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Very enjoyable
sarge2018 March 2011
This is a refreshing story and film in these days of mega movie stars and special effects which seem all too necessary for film fans to leave the theater with a feeling their money was well spent. Granted, Frederic doesn't tell a story as well as Clint Eastwood does but I felt the simplicity and honesty was nonetheless endearing. The connection to the characters (including Pale Male) was real and heartwarming. If you behave yourself, be polite to people and dedicate a portion of your time here on earth to helping others; then you're the type of person who realizes that when you look deep down we have so many things to be grateful for and this film is a welcome reminder of that.

IMO, I think as a society we have come to feel that people are so complicated. We are surrounded by (TV, radio, films) that display mostly the worst traits in people (liars, cheaters, criminals etc.) or display people capable of extraordinary feats. People are not as complicated as pop media may indicate; deep down people have a basic desire to help and assist those in need, even if "those" happen to be a hawk.

Helping others does bring joy to oneself, watching this film will have the same effect... and by all means bring a friend.
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