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Its faithfulness to the original is its pride and its downfall
xamtaro18 February 2011
Media seems obsessed with the Death of Superman. He had a death in Superman Returns, a death in "Superman Doomsday" and now another death in the animated adaptation of Grant Morrison's "All Star Superman" comic book. A seemingly successful rescue of a Dr Quintum's mission to the Sun has saturated Superman's cells with too much solar energy. This is causing rapid cellular deterioration which would eventually lead to his death. With time running out for the man of steel, Superman sets about to put all his affairs in order before he goes while continuing to defend the earth against threats from within and without.

From the get go, All Star Superman feels like a multi episode TV series compressed into a single movie. But really, that is more the fault of the original source material which in fact was meant to be 12 seemingly standalone stories with some of the plot points finally "coming together" in the final issues. While this worked for a bi-monthly comic book series, it does not have the similar effect as an animated movie. Here the film just feels unfocused and rushed, cramming what is supposed to be a year's worth of events into 70 odd minutes. For example, a single fade out later and superman returns to earth after a couple of months to find it take over by a bunch of long lost Kryptonians. An episodic miniseries would have been a better medium to convey the full feel of the original story.

Thankfully The production team's faithfulness to the source material is not entirely a shortcoming. The animated movie not only sticks to the "self-contained stories" format but also the well developed personalities and timeless characterization. Everyone is perfectly cast, bringing the characters to live in a very natural way. James Denton's Superman/Clark Kent is possibly the most lovable incarnation second only to Christopher Reeves's live action portrayal. The loyal script and top notch acting imbues Superman with just the right level of noble superhuman grandeur mixed with a down to earth homely touch. He is the hero, and the farm boy at the same time. Similarly, Clark Kent's oafish demeanor is comedic yet sincere; his interview with Lex Luthor and subsequent escape from the prison riot caused by a supervillian's escape is possibly the most fun part of the entire movie.

Here is another strength of All Star Superman. It is not a brainless hero brawl like Superman/Batman nor is it as dark and edgy as Batman: Under The Red Hood. The story plays out more like a character centered drama that is not afraid to tickle the audience with a few lighthearted moments. The main cast is given great depth and development as we get to know their reasons for doing what they do. Even Luthor gets a heart wrenching moment once you find out that the reason behind his hatred of Superman goes much deeper than just "because he foiled my plans".

Special mention goes to Christopher Drake's soundtrack which is by far his best work. His music covers a great range, bringing out the best in the scenes it complements; it is grand, emotional and magical. One might go so far as to say that his score here is actually better than Shirley Walker's stuff from the 90s Superman Animated series, just slightly behind John Williams. (In what is possibly a nod to "The Mummy", the music takes on a very Egyptian Gothic style with the appearance of antagonist Bar-El played by Arnold Vosloo, who also played the main antagonist of "The Mummy".)

There is action, not to worry, a good deal of it. Moi Studios once again perform animation duties, maintaining the smooth character movements seen in their previous productions; smoother than Japanese anime at least and without animation short-cuts. While some backgrounds appear lackluster, The production team's faithfulness to the source material is seen in the character designs which is a slightly streamlined version of Frank Quintley's artwork. Too bad the painted colors by Jamie Grant have been replaced with a very "standard" color palate. The colors here look exactly the same every single DC animated production featuring Superman.

It seems like a farce that the movie stuck so closely to the comic going to great lengths to even replicate whole scenes perfectly yet cut out and streamline a fair bit of material. Perhaps Warner Premiere and Bruce Timm might consider a "directors cut" in which they go back and animate the rest of those scenes like the Bizzaro world, or the visit by Superman from the future. At least the plot threads established throughout the movie are woven together nicely in the end.

There are two ways to see this movie. One is that this movie is a "All Star Superman lite": a bite sized version of the great graphic novel for the uninitiated which will hopefully entice them to pick up the miniseries (now available in trade paperback form and an "Absolute" collectors edition). The other way is that it is meant to cheese off the long time fans so that the fans will go around saying "the comic is better" and in the end help to drive up publicity for the comic. Both ways, a perfect win-win situation for DC.

Try to enjoy this movie as it is. Of the scenes that were not cut out in production, revel in its loyalty to the original comic. It covers the full range of comedy to tragedy, heroic to humble, life to death.
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Way too rushed!
popinc22 February 2011
Let me start by saying, what they did right. The whole tone of the movie is spot on. I think whoever read the comic book series will agree. The animation is great, the story is a great one. But it is all way too rushed. If you have read the comics you will get this movie, but everyone else - I imagine - will have a hard time following the whole story. They should have made this a 2 part movie or a 90 minutes feature to get a little more of a developing story. The events from the comics are all cramped into just 75 minutes. Take away the credits and it is even less. Not much room to tell the story. Still, it is quite good, but i have to judge it like a viewer who has never read the comics, that are basis to this films, So I can only reward 6 stars. Too rushed, too much left out. Sorry, could have been a fantastic - probably one of the best - superman animations, but it fell (literally) short. Missed out on the chance of making the best Superman movie ever.
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A fitting ending for both the character and a creator
janarrah127 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Many of the reviewers seemed to have missed the point that this was an adaptation of the 12-part Morrison story to an animated form. Maybe they hadn't read the maxi-series first. In any case, when you consider that the DVD dealing with the death of the mythic Superman was released the day after the death of the video author, the sad irony is magnified greater. As the final project of Dwayne McDuffie's strong career, you have to take some consolation that at least he left us on a very high note. I've seen almost all of the DC video releases and this one is definitely one of the strongest entries in the series. Not only is the adaptation of the original Grant Morrison well-written but the art-style and the music are also pure and rich.
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All Star Superman - finally a worthy movie to watch
c_hohlmann12 February 2011
I can honestly say that this take on the superman story is the best iv'e ever seen. both emotionally and suspense wise the movie fully delivers on all fronts. Iv'e been away from superman the comic for quiet some time - but have seen all of the DC movie material that have been available, but non of the other renditions of Supermans story comes close to this one - This knowing that most of the material is from Morrison's: All Star Superman Comic series - the movies overall style is true to the Comic version with bright colors, light humor and great scenes.

The Drawing are fabulous reminding me of the Japanese Anime style, at some points but still with a strong American pen style, voice overs are very good and believable, poses etc. are just wow - there's simple so many good moments in this Movie that its hard not to get surprised on every new picture frame. At one point i was thinking: " all this goodness must end soon" but no the movie kept going on with some new cool stuff to marvel over. i guess this movie has all the trademarks of good old solid craftsmanship, teamwork and love towards the superman legacy - witch are very visible when handling old classic elements from other alternative superman comic stories that have been weaved nicely into the story.

end note: i felt a closure to the superman epos, witch was nice.

This is the superman i want to remember..

thank you DC for making this possible
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Best Superman movie ever. Seriously.
Abdullah Almosalami31 March 2015
I have to say this is the best Superman portrayal I've ever seen and a very emotional one too. Really. I was left speechless at the end. This is how Superman is and should be. Towards the end, I was getting emotional. Just for that alone, I'm giving it a 5 out of 5. Now, some may complain that there were too many characters, but THAT'S HOW IT SHOULD BE! Were there beings like this in the world, that's probably how things would go. Also a really great portrayal of Superman as Clark Kent, and fun to see how he switches between the two in some scenes. The animation is well, done, though at times, I felt like the detail was a bit off, and if we were really to hit it home, the animation might've had more of an impact, but that's not taking away anything from the movie for me. Voices were also really well done, especially Superman's, because it makes him seem a lot more like a hero with the gentle, calm voice, and Luthor a vain intelligent evil man (as well as other characters who the read should find out for himself). The dialogue is EXCELLENTLY done! Very smart dialogue. Very characteristic of the character saying the dialogue. Absolutely great. The interaction between Superman and Lex Luthor when they did happen were also really well done and intriguing. Part of the emotional impact this movie had was the real feeling of heroism you felt from Superman - like I said, how Superman should be. And of course, the ending, which had so many things to it that were emotional, from pretty much every single character in the movie (like seriously! even one of the robots!) So yeah, definite 5/5 from me and the best Superman movie I've ever seen so far.
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Solid animation, but not really consistent
KineticSeoul13 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I can see why some viewers that read the comic book this movie is based could be disappointed. I never read that actual comic book this movie is based on, but I could tell it's missing quite a bit from the comic book. Some parts felt like it was missing and seemed rushed at times. So the plot is about Superman is in a state where he is slowly dying and what he does during his last days on Earth as Superman. By trying to cram a lot of things into a short animated movie form, makes this one appear all over the place at times. And I could even say, a bit inconsistent. The animation is solid though and the movement to the design, was something I really liked seeing in this movie. I especially liked how Superman disguises himself as Clark Kent in this and how he does his best to disguise himself as this weak and clumsy reporter that people look down on. Because it gives you more into the depth of Superman's heart and what he represents. Which actually made me respect this fictitious hero even more. This movie had the potential to be great, but falls short because of the poor development and missing bits.

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All-Star Superman: An odd little tale
Platypuschow6 January 2018
All-Star Superman is a real standout movie within the animated DC films, with an outstanding voice cast this one really surprised me but not entirely in a good way.

It tells the story of our hero becoming poisoned with excessive quantities of radiation from the sun and slowly dying. He sets about getting his affairs in order before he breathes his last breath.

With a host of other DC villians including Lex Luthor (Duh!) we see several mini-stories to keep Kal busy until his final moments.

The story is well done, heartfelt and enjoyable but at the same time badly flawed in places and left me scratching my head.

It just felt like the creators went into business for themselves, throwing much of the lore out and just writing whatever they wanted like a bad piece of fan fiction.

Make no mistake I found the oddly titled All-Star Superman to be watchable but I think it spread itself too thin considering how much it tackles and the magnitude of the story they are trying to tell.

The cast do however do a fantastic job including the criminally underrated Anthony LaPaglia as Luthor.

The Good:

Hell of a voice cast

Nice story

The Bad:

Too big a story for its run time

Pretencious finale

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

Storing things that can kill you makes perfect sense, destroying them would be silly

Kryptonian formalwear is the same as casual just with a hood

I want super powers for my birthday as well!
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Poor if you don't know the comics
herpetologistkevin22 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
When you sit down to a movie, children or adult, live action or animated - you expect it to follow a logical sequence. This movie does not do that. It is bits and pieces of different stories thrown together hoping you'll follow along. Sort of like many McCartney songs. Now that I know the movie is following a multi-comic book story arc then the format is understandable but still does not make any sense as a stand-alone movie. From the basic premise that somehow Luthor could engineer some human into a fusion bomb, send a ship to the sun, know that Superman would rescue it thus get too much radiation is just silly. Some pieces are those with Samson are foolish and a little embarrassing to sit through. Others like the jail piece with Parasite while a little silly, especially how they stop him, is a little more serious as Parasite is seen killing police and criminals alike. Some pieces like the 2 from Krypton make no sense in the time frame of the movie. So let you youngest kids watch this but if you or your older children want a good storyline - there are better Superman and DC movies out there.
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One of the worst Superman movies !
khs_thereddevil16 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Ill-planned, Poorly Written, Disjoint, Doomed.

That is all I have to say about this animation movie. I have so many Superman movies, some better than others, while some failed on one front or another, but this one has to take the proverbial "CAKE" of being the worst one ever.

Okay, It is based on a comic which has a different continuity than the main one, and maybe Superman version 1 does die in this comic book, but the movie is pure ****.

The story is absolute rubbish, taking 3 or 4 or 5 or ? disjointed stories and pushing them all together without even a simple 1-line explanation. Why do the Kryptonians come? why do Samson and the other guy come? How they come? why does Solaris (or whatever its name was) started eating the sun on making a deal with Lex? This all seems just too retarded to be woven into a single movie...

If you are planning on watching this movie because you are a Supes fan, or even if you want to watch all the Supes-movies, I'd advise you to stay away... Even the lure of watching the Man of Steel die will pale in comparison to the disappointment you will face 5 minutes into the movie...

You have been warned !
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If this is supposed to have a plot......
alexfromhorn21 May 2011
It was so stupid it simply made me laugh the whole time. If this is supposed to be a plot... Somehow I felt like it was made by those guys who made Family Guy, it's just so random. No structure just things happening. I really thought about turning it off but then there came another funny text oder situation. You will really see some strange things in here. Someone tries to steal sunlight, lizard-people attacking the city but no one cares! Strength contest between superheroes next, than there is a violet vagina faced monster, Lois can fly, miniature city under glass, Superman is dying, other Kryptnonians appear but it's as unimportant as all things that happened before, Superman leaves his key to his secret base in front of his door and who wonders? The enemies take the key and enter the base! Just so many incredibly stupid superficial situations it is just horrible and funny at the same time. This is my favorite quote:"What do you feed him?" "Suns. Little ones I make here on my cosmic anvil" For all in all I would give this movie really no more than 1 point but the animation and the music were good, and it kept me laughing but at the other side it's not intended this way. So if you like a good superhero movie don't watch it. If you like stupid funny things you may go on and watch it.
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A huge disappointment
TheLittleSongbird5 September 2012
I love animation and superhero movies, and thought that All-Star Superman would be a good combination. Sadly for me All-Star was a real disappointment. It is not completely irredeemable, the animation is great, full of detail and atmosphere and the music is a contender for being the best asset of the film being powerfully orchestrated and emotionally resonant. There are two good voice actors, Anthony LaPaglia who does a superb job as Luthor giving the character a certain menace and intelligence and Ed Asner whose Perry is every bit as effective. But the story is a huge let down. The telling of the story feels rushed and disjointed in trying to cram in lots of situations and characters and sadly not giving any depth to them. The Kryptonians just pop out of nowhere and their story is far too brief. Lois is also written in a very stereotypical high-school-girl sort of manner. The pacing on top of that feels lethargic due to lack of any real excitement, the action sequences just don't have any sort of momentum. The script completely lacks the sharp and incisive quality that make the best DC movies, instead coming across as bland. Likewise with the characters. Of the voice work only LaPaglia and Asner stand out, James Denton is too monotone and also too sly and stern for Superman, and Christina Hendricks can't or doesn't do anything with Lois. Overall, a huge disappointment, could and should have been much more. 4/10 Bethany Cox
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Shows Too Much of its Comic Book Origins
ARTaylor23 March 2011
All-Star Superman is the latest animated feature from DC Comics, based off the comic book series of the same name by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely. It is the seventh featuring Superman, that's including the Superman/Batman and Justice League movies. Eighth if you count the short film with Shazam. The comic, not part of the regular continuity, features Lex Luthor overdosing Superman with solar radiation so that the Man of Steel will die. Superman then goes on a quest to leave the world in a better place than when he left it.

Though I have not actually read the series this video is based off, I love Superman. I've read the comics, watched the series, bought the movies, and even listened to a few of the old radio programs.

The movie is a different version of the Superman character, much like the comics. The movie starts off with him realizing that he's dying and that Lex Luthor killed him. This is the first time since Superman: Doomsday that he's had to face the idea of his own mortality. Much of the movie focuses on the drama of the characters dealing with his impending demise. Though there are plenty of action sequences thrown in just to keep you entertained.

The voice cast does a good job. The voices of Superman, Lois Lane, and Lex Luthor are all terrific. Though I'll always hear the voices of Tim Daley, Dana Delany, and Clancy Brown when I read the comics.

The animation is great. One of my complaints about these animated features has always been that the animation was too close to Bruce Timm's Justice League. So it's nice to see that they're moving on in that aspect.

Sadly, this video left very much to be desired. Not that it was outright bad. It just should have been better.

The main problem with the movie is that it's too episodic. Watching it I felt I could tell where one comic book ended and another began. I understand that it is based off a specific comic book series, but then again so were Superman: Doomsday, Justice League: The New Frontier, Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, Superman/Batman: Apocalypse, and Batman: Under the Red Hood and those all seemed to work fine as a straightforward movie.

A resulting problem is that many of these episodes don't help the main story at all. I've read that the comics feature a lot more episodes and the producers cut them down. Honestly, they should have cut it down more. Take for instance the episode with Parasite. On it's own the scene was quite entertaining, especially seeing Clark try to save people without revealing his identity. However, afterward I found myself asking why they bothered with this segment. It added virtually nothing to the story of Superman dying. The scenes with Atlas and Samson are similarly unneeded.

There was only one thing about the movie that I hated. In one early episode Superman is able to grant Lois his powers for one day. For once she can do all the things he can. So what do they do? They fly to Metropolis where she watches him save the day, without doing anything just like she's always shown doing. I kept waiting for her to shoot heat beams, use freeze breath, or beat up some bad guy. Sadly this moment is wasted as they set up something later in the movie.

Just as a general complaint about these animated movies, I'm getting a little tired of always seeing Superman and Batman. As I said, it's the eighth movie with Superman while Batman has eleven with a twelfth on the way. While I do like Superman, I would like to see some other characters too. I loved Wonder Woman and Green Lantern: First Flight, but neither are getting sequels (GL: Emerald Knights is sort of a sequel but not really). I know they've had trouble getting another live action Superman movie off the ground, but must they flood the animated market with him? It's kind of like Marvel Animations obsession with putting the Hulk in everything. While I enjoy Superman, Batman, and Hulk, the animated film medium is the perfect venue to explore lesser known characters that don't have several live action movies.

Overall, the film simply does not flow as a cohesive whole. Fans of the All-Star comics may enjoy that it was adapted, or complain about what wasn't adapted. Superman fans will probably enjoy the different take on the character that the movie explores. But from a film audience point of view, it is too disconnected from itself to be truly enjoyable.
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All over the place
akedaddy14 February 2011
I am a professed Lover of animated storytelling. Despite this fact, I found this to be a particularly weak and incoherent attempt.

I am not familiar with the All Star Superman graphic novels, but I'm certain they must be much better than this. I have the distinct impression they were trying to cover way to much content in too little time. The result of which is simply awkward. This is an unfamiliar Superman, which in itself is fine and good, but to have so many exploits and with so little quality time engage in this arc, just felt empty.

I'm sure if you ara a fan of Superman in any manifestation, you can find something to Love about this production. No doubt you will be entertained, provided you can see no fault in your idol. But for the rest of us, nothing doing. I could find no connection with this tale. If you are a fan of the iteration of the animated Superman, be wary, because this is just not the same. This is the cheap soap opera version.
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Absolutely a waste of time
Ibrahim Ali Ansari24 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I didn't like the movie at all...God alone knows how many times they have killed Superman and brought him back...the ending was preposterous, It looked liked some clichéd Bollywood movie from the 1970's with Lois's reaction...that was DUMB !!!

And why does Superman look constipated all the time... The story is an amalgamation of 10 different story lines and its so rushed into 1 hr & a couple of minutes... And please...The whole world knows that Lois knows that Superman/ Clark Kent are it comics, movies, TV shows etc why waste time with the whole revelation act crap...

If they had done proper editing and had actually added a couple of minutes to the movie to develop a proper coordination between all the stories and characters then it would have made sense...

Loved the previous Animation movies by DC such as Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, Apocalypse ; Batman : Under the Red Hood, Young Justice etc...these had good stories...a plot line...not some crap thrown together just to make a lousy movie...

I hope they do better next time...

One of my most anticipated movies turns out to be a disaster...
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"If it had mattered to you, Luthor, you could have saved the world years ago."
utgard1423 August 2014
My favorite DC animated movie to date, based off of one of the better Superman comic book stories from the last decade. Dwayne McDuffie does a great job of translating Morrison's work to the screen. A few things are changed and some parts omitted for time. One of the complaints I've seen from other reviewers is that it feels too rushed. I can understand that criticism. Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns was four issues yet was given a two-part animated adaptation, clocking in at about two and a half hours combined. All-Star Superman was twelve issues yet this adaptation only clocks in at seventy-six minutes. It would have been nice had they given it more time, but I think they did good with the time they had. It moves at a brisk pace and, while there are a few small parts from the series I would have liked to see included, they did capture all of the big moments well. I watched it recently with a friend who has never read the comics. She enjoyed the movie a lot and had no complaints, so perhaps this is simply a problem among fans. Anyway, I would recommend you check out the comic series also, if you haven't already. Even if you're not a comic book reader you should enjoy it.
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Pretty darn good
Neil Welch19 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Luthor finds a way to subject Superman to a lingering death and, as his resources start to dwindle, Superman starts to put his affairs in order.

Based on a 12-issue series written by Grant Morrison and illustrated by Frank Quitely, in which silver age sensibilities were given a contemporary update, this adaptation (the final work of the late and much missed Dwayne McDuffie) is necessarily episodic. It's good, though - the half dozen or so subplots are all entertaining, and the overriding story of Superman's apparent imminent demise holds everything together as the film moves to an unexpected conclusion.

Voice talent is good and the script only occasionally dips into Morrison's sometimes lamentable propensity to lapse into verbal excess. Design captures the essence of Quitely's quirky faces, and animation is solid.

An enjoyable animated feature.
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Not The Best Superman Story, Though, The Best Adaptation Of A Graphic Novel.
Stephen Abell17 May 2017
This is probably the best adaptation of a comic book to date. Director Sam Liu and writer Dwayne McDuffie take the best elements of Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly's graphic novel from the story, feel, and pace and bring them to the screen expertly with the help of the animators and the vocal talents of the actors.

The animation is up to the high standard of the Warner Bros. Animation but I cannot help but wish that the studio would catch up to the way that the comics are now being rendered in high intensive colours and shading. This would just add that extra oomph to the movie. They've done a good job of bringing Quietly's artwork to life. Their Superman is of the same mountainous physique as Quietly's but it's the subtleties of his artwork that add a depth of warm feeling adding to the reader's enjoyment.

That's about all I could find wrong with it. James Denton does a wonderful job of adding warmth and feeling to the man of steel in his final days. While Anthony LaPaglia adds a cool and calculating air to Lex Luthor. Edward Asner is perfect as Perry White.

The only reason this didn't make a full 10/10 is because it isn't the best Superman story, it's good, though I did have issues with it, such as the Sampson character and his sidekick which turns up. I found this to be an annoying and pretty irrelevant section and I still feel the same way after seeing it in the movie. I've never been able to understand why Morrison chose this character when there were so many others to choose from.

If you've read the graphic novel you don't need to see the movie, though you should enjoy it. If you haven't read the novel then check out the film if you like superheroes or animations, then read the novel, it's better.
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SUPERMAN animation at its BEST
sinatrakennedy9 May 2012
This is not like any other DC animated movie you will ever see... I say this because it packs an emotional punch equal to that of The Japanese master, Miyazaki. It's jam Packed with great action sequences and other mind blowing story arcs, but it's also got a soul. Rare in a comic book movie. Lex is awesome, as is Lois... But as with any story that involves SUPERMAN, we the viewer must "feel" emotionally attached to The Man of Steel for it to work. Your either going to "feel" or your not. If your lucky like I was, you will get it. You will empathize with Superman right away. No other superhero has the ability to make grown men cry. I expect to shed a few tears in the Dark Knight Rises, but not the kind of tears SMALLVILLE conjured. Superman is special, and you either get it or you don't. If your a fan... You will love this animated feature.

Real men love Superman.
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Awesome non-stop ADD camp fest!
Andrew Phillips19 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I watch all of the independent animated flicks DC puts out. This is by far the most entertaining release in recent memory. It lacks some of the gravity of some recent DC movies, but this is not a draw back. The animators and story tellers decided to string together a plot with seemingly unrelated fun little action sequences--they relish in the opportunity to not worry about plot consistency or depth. THIS MOVIE IS BADASS from the opening scene in which a genetically engineered zombie-nuke tries to sabotage the first manned mission to the Sun (most plausible part of the movie), to time travelers vying for Lois Lane's affections while fighting dinosaur-men from the center of the Earth, to the ever-popular male/female Kryptonian duo hellbent on reshaping Earth in their image. Leave your pretension at the door, maybe get baked, and enjoy.
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Great Superman movie, great cast, quick progression
nickzouvas20 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
The only change I would make would be to add about 30 minutes to the movie to expand on some things. I agree with an earlier review about the musical score completely. It was one of the best I have ever heard.

This movie was pretty short, sweet, and to the point. The plot does move quickly, but makes sense while having some side stories. The side plot line about the Kryptonians is great, though kind of random. It's a great add-in to the movie.

Yes, the media and people love seeing superman die, but that's because he's the man of steel and supposedly unkillable.

All in all, great movie and would recommend it not only to ALL Superman fans, but any comic book fans in general!
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Not the best DC animated movie.
implaxis9 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I've only recently begun watching the DC animated movies and have rarely been disappointed, until now. The JLA ones are great, as was a team-up with Superman and Batman. So why did I not like this one? I have been a long-time Superman/DC fan and thought I was pretty familiar with the characters, but there were so many new ones introduced here that I'd never heard of, I might as well been watching an Image comics movie.

Quite disjointed, characters and story lines appear out of nowhere. I disliked every second that Samson and Delilah, I mean Atlas, were on screen. It was several minutes before they were even named and I had no idea who they were. Luthor's niece does nothing to contribute to the story, and why was Jimmy Olsen in a dress in the first scene? This had the potential to be so much more, even epic.
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Too much comics to fill in one movie
SidneyUA29 April 2014
All-Star Superman comics written by Grant Morrison are one of the greatest if not the greatest stories about Man of Steel ever made. But this adaptation fails to successfully convert those stories to the wide screen simply because of difference in size. Movie tries so hard to fill script with as many story lines from comic books as possible and because of this whole movie seems a bit cramped and confusing. It just looks like some kind of odd kaleidoscope of stories which are not connected very well within themselves. And while it's okay with ongoing comics it's definitely not the best quality of the feature film, even if it's animated.

Still, they got the best part which is, for me, Lex Luthor monologue, and maybe if I would have read comics before watching, I wouldn't be so confused and the movie would be much more enjoyable for me.
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stevenjlowe826 April 2016
I'll keep it brief. I have been working my way through the DC animated catalogue and so far have really enjoyed them all, until now!!!

It got a three because I adored the animation and the ole fashioned feel it had. I will confess to not watching the entire film but that was because of LOIS!!!! What did they do to her in this, she is so unlikable and in my opinion unwatchable. She was so snyd and immature and basically a bit of a b**ch.

I got as far as her getting Superman to agree to have some kind of prove your worth contest with the 2 numb skulls who showed up, "after all it's my birthday" is her reasoning.

Honestly couldn't watch any further.
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Monkey-D-Luffy4 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I'm one of those people who having enjoying a so-bad-it's-good movie, still give that movie a low rating, and after watching this dross, I have half a mind to petition for this site to have a zero(0) rating., amply deserves it.

A few months ago I asked for recommendations for newish Superman comics. One of them was All Star Superman. Sigh. I don't think Superman comics are compatible with my sensibilities, let's put it that way. I also think Batman both in comic book form(Dark Knight Returns) and in Nolan's offerings, are absolutely laughable, so I'm not a Bat fan either. I'll still try to wade through the myriad comic books regarding Superman because there must be something that will click with me. Superman is supposed to be a very alien but also very down to earth type of guy. This should make him interesting and also be identifiable with.

Then why, if this is the resume of a new fangled comic book, why did I find Clark Kent a sissy and even more ridiculous than the much maligned Tobey Maguire's emotive Peter Parker in Spider Man 3? Note to the director; close ups of your character acting abashed or some kind of thoughtful or whatever, that may go down well in a comic book(and in my humble opinion it rarely does, actually) but do avoid this in a movie, especially given this Clark Kent's resemblance to a kid with cookies stuffed in his face. Frankly he doesn't even look like a character from anime. He instead resembles someone from "amar chitra katha"(google it).

I have no idea what timbre is ideal to voice Superman so I'll give Denton the benefit of the doubt. Lois Lane however falls flat in the hands of Christina Hendricks. What's more, the former is drawn very, very plainly. If this was a real actress she would never get cast as one of the leads. Hey I've just realized something. This movie took 76 minutes from my life. I think I'll cut this review short, okay?

There were a few, surreal, times when I honestly thought the dialog between Superman and Samson and his pal were intentionally funny. They were utterly ridiculous, beyond cheese. I don't know what to make of the Ultra Sphinx. Why give him that tail, groan.

I had always thought that the best Superman story had to lack one crucial ingredient, Lex Luthor. He never should be a threat to Superman, no matter how rich, intelligent, and ruthless he is. Parasite and those Kryptonians had bizarre cameos. Same for Martha Kent. This movie makes Harry Potter movies seem independent of their source material. And those robots made by Superman, oh my! They irreparably remind me of the relationship between God and humans. Superman gave them not only intelligence, but also remorse, the wish for atonement? Laugh out loud!

But the biggest laugh was reserved for that 10 watt Sun, Solaris."Mercy!" That will be the last word.
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JackChristopher26 December 2012
The individual events of the movie were fairly well designed, but the overall storyline was disjointed and lacked cohesion. I'm not a fan of superman, though there have been moments in his history that truly spoke to me, largely because of his nigh invulnerability. More specifically it is the result of that nigh invulnerability that makes his story lines frequently boring to me in that he can only be harmed by a handful of things and without those things I never really believe that he's in jeopardy. Had this movie been done well it could have been one of the best ever created. With this potential in mind I found the experience disappointing.
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