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Sex & Nudity

  • A few hugs and brief kisses between young men and women.
  • A young man and woman are about to kiss but are interrupted.
  • A young woman says that she is attracted to an older man (her teammate's father) - very brief and non-explicit conversation (the other girls find it strange and laugh).
  • Many scenes at athletics events, where women are seen wearing skimpy running outfits often exposing bare arms, legs and midriffs. (though using the category "nudity" for this is very debatable)
  • A young woman is mildly sexually harassed at a nightclub. She is clearly uncomfortable but her friends soon come to help her and all of them escape unharmed (although the young men chase them angrily down the street).
  • Some mild flirting

Violence & Gore

  • A woman falls and injures herself on a racetrack. We are told that this meant the end of her career (see Frightening/Intense scenes for more details).
  • Two girls argue on a race track and a fight breaks out. They run at each other screaming and hit each other but are pulled apart very quickly. No injuries are seen but the fight is discussed in later scenes.


  • Two uses of the F-word (one in anger, another to emphasise a point)
  • One use of 'S***'.
  • Shania tells a group of boys to 'piss off'.
  • A few other uses of mild British profanity (e.g. 'bloody', 'arse' etc.)

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A scene at a party involves a fair amount of alcohol consumption. Shania is told to "ditch the OJ and get something stronger". We later see her acting intoxicated and shouting drunkenly at another girl. The next morning, she is clearly hung over and is made fun of by Lisa for drinking too much and being unprofessional. She vomits into the toilet.
  • A scene takes place in a nightclub - many people are drinking. Lisa throws a drink over a boy (who is harassing her) the group of boys becomes angry but the girls escape unharmed.
  • A woman is seen smoking a cigarette in a short scene, and an unnamed character is shown (partially off-screen) with a cigarette very briefly.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A few scenes of arguments and people shouting at one another, often involving insults and swearing.
  • A woman injures herself on a running track whilst in a race. We see this in slow motion and then again briefly on a TV re-play. We can see her face very clearly. She is taken away (crying and clearly in pain) and we later find out that this injury meant the end of her career. Can be upsetting or emotionally intense.
  • Shania is kicked out of the house by her aunt. She then has nowhere to sleep. Her aunt gets very angry and upset with Shania and her sister, so this scene can be upsetting.
  • The final race scene can be emotional (although in a positive way).

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