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Unexpectedly Good Low-Budget Zombie Thriller
gogoschka-111 February 2018
I didn't expect anything from this one - and was pleasantly surprised. The low rating doesn't do the film justice at all: this is a very tight and well made (dead serious) zombie flick. Especially the part in the plane is really gripping. Don't expect 'REC 2' (with which it has absolutely nothing in common) and you'll be able to enjoy this quite a lot. 6.5 stars out of 10.

In case you're interested in more underrated low-budget gems and fun B-flicks, here are some of my favorites: imdb.com/list/ls054808375/
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First class straight to DVD horror movie.
jhpstrydom12 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
If you're going to see QUARANTINE 2 bare in mind unlike the first film its not a remake of REC 2, it follows its own storyline about a passenger that goes berserk on an airplane and is forced to land when everyone realizes he's infected with a virus.

The first Quarantine was okay and was a remake of REC, however QUARANTINE 2 like said has its own plot and has got nothing in common with REC 2 but that doesn't make it a bad film, being a sequel to a remake its not obligated to be a remake of REC 2, what's different about it is the first person shaky cam style is absent (I'm not a fan of that type of camera work) and is replaced by the standard stage perspective.

The acting is very good and there are a few likable characters, the horror sequences are intense and what I really like about this film is that it doesn't have a score it mainly relies on sound, mood and atmosphere to set the tone.

All in all, QUARANTINE 2 is well worth seeing although opinions may differ whether this is better than the first one or not but despite that its one of 2011's better horror movies.
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An Effective Horror Movie That Offers A Bit More Background To The Virus
sddavis635 April 2013
I've seen both Rec and Quarantine, and enjoyed both of them immensely. Quarantine 2 was not a movie I had my heart on seeing, basically because I didn't think it could live up to the standard of its predecessor (or the Spanish original.) On that count, I was right. This isn't as good as the first movie. Having said that, one of my tests for any horror movie is whether it has the ability to scare you and make you jump. This one does that, so I have to call it a good movie. It has a lot of chills and jump out of your seat moments, my wife actually screamed at least twice that I recall. It works, in other words. That fright quality isn't as sustained as it is in the first movie, though. In fact, this is pretty slow off the top. A few people board an airplane and they're not feeling too well. If you've seen the first movie, then you know what's happening (or, more to the point, what's going to happen) so you're basically just waiting for it.

One thing that I noted was that the events of this movie were taking place at the same time as the events of Quarantine. In fact, one of the airplane passengers is using the airplane's wifi to watch a news broadcast about the quarantined building in Los Angeles. While the disease and its effects are pretty much the same, there's more of an effort made here to get to the background and origins of the disease, which is really dealt with only in a few hints toward the end of Quarantine.

Quarantine (and Rec) are filmed in a "Blair Witch" style - hand held cameras recording the action as it takes place. Quarantine 2 takes a more standard approach to movie-making. I think the hand held camera idea has been done to death, quite frankly, so I didn't miss it. It's clear that the ending of this movie was also intended to set up another potential sequel. That was just a little too obvious. Basically, I'd say this isn't as good as the movies that spawned it, but as a horror movie it's still very effective. (7/10)
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Nothing to see here
Leofwine_draca21 March 2014
While QUARANTINE was the American remake of the Spanish zombie film REC, QUARANTINE 2: TERMINAL is not a remake of REC's sequel, REC 2. Instead, it's a stand-alone sequel that sees a group of survivors struggling to cope when one of their number is infected during a routine flight from LAX.

Sadly, QUARANTINE 2 turns out to be as familiar and by rote as you'd expect from this stagnating genre. The whole zombie thing has truly be done to death (or should that be un-death?) these past few years, and nowhere is that more evident than here. In fact, this isn't even the first zombies-on-a-plane film I've watched; I've already had the misfortune of sitting through FLIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, which was equally poor.

Most of the film is set within the bowels of an airport terminal, which just has the normal disused warehouse look to it. The small cast are full of uninteresting characters and the acting is uniformly bland from the entire group. The director has some experience of writing cheesy B-movies but his inexperience behind the camera shows. They also get rid of the whole 'found footage' aspect here, which was a bit disappointing; at least it would have made the attempted scares more immediate.
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Good pace, not that predictable
WhoFan25 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I actually liked this movie, my personal opinion of course. Of course, theme has been used over and over and then some more.

But this version, it has some good ideas, you don't have to have seen the first one, there is mention of it of course, but it's not important.

It can stand on it's own. There are the typical characters, good, bad, stupid, etc..., but it has a good flow.

The acting was OK, not a high budget film, but you get to feel for them and relate to the dilemma.

I guess it's not a zombie movie, no one is dead, but more like the Crazies, still, it does keep you watching, no need to fast forward some parts.

Now there are some parts that are hard to relate to, in Canada I don't think someone would have a hand gun in their stuff and how did the bad guys bag get to a locked office Hmm..

Anyway, worth renting if you like this type of movies, if you are looking for a cult classic.. not happening.

thanks for reading :)
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A Surprisingly Entertaining Horror Film
claudio_carvalho10 September 2011
In Los Angeles, the police put a residential building in quarantine. Meanwhile, the flight attendants of the Trans Sky Air Jenny (Mercedes Masöhn) and Paula (Bre Blair) are welcoming the passengers of the flight TS Air 318 from Los Angeles to Kansas City with Captain Forrest (John Curran) and Co-Pilot Wilsy (Andrew Benator). The teacher Henry (Josh Cooker) brings a cage of hamsters to the cabin, but Jenny tells him that it should be transported in the cargo hold. However, one hamster bites the fingertip of the fat passenger Ralph (George Back).

Sooner, Ralph vomits and becomes aggressive, attacking Paula. The male passengers help Jenny and lock Ralph in the bathroom while Captain Forrest requests an emergency landing. When they land in the airport, they find all the gates closed and the Captain heads the plane to an abandoned terminal. The employee Ed (Ignacio Serricchio) helps the crew and passenger to reach the exit, but they find that they are closed. Sooner they discover that the place is in quarantine and there is no way out.

"Quarentine 2: Terminal" is a surprisingly entertaining horror film, with a refreshing story of deadly virus and good performances. My expectations were very low, since the first "Quarentine" is a simple rip- off of "REC". However, the writers have succeeded in this American sequel, since they changed the religious focus of "REC 2" that happens inside the same building to a terrorist (the present American paranoia) view, with the virus outbreak in a flight. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Quarentena 2" ("Quarentine 2")
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Entertaining but Predcable B film Sci Fi Fare
deborahjwood9 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Opens with the requisite introduction of your victims/passengers – you have the mandatory kid, the mandatory old frail person, the mandatory ass, the mandatory "love connection" – then moments into the flight, one of the less likable characters erupts (literally) with an illness that is magically from 34000 feet diagnosed as a contagion warranting immediate landing dropping through a thunderstorm (yeah right) and quarantine once on the ground.

Almost funny in how fast the airport locks down – we ALL know we don't have this kind of security even in a post 9/11 world. And the sheer ignorance of opening a door where the original sick victim was put AFTER learning you are quarantined is laughable as is how rapidly the sick degenerate – has lots of the requisite screams and monster like rages (the result of the virus) but as these B films go you expect some chuckles from the unbelievability. Becomes even more unbelievable as the movie progresses – from the armed CDC (who turns out to be part of Homeland Security not a spoiler as this is revealed within moments after CDC enters) and despite some gory moments does have some suspenseful turns.

Cool plot twist involving the origin of the contagion evoked a bit of anger from me (LOL) as totally unbelievable as it is – but I do love these low budget sci fi doomsday flicks

Very predictable but good filming – none of the choppy poorly lit fare you expect from these films – moves at a good clip but tends to bog down and become repetitive as victims begin to manifest symptoms. The characters are 2 dimensional and poorly developed – you really don't develop any significant attachment to any of them -- but the acting is not altogether horrible and you do feel for their plight (and wonder how YOU would react in this situation).

I personally love this kind of sci fi flick – I love all the contagion, Apocalypse, jump at sudden events flicks and don't care how bad they are as long as the story engages me and this one does.

If you watch movies for talent, drama, art, this is not your cup of tea. If you have kids under 12 or 13 that want to watch this probably not a good idea. If you love cinema for the drama and creativity, don't bother. If you just like a decent suspenseful B flick for the fun of it you will probably like this.

Do not expect awards material – it's not – but it is entertaining - worth the rental but it's a one time viewing – not a cult classic
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Most Pleasant Surprise of the Year
gavin69423 August 2011
A plane is taken over by a mysterious virus. When the plane lands it is placed under quarantine. Now a group of survivors must band together to survive the quarantine.

A sequel to a remake... that is the first thing that will come to your mind. First they remade "Rec" and now they have made a sequel to that remake. (Oddly enough, "Rec 2" has a preview on this DVD.) But do not be fooled... this film diverges from the remake and has nothing to do with "Rec", so trying to compare them is more than just a tad unfair.

Many people consider this film to be better than the first one (including Fangoria's Michael Gingold), which initially came as a shock to me. But those people may just be more vocal. The silent majority (those who vote on IMDb) currently (August 2, 2011) have the first film at 6.1 and the sequel at 5.5 -- neither are numbers to brag about, but one hopes to get at least a 6, right? I will remain silent on this debate, though I will say this film was better than expected.

In fact, let me lay it on the line: this might be the most pleasant surprise of the year. While I feel as a horror fan I was obligated to at least check it out (and not necessarily like it), I found the film kept my attention very well, even in the wee hours of the night. I would recommend this to just about anyone -- even if they never saw the first film! (The connection is mild and easily explained, so you need not be intimately familiar with the first.)

The DVD is not much to speak of -- there are no special features whatsoever, aside from some previews (which are more annoying than anything, considering that if you watch the movie five years from now, they will not be new anymore). But the film itself has enough action, gore and more to sell itself, at least for a rental.

The plot is thin, pretty much "Night of the Living Dead" or "The Crazies" but in a different location. But then, most films (especially horror) are derivative, so I will not harp on them too much for this. They make up for it with some decent gore, blood and vomit (one head-bashing scene is pretty great). I am sad the director chose to tastefully censor a suicide, but oh well.

The scene that will stick in your mind? A needle sequence that might make many viewers squeamish! I will say it is the best needle scene I can recall since Dario Argento's "Opera". If you watch this film for no other reason, let this be why. I give it my seal of approval.
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Surprisingly Entertaining!!!!!
katymoua7 September 2011
I did not have high hopes for this movie, since it was made straight to DVD. Yet, I loved it! There are plenty of jumpy parts, tolerable gore (for me), and creepy dark places. You have the usual common characters and dilemmas, some corny lines, but pretty decent acting for a low budget film. I recommend watching the first Quarantine movie before, this movie ties into it. Would give it a 10 but a lot of the dialog was so predictable. Anyone could have written them. So, don't expect the characters to be like the series, "The Walking Dead". However, if you just love watching movies that involve zombies, infections, apocalypse situations, and not overly stupid characters, then this movie should be added to your Watchlist!
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Average sequel in which an unfortunate group being besieged by bloodthirsty attackers at an aerial terminal
ma-cortes29 April 2017
Quarantine : the terminal¨ by John Pogue deals with a plane is taken over by a terrifying virus , when it lands it is placed under quarantine . Passengers soon learn that a man has been infected by something unknown and after being attacked by the zombie-like people . All of them are trapped inside a terminal quarantined , after the outbreak of the mysterious virus which becomes humans into bloodthirsty murderers and then getaway is not an option . A flight attendant Jenny (Mercedes Mason) leads the distressed people inside the quarantined building and occupying to spend themselves the night against the zombies . But communication means have been cut-off and no way out . Now an unfortunate bunch of survivors must band together to survive the quarantine when they are brutally attacked by psycho people who have been possessed by strange and eerie forces . The astonishing group attempts the escape but they only encounter that have been sealed off and try to avoid the bloody attacks .

Horror story filled with suspense , restless terror , thrills and lots of gore and blood . Regular follow-up full of eerie scenes with zombies and creepy attacks . This following deals with the most deadly mutant virus just went airborne , it packs a sinister and horrifying atmosphere by means of shaky camera as well as the former Spanish film titled ¨REC¨ . This sequel to one of the highest earning horror movies of the last years titled ¨Rec¨ , that was shot in documentary style and itself takes place from point of sight from cameraman . It was followed by Rec II and Rec III , Genesis , all of them written/produced/directed by Paco Plaza and Jaume Balaguero , two magnificent experts on terror genre . And the American remake : ¨Quarantine¨ , a solid film , itself is realized in similar premise to the Spanish originals , it was directed by John Erik Dowdle with a good cast as Jennifer Carpenter , Jay Hernandez , Johnathon Schaech , Steve Harris and Rade Serbedzija . Being continued by this ¨Quarantine 2: Terminal¨ (original title) with unknown cast as Josh Cooke , Mattie Liptak , Ignacio Serricchio , Bre Blair , Noree Victoria , it is an acceptable movie but mediocre , a so-so terror story plenty of suspense , restless horror , and in thrilling style . The flesh-eating infected appearances deliver the goods , plenty of screams , shocks and tension . The horror moments are compactly made and fast-moving . It packs tension , shocks , thrills , chills and lots of gore and blood , but the original is far superior . Well worth seeing if you like videos and shaky cameras , such us : ¨Blair witch project¨, ¨28 Days/Weeks¨ and ¨Cloverfield¨ . It has a dark cinematography and exciting musical score . The picture was professionally directed , but with no originality , by John Pogue who has written/produced/directed various successful films , such as : ¨Quiet ones¨ , ¨Ghost ship¨ , ¨Us Marshals¨ , ¨The Fast and the Furious¨ and ¨Skulls 2¨ . Rating : 5,5 , passable follow-up that will appeal to horror fans
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Tolerable rehash.
krachtm26 June 2011
There isn't really all that much to say about this movie, except that it's pretty much more of the same. It wears its influences on its sleeve, being highly derivative of 28 Days Later, which itself was already fairly derivative. If this is a big problem for you, I'd suggest that you avoid Quarantine 2, because you're just going to get mad at how little originality is on display.

Instead of remaking Rec 2, this movie is more of a standalone story set in the same universe as Quarantine. This time, instead of being set in an apartment complex, it's briefly set on an airplane, then a terminal. Rec (and Quarantine, the American remake) was notable for being shot first person, while this movie is not. That might disappoint some people, but I wasn't really fond of the trend in the first place. The story is contemporaneous with the story of the first movie, with brief references to it here and there. You don't need to have seen the first movie, but that's partially because this movie is so derivative of other movies, you've already seen this plot several times before. That said, as far as these sorts of movies go, this was fairly well acted and competently directed, though the director falls back on using extremely loud noises as a rather annoying crutch. Just when you think there might be character development, extended dialogue, or a moment for reflection, there's an extremely loud noise and a rabid person bursts through a wall. Often, first time directors will err on the side of slow pacing, though I think the characters obviously suffered a bit for the relentlessly fast pacing. The writer/director also wrote Ghost Ship, which was laughably bad. Unfortunately, he hasn't really progressed as a writer since then. I guess if you didn't mind Ghost Ship, you won't be offended by this, either. However, as silly as I found Rec 2's supernatural aspect, it was an interesting twist to the whole "rage virus" subgenre of horror movies. Quarantine 2 plays it straight and just lets loose a bunch of rabid humans on a clichéd group of people who perpetually seem to populate the scripts of hack writers.

If I seem overly harsh, it's only because I'm tired of watching the same movie over and over with very little variation. If you're a fan of scifi/action/horror movies, you've seen this all before, right down to the characters, the action sequences, and the supposed "homages". Why bother being original if nobody calls you on your lack of creativity?
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Really enjoyed it
laffertj-764-2293627 June 2011
I thought this was going to blow but I am happy to report that I was wrong.

I really enjoyed this sequel. Once I watched it, I went back to view the original again.

I'm also glad they got rid of the "shakey hand held camera" that they used in the first one. This style of camera work was good when it first came out. Now I find it really annoying.

Don't expect an Oscar winning film and story line. Go watch this movie thinking you are going to see a really cool zombie movie.

Trust me on this one, you won't waste your time or money on this movie. You'll probably want to go see Resident Evil, Rammbock and all those other cool zombie movies.
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Don't get infected by this rubbish.
toothache_face27 June 2011
Jumping on the coat tails of Quarantine,which pre jumped on the coat tails of the fantastic original REC,Quarantine 2 is a subject example in American Studio movie dismemberment. Before we start this is NOT REC,it's not EVEN Quarantine,it's a blatant money making attempt by those who have seen the promise and fruits of the original and then hash n slashed together a relatively forgetful zombie b-movie with the hope of ticket sales gained on the notoriety of the previous incarnations. It really is that transparent.

Following with the time line of the original this is set on board a plane and then on into a terminal,hence The Terminal,brilliant eh? Well that's as good as it gets! Forgetful script,bad acting,zombies doing their usual stuff. Nothing new in all departments. Pretty much a waste of time with some of the worst dialogue i have heard in a film (even a horror film) for quite some time. Shoddy,sloppy bandwagon hopping of the worst kind.

I left as soon as the titles appeared not a minute too soon to sighs and moans from all present.

I love horror movies but sorry....avoid like the plague.
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Seriously WTF!!!
MikeRydal10 July 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I need to start by talking about the Spanish horror flicks, "REC" and "REC2." these two movies are so tightly woven together, in both style and direction, that both could be classed as one movie. "Quarantine," (the re-make of "REC") I found, was a faithful adaption of this fantastic franchise. Complete with semi-cliffhanger ending, I was eager for the sequel.

"REC2 :- Fear Revisited" is possibly one of the greatest sequels ever made. It does not steal anything from the first movie and expands the storyline and mythology beautifully.

The movie "Quarantine 2," single handedly, violates everything that was special and unique about the original films.....even the first "Quarantine" movie.

The first and most unforgivable mistake, is the directors choice to do away with the first person "Shaky-Cam" direction style. I understand that this style of film is not a favourite among movie goers, but "Shaky-Cam" and its sense of reality, was the main charm of "REC." its this style what made it stand out from other horror movies and pulled you into the story. "Quarantine 2" opted for the traditional "Stage Perspective" view, which makes about as much sense as casting Mr Bean to play Citizen Kane.

Mistake number 2 - The "zombies" are far too orchestrated. In the prequels, the zombies/monsters were mindless, manically savage and unconsolable, This new take on the film seems to have given them somewhat of a consciouness. . . . they pause before their attacks and almost seem to analyse before striking, it brings nothing to the film and again, steers the film in the wrong direction.

Mistake number 3 - the acting. Before I rip the performances apart, I have to say, some of the acting was reasonably good. My quarm is again, with the zombies/monsters. I may just be nit picking here, but there is a scene where they climb a stair well and, I asked myself, "Would an unstoppable, savage, flesh eating monster really need to use the handrails?"

Mistake number 4 - Instead of following the story of "REC2" which is set immediately after the first movie and continues from the same point. This story line has tried to be independent from its original material and fails epically! The basic premise is that the virus has broken free on a plane which is forced to land in a quarantined terminal. The new story changes the mythology to the virus being a biological weapon. This is completely the opposite direction of story line that was created by "REC2." This plot adds nothing to the mythology, in fact it tarnishes it. Fortunately, "REC's" future should be safe from the stain that has been made by "Quarantinte 2"

Do I have anything good to say? There are good points to this movie. The makeup effects are really quite good. . . . erm . . . .thats about it.

My Final Words If you are a fan of "REC" and "Quarantine" avoid this movie at all costs!
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It lacked new ideas...
paul_haakonsen9 July 2011
Well, "Quarantine 2: The Terminal" was nothing like "Rec 2".

It was a really good thing that they had not chosen to do yet another frame by frame remake of the original Spanish "Rec 2", as they did with "Rec" which turned into "Quarantine". The way Hollywood need to Americanize and turn foreign successful movies into American adoptions is just beyond my comprehension. Anyway, thankfully they had decided to go a total different way with "Quarantine 2: The Terminal" contra "Rec 2".

There wasn't much new thinking to this movie, which made me wonder, was this movie really necessary? Basically you have the same ingredients from "Quarantine", just set at a different location - this time being an airplane and an airplane terminal. And with most of the movie filmed in the dark and in maintenance area, it seemed like they had taken that from the "Resident Evil" movie and just realigned it for usage in this movie. It was very unoriginal and very unnecessary.

Now, moving on, the story itself was not bad, actually was an adequate continuation of the story told in "Quarantine". And the characters were good and believable, and were played well enough as well. I just had a problem with the lack of lighting in the movie. I hate horror movies that are shot almost completed in the dark. It is so 80's and so annoying.

I was not familiar with any of the people in the movie, and I think it is nice to see a movie being made without major Hollywood names on the cast list to lure you in. And with the cast they had put together here, they actually made to get a good end result with the acting.

Personally I am more of a fan of horror movies in their original versions and languages, be it Spanish, Japanese, Korean, etc. The way Hollywood need to cash in on the success of foreign movies ticks me off. Mostly the results of the movies turns out to be an insult to the original language version. "Quarantine 2: The Terminal", however, was as far from "Rec 2" as could be, and as such, it was not a bad experience. It was an overall average horror movie, though it lacked new ideas and concepts, it was all a bit too old and stale - used before.

"Quarantine 2: The Terminal" will be a good addition to the "Quarantine" series if you liked the first one. If you, like me, prefer the original Spanish "Rec" movies, then "Quarantine 2: The Terminal" doesn't come up to the knees of those. But for an Americanized version, it wasn't too shabby.
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Possibly the worst "Zombie" film ever commissioned.
ncl0916 June 2015
From start to finish the plot was closed and sealed. The fact that a character would be bitten within "minutes" of the film was obvious on where this film was going. The acting was similar to that of a high school play, dramatised and seemed like they filmed the dress rehearsals in the final edit. Many flat lined scenes, numerous mistakes including

Locking down an airport after a virus is discovered. The pilot would of been informed of this mid air prior to landing.

Allowing a suitcase containing an anti virus with syringe on a plane after the baggage handler has stated the new "lock down procedures" after 9/11... contradiction??

Moving a passenger from Wheelchair to aircraft seat? The passenger would remain seated in his/her wheelchair through the flight. (health and safety)

The last scene in which the young boy leaves the woman in tunnel... She's still alive, not dead, he walks off, in the back ground is the airport with NO LOCKDOWN ALARMS/MILITARY/POLICE etc guarding this area...?

All in all a very bland, "Sunday afternoon while half asleep after a roast dinner" film. I'll
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A Fraudulent Sequel so good, I don't care that it's fraudulent.
MBunge20 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This is the best Fraudulent Sequel I've ever seen. Legitimate sequels are where you either continue the story of the first film or take the characters from that movie and put them in a new adventure. Then there are Fraudulent Sequels like Quarantine 2: Terminal. This is one of the most common varieties where they take the same plot as the original, plug in new characters and sometimes a new location and simply remake the first film. As you might have guessed from that description, these kind of derivative flicks are almost exclusively direct-to-video and they usually stink. It's a formula for a base cash grab from anyone who liked, or merely heard about, the original motion picture.

Given its essentially deceitful status, Quarantine 2: Terminal is shockingly good. It's not as smart or as scary or as well made as Quarantine and it was clearly produced on a much smaller budget. Quarantine was an excellent horror film, however, and you can fall a lot short of it and still be a fun ride. That's what happened here. Writer/director John G. Pogue was handed the assignment of mimicking a great movie and not only did a fine job, he brings enough imagination to the chore to make this thing enjoyable in its own right. Pogue's outstanding effort here and has made me interested in seeing other work from him.

Set at the same time as Quarantine, this movie follows a planeful of people as they go through almost the exact same situation. They're trapped in an enclosed space with a super-virus that turns human beings into slavering beasts and the government is determined to sacrifice them in order to contain the outbreak. Instead of being stuck inside an apartment building, these poor souls are first in a passenger jet and then in the locked down terminal, trying to figure out what's happening and make it out alive. The only real difference is that this movie dispenses with the real video convention of Quarantine, which was supposed to be the footage shot by a TV news team that wound up trapped in the claustrophobic terror. Quarantine 2 is shot like a normal film, though it's imitating the style of hand-held video. But don't worry, the camera remains steady enough that motion sickness won't be a problem for any viewer.

The characters here are pretty much the definition of disposable and generic but the cast effectively portrays them and Pogue intelligently puts them through their predictable paces. He also enlivens the déjà vu by adding in some clever little wrinkles, like turning the start of the film into a guessing game as to where the virus is going to come from and taking advantage of his set to put together a chase scene that's damn near as exciting as anything from the first movie. And while Quarantine 2 as a whole isn't nearly as visually inventive as its progenitor, Pogue uses some POV thermal imaging at the end to fine effect. He doesn't do a wonderful job of bringing to life the doomsday cult that's only referenced in Quarantine, but he still comes up with a better bad guy that you normally get in a Fraudulent Sequel.

Let me be clear. If you've seen Quarantine, or its Spanish-language predecessor Rec, you don't need to watch this movie. If you haven't seen either of them, you should watch both instead of this movie. If for some reason you can't watch either of them, Quarantine 2 is an entertaining substitute. If all Fraudulent Sequels were this much fun, I'd stop calling them fraudulent.
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Worthy Sequel delivers scares
loomis78-815-98903423 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This sequel picks up on the same night that the original takes place; a plane departing Los Angeles isn't airborne long when the infection breakout happens on the plane. It is forced to land and a group of passengers fight off infected passengers as they are isolated and cut off by the military in a terminal. They quickly understand that help isn't coming and the infected dead try to viciously kill the living. This simple idea is stretched from the first film into this one and sets it in a airport terminal instead of an apartment building. Fortunately we have a group of survivors we can root for and Writer/Director John G. Pogue makes this movie tense and truly scary. The movie also benefits from moving away from the shaky camera style the first film used. Plenty of blood and jump scares pack this surprising sequel that is a worthy follow up to the original.
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robhavok3 September 2011
I had to review this movie after reading tj_director distorted review.

Firstly,If you have not already watch REC. Never make assumptions or compare any movie with other movies you have never seen! Quarantine is a American clone from the original REC. Movies like Ringu (the ring) had a great base, western audiences may have connected with the story despite it being filmed within a different culture. I strongly feel a remake was plausible. Most Japanese-American remakes have become distinctive and popular in their own right.

However, my first problem with the Quarantine series, the script was reused, the movie was shot with the same feel, The set design was identical, the characters all looked the same etc etc etc. I find it hard to contrast the movies in anyway. Except the language. Quarantine offered no new insight however it did present what was great in REC to a American audience. I rate both movies highly

The difference between both REC and Quarantine is where the sequels begin to detour. REC 2 follows on from the events and gives insight into some unanswered questions whilst remaining humble to the original movie(s) aesthetics. Quarantine 2 shows the virus spread within a small airport terminal. Inside the terminal the movie shifts dynamic and centers on a terrorism storyline (which seems very common in movies of late) that contributed to ruining the movie and distorting how great the original movies were.

If you are a fan of REC 1,2 and Quarantine avoid this movie like a plague. It bares no resemblance to these horror movies except by name. It is a badly made B-movie. It features sparse amounts of zombies popping in frame like a really bad zombie-pantomime. The set design was reused resembling a scene in Sesame St. This has to be worst horror- movie of 2011, utterly disgusted it is a sequel to Quarantine.

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it was a blast
atinder2 July 2011
As I already seen REC, I did not see the Quarantine remake at all (I Didn't think need to)

As this movie is not remake of REC 2, I was happy about that and Even more happy to find out that Quarantine 2 Is a stand alone movies,

it not connected to first movie. (however there little talk about building in first movie at the start of movie).

I really enjoyed this movie, it was a blast, found the whole movie really entertaining, I enjoyed this movie more as much as enjoyed REC 2.

I Still can not believe I jumping though out the whole movie, I was really enjoying the move until 65-68 mins mark, it gets a bit melodrama with a really lame twist, which you can see coming at start of the movie after 10 mins that nonsense, it get bit better again before its ends.

I going to give this movie 8 out of 10
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Yeah, it's another zombie movie
bowmanblue31 January 2015
In case you didn't know, 'Quarantine 2: The Terminal' is the sequel to a movie (Quarantine, oddly enough) which was, in itself, a remake of (an excellent) Spanish horror film, 'REC.' Both REC and the first Quarantine movie were primarily known for being shot entirely through the use of hand-held/first-person video footage. However, in the sequel, they do away with the 'point of view' aspect for the most part and what you're left with is a pretty standard zombie movie.

And the zombies are the 'infected' type (if you haven't seen 28 Days/Weeks Later that means they run and are generally a lot faster) as opposed to the classic 'shuffler' zombies. So, a flight is grounded in a terminal and the plane's passengers have to survive inside a terminal while zombies pick them off one by one.

As a standard zombie movie it does the job. It has a few moments where the (fast) zombies jump out and grab someone. However, it's never more than average. You'll find it hard to recognise any actor and the characters are also the standard clichéd types you'd expect from a straight-to-DVD release.

If you're not completely tired with zombie movies, you might like this one, otherwise, stick with an early George Romero movie or the Walking Dead.
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Above Average Horror...Nothing New, However
jpatrick196721 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
All in all, Quarantine 2: Terminal was a decent enough horror movie for me to recommend seeing at least once. The scares and outcome are pretty much predictable, but there are still enough shocks to satisfy. The acting was decent, even though there was the standard horror film clichéd characters. The gore was prevalent, but not that over the top for a "zombie" killing film...with the exception of the "antedote" scene: when you see it, you'll know what I'm talking about.

With all that said, I really only had two problems with the plot....so here is where the spoiler comes in.

********************SPOILER ALERT*****************SPOILER ALERT********* 1) The guy in the wheelchair, with Parkinson's....how was he able to survive the carnage in the plane? The pilot, co-pilot, infected rat, big fat infected guy, etc...were all left behind on the plane. And the guy in the wheelchair was left in his seat as everyone else escaped to the terminal. It was not until they all came back later that we see that the fat guy broke free and infected them all...but somehow, the immobile and helpless old man was spared.

2) Since the CBDT knew they were never going to let the people inside the terminal out alive, especially since they murdered their own men when they tried to leave, why did it take them so long to firebomb the building? If they were serious about containment, they would have burned it down right away...not give some a chance to escape.
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Quite Good
politehere8 August 2011
I usually don't write reviews for B-movies, but this one made me write one just to let people know that as a B-movie, it's pretty good. Note that the 7 star rating is to compare it with other B-movies. The movie starts off quite well and right from the beginning, you start to like the characters, except for the hooded frowning kid that looked like Justin Bieber as one of the reviewers rightly pointed out. I'd say such a built up is necessary for movies like this, because if you don't care about who lives and who dies, the movie gets pointless much like the Final Destination 4.

The flight attendants were likable and the movie had a real feel to it. It didn't look artificial and was much more believable than what you get in REC. There's plenty of gore and a few head-shots if that's what you're looking for. The fast moving zombies really make adrenaline rush through your vessels. The plot is believable and while I've seen the same scenario a hundred times, it didn't make the movie boring. It's got something to do with the way the movie is structured. Good dialogues, satisfactory performances, fast-paced action scenes, and an unpredictable ending.

It wasn't cliché as far as I'm concerned. If you're into zombie movies and if you liked REC,I recommend this title to you.

Final score: 7/10
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Much better than expected. (Slight spoiler)
pr654 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I'm not sure why this film has such a low rating on IMDb. There are, in my opinion, some truly terrifying scenes helped by some convincing acting and perfectly decent special effects. The 'affected' humans are excellent.

It's a horror film, and I've seen plenty of horror films from bigger studios and with bigger budgets that are not frightening in any way, and are forgotten five minutes after you've finished watching them. OK, two minutes afterwards...

It's grim, dark and unrelenting. If you like the Walking Dead (also grim, dark and unrelenting), then give it a try.

I might have to check out Quarantine 1....
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Watched it in 2020 and it is better than 80% of horror movies nowadays
lxy-8404925 December 2020
Pure horror film and there are some intense moments in this movie!
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