a faith in raunchiness as an id-blasting form of liberation from rigid norms, spiritual, sexual, or otherwise.
The Playlist
Its half-baked political ideas take away from the wholly satisfying and surreal Pixar riff it could have been.
It’s raunchy, rowdy and almost completely insane. Unfortunately, it’s just not very funny.

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