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Bruce Campbell: Sam Axe



  • Adm. James G. Lawrence : That's blackmail.

    Sam Axe : Actually, sir, I believe this form of extortion is known as "graymail". It's much nicer than blackmail.

  • Sam Axe : [after throwing a chainsaw at a group of attackers]  Very groovy!

  • [Sam confesses to Michael that he's found out his new girlfriend is an Admiral's wife] 

    Sam Axe : So, look, what do you think I should do here?

    Michael Westen : Go to Maitland and explain. Tell him you didn't know who she was until things had already gotten out of hand. In fact, call him right now.

    Sam Axe : Mike, that's not what I- look, I was more looking for that super-spy advice on how to keep this quiet.

    Michael Westen : You remember that thing in Kiev with Misha? When he sold out the wetwork team on their way to Paris?

    Sam Axe : Hell, yeah. What about it?

    Michael Westen : That's the kind of secret that stays secret, because if it comes out, people get sent to Siberia. This will come out as soon as Maitland looks sideways at his wife.

    Sam Axe : Seriously, Mike, you know, I know you're a smart guy, but you've dated, like, one lady, and she was a frickin' psycho. I'm just saying you may not be the expert on this whole boy-girl thing.

  • Sam Axe : You feel like advising an old buddy with a sticky situation?

    Michael Westen : How sticky?

    Sam Axe : Sticky like let's get a table and a few more rounds.

  • Rawlins : [Sam is wearing bright blue fatigues]  You do know most of Colombia's green, right?

    Sam Axe : Yeah, I don't think the guy who issued them wanted me to blend in.

  • Sam Axe : [after handing Ben a defibrillator paddle]  Take that. This is your detonator. Yeah, that's gonna go - tape that right on top of that valve.

    Ben Delaney : Okay. Real quick - the warning label says 'Keep away... '

    Sam Axe : Yeah. That's right. We're building a bomb, okay? So you do the opposite of what the warning label says.

  • [the improvised bomb explodes, knocking Sam and Ben to the ground] 

    Sam Axe : What the hell did you do?

    Ben Delaney : I maximized the pressure! Because you told me! You told me to maximize the pressure!

    Sam Axe : Yeah, I did, I just didn't know you were going to do it so well! You got talent!

  • [the lead truck in Veracruz' convoy stops, just short of Ben's trap] 

    Comandante Veracruz : [in Spanish]  Why are they stopping?

    Sam Axe : [overlooking]  Is he on it or not?

    Ben Delaney : He's not on it! If he was on it, it would...

    [the truck drives forward, triggering the bomb and exploding] 

  • Sam Axe : Look, boys and girls, this is happening. You stay here, you die. You come with me...

    Ben Delaney : We live?

    Sam Axe : Well, the odds are a little better.

  • Adm. Gregory Maitland : You were in my house, in bed with my wife! And don't even try to deny it, 'cause I found your belt. This look familiar? I talked to Donna, and she told me everything.

    Sam Axe : Admiral, I was unaware, sir, that she was your significant other.

    Adm. Gregory Maitland : You were unaware? You're a Navy SEAL! You're trained in battlefield awareness, and you didn't see my name on the mailbox?

    Sam Axe : Well, sir, I wasn't exactly in that frame of mind, sir. As you can imagine, sir, I was otherwise occupied, sir. I'll stop talking now, sir.

  • Adm. Gregory Maitland : You're going to Colombia!

    Sam Axe : Well, sir, it's been a while since I was down in South America, I really should brush up on my Spanish.

    Adm. Gregory Maitland : Well, you've got a thirteen-hour flight, so...

    [throws Sam a mission dossier] 

    Adm. Gregory Maitland : Brush up, amigo!

    Sam Axe : Amigo, that's "friend," right, sir?

    Adm. Gregory Maitland : GET THE HELL OUT OF MY OFFICE!

  • Sam Axe : [voice-over]  There comes a time in a soldier's life when he's got to decide if he's going to follow the letter, or the spirit, of his orders.

  • Sam Axe : Can I ask you something? How did you get to be so cynical? Aid worker, helping the less fortunate?

    Amanda Maples : Only someone who isn't an aid worker could ask that. You get into this business because you want to make the world a better place, and it turns out that there's people out there who just want to make it worse, and we're outnumbered. By a lot.

  • Sam Axe : You know what they say, sir: guns don't help people, people help people.

  • Ben Delaney : [about one of the young patients]  Okay, guys, she's got malaria. And without the right treatment, she could die soon.

    Sam Axe : Listen, I'm tap-dancing as fast as I can. I'm just trying to keep everybody breathing.

    Ben Delaney : Me too, man. Me, too.

  • Rawlins : You know, I was supposed to be taking some Green Beret named Donahue down on this mission. Heard he got drunk and set a tank on fire! Guess you must have screwed up even worse, huh?


    Sam Axe : Yeah, I guess so.

  • Sam Axe : ZONE BLITZ!

  • Sam Axe : So between these tanks and the fuel out back, we should have just enough to blow the place.

    Ben Delaney , Amanda Maples : Whoa...!

    Amanda Maples : No, you're not going to destroy the clinic! Isn't Veracruz coming to do the exact same thing?

    Sam Axe : No, Veracruz wants to destroy the clinic with the people inside. I want to destroy the clinic to create a distraction to *save* the people. Little bit of a difference.

  • Sam Axe : I mean, how smart can spies be, right? You're always fighting on the side with no guns.

    Michael Westen : There's certain rewards to fighting on the side with no guns.

  • Gabriel Manaro : You're gonna burn for this.

    Sam Axe : Yeah, but that's not the question. The question is, are you gonna make that call?

    [draws his gun] 

    Sam Axe : Or am I gonna *make* you make that call?

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