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Too different
stacyavary12 April 2022
I remember when I started reading about Goldy. I went with my mom to a thrift store. Immediately, I went to find the books.

I rifled through some. Then I picked up "Cereal Murders".

I love mysteries and I love cooking and was a caterer. So this book was right up my alley.

I purchased all her books. I've been reading them for years. And, I've often talked to the author on Facebook when I was on the site.

We've talked about how exciting it would be to turn these books into movies.

Well, fast forward to the 2010's.

I saw adverts on HM&M for "Murder She Baked". It was from author J. F. I've never read her books but the movies were all great. Maybe that's why I loved the shows. I didn't have her books to compare them to.

Fast forward to April 2022.

I was watching the HM&M channel when an ad popped up. "Curious Caterer: Dying for Chocolate". My heartbeat picked up. I just knew it had to be from my favorite author: Diane Mott Davidson. I had read the book.

I set a reminder on my phone and set it to record on my FRNDLY app.

Sunday night. All tucked it with snacks.

Pressed play.

My 1st eye furrowing moment? "Marla". The actress was very skinny.

I know "Marla" from the books. She is chubby. She loves Goldy's desserts and is always happy to taste test. She had lighter color hair. She was flirty, funny, sarcastic and sassy.

Was HM&M afraid to have an actress even 5 lbs. Overweight?

Next. "Olive"? The daughter?

No. Goldy has a son named Arch.

She also has an assistant. Vegetarian Julian.

Next was the catering. I wanted to see more cooking. Goldy, in the book, cooked when she needed to work out the mysterious details in her mind.

Andrew and Nikki were good. I only wish her hair had some curl and did more Goldy type things. Like wake up and do her yoga stretches 1st thing. Desperately reaching for that single or double shot espresso and sweet treat for breakfast.

My biggest disappointment?

The JRK wasn't the jerk. At all.

In the movie, Dr. John Richard Korman(love that his initials look like 'jerk') is warm, kind, caring, sympathetic and a great father.

He was so awesome, one wonders why he and Goldy divorced in the 1st place.

In the book, he was an abusive super jerk who cheated constantly. Goldy's thumb was proof. Among other body parts when he knocked her around.

And, he would sometimes use Arch to try and get to Goldy.

I get that this aired on the HM&M channel. And, they only air movies from PG-PG13.

To see a more accurate presentation of Diane's books, it would have to be on LMN or another channel that shows a bit more riskier TV.

Will I watch every episode in this series? Of course.

Maybe they'll be more comfortable in their roles.

I just wish they didn't stray so very far away from the books.

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Do-over needed for a dynamic duo.
rebekahrox11 April 2022
The only thing good about this one was the chemistry between good-friends-in-real-life Andrew Walker and Nikki Deloach. They were great together. But no one behaved like normal humans would in their professional or private lives. They would either get fired or be shunned by the community. It was a silly premise and everyone behaved like idiots.
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Cute hallmark romance murder mystery
Calicodreamin15 April 2022
While it didn't go strictly by the book, the curious caterer mysteries for more than a few things right. The storyline was well developed and not entirely predictable. Leads had good chemistry. Ending was abrupt, I'll be needing a sequel.
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Okay, Not Great
annwheeler-0764624 April 2022
This is a few cuts above "Cut, Color, Murder ", (pun intended) but doesn't come close to "Mystery 101".

Nikki Deloach and Andrew Walker are very good together in their other Hallmark productions, but this one misses the mark. Andrew Walker's character appears gaunt and distracted. He seems to be straining to make a connection with Nikki 's character, Goldy. On the other hand, Nikki's character appears irritated with the progress of the case most of the time. Not sure if it was the director holding everything back or what, but the chemistry just didn't seem to be there this time. If Hallmark is trying to build a relationship slowly, over time, they're starting at rock bottom.

I'd just as soon have Hallmark give us several more "Mystery 101" , " Crossword Mysteries ",and "Martha's Vineyard Mysteries ". How about a happy ending for Hannah and Mike in "Hannah Swenson Mysteries "? Just a thought.
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aussiegirl-6591521 April 2022
It was ok. I usually love Andrew Walker but in this case he didn't seem over enthused in playing the role and always looked miserable. Also what's with men and the scruff on their faces. They just look untidy and too lazy to shave. In Andrew's case it made him look old. Sorry, Mystery 101 is still my favourite.
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Hope they do more
pattersonjamie-1207912 April 2022
Nikki Deloach and Andrew Walker are really good together. The chemistry between them is good and they were humorous in this movie.

I've read all the Diane Mott Davidson books. If you're expecting a duplicate of the books, you'll be disappointed. But, the movie was good on its own.
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Quite anticlimactic.
MIssM1917 April 2022
Goldy, a caterer and a civilian, helps local detective Tom solve a suspicious accident, afterwards ruled a murder of a close friend of hers.

I'm not one who watches Hallmarks mysteries, the only one I watch is Mystery 101 and this pales in comparison to that one. The only thing I can rescue from this is the chemistry between Andrew and Nikki. I love their movies together, and one or two are among my favorites. So, imagine my disappointment after I finished this.

While watching I was entertained but when the culprit and their motive was revealed it was so anticlimactic?

Another outcome would have made so much more sense. Anyway, if they do more movies, I will be turning in but solemnly to watch the leads.
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Andrew and Nikki go together like chocolate and shortbread.
takeheart-6777614 April 2022
Love the two main actors! Nikki and Andrew really made the show. They're very talented. They fit the roles well and know the importance of facial expressions and body language to really enhance the reality of a scene. I'm looking forward to seeing them in more mysteries.

The storyline was alright, I liked how it felt different than the typical. I enjoyed the red herrings and how they kept us guessing. The ending did feel a bit short. It wasn't my favorite of the Hallmark mysteries (as I've watched them all haha) but it would make the short list and I would definitely recommend it. I'm hopeful that they will make more of this series.
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Tipped my meter
Jackbv12312 June 2022
I'll tell you two things right off: 1) I love Nikki DeLoach. I think she is Hallmark's best actor, male or female. Andrew Walker is in the top half, at least. 2) I am very picky when it comes to these Signature Mysteries.

This one pushed that picky button right off. I don't like amateur detectives that a) endanger themselves unnecessarily; and b) make the real cop's job harder. So two strikes. Strike three was the confrontation at the end. It was just silly.

Walker and DeLoach are good. The detective got all huggy with Goldy pretty quick, so that bodes well for their relationship, but I also think it was too quick.

My number 2 beats my number 1 in this case and I won't be moving on.
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I am hopeful
teresa_ramirez15 June 2022
I had just unpacked my books from storage, excited to sign one of my faves - Diane Mott Davidson on my shelf again - and the there it is, an ad for this movie!

I watched the movie with an open mind, because we all know the screen writers make changes and the directors need more of this & that (don't they know the books made a killing on their own?! AND it's Hallmark.... So Goldy wasn't Goldy - not in my mind - she wasn't short, chubby, curly red bouncy hair, hopping from the stove to the espresso machine, all while displaying her cooking talents. No, but Nikki Deloach made me like her. She was thin & beautiful - NOT my Goldy, but she pulled it off. She is a good actress and if they make more of these movies, I know we will grow to know her as Goldy. She wasn't corny or hallmarky (sorry), just played the part and made it seem natural.

Now her ex - I knew right away when he was SO nice, charming even, that they had him all wrong. I kept telling myself, it's Hallmark, they put their own happy spin on things. I really like Lochlyn Munro - he is such a good actor. He will contribute so much to each movie. But maybe tone down the 'I'm the best ex' because we know him as such a different person. It will be easier for the fans of the books if you get him a little closer to how Diane wrote him in book after book.

No Arch? Missed him right away. Changes, okay, I get it. So Goldy has a daughter. I didn't mind. But Arch sometimes helps Goldy, takes out the trash even helps in the kitchen. I hope the girl gets a better attitude like Arch and we'll be fine there.

I love Tom in the books. Love him. I really like the actor, Andrew Walker!! I didn't feel his true acting was shining in this movie. Sometimes you only have one chance, and if this was it, well, he was on the fence. He has a gorgeous face, so lose the stubble - we don't need to see that on every man these days, it's just not realistic. Is it my imagination or has he gotten thinner? Would love to see some meat on his face. If they make more of these, I can see him courting Goldy & becoming our beloved Tom. He can get it right, I am sure.

Marla - in the Chopping Spree, it clearly states that she had a heart attack from being overweight & you push another skinny person on us? Please get out more! Casting directors - there are chubby or even slightly chubby women out there who can act!! I do like the actor, she is funny & her chemistry with Goldy is spot-on. But I beg you please stop making us think every woman has to be stick-thin.

I liked the story and all actors did a great job. Overall, I was happy with the movie. Make more, please. And add more of the cooking, please. I don't cook, sad but true. I've always enjoyed Goldy's cooking in each book with recipes included!
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A strong beginning
Sergiodave24 July 2022
The first movie in a mystery series is all about getting to know the characters and their interaction with each other, and this did that well. To be honest I would have been surprised if it didn't work considering a good cast led by two of my favourite Hallmark actors. Good family entertainment, and hope to see plenty more.
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Great chemistry
ISmellSnow25 April 2022
Andrew and Nikki have great chemistry but it's hard to take Andrew seriously in this role. Not sure if I can believe that he's a big city cop. I didn't predict the killer from the beginning which is a pro for me. I think I'd like to see at least 1 more of these movies to truly make up my mind if this should be a series.
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Recipe for disaster...
kjc-322057 May 2022
What do you get when you mix a really stellar cast with an abysmal script and subpar directing? The Curious Caterer: Dying for Chocolate. Compared to the awesome lineup of sleuth mysteries and lead pairings on the Hallmark Channel, this one falls so flat. And I love Andrew Walker. I love love Nikki DeLoach. I LOVE Antonio Cayonne. But this movie... woefully underserved these incredible actors. Someone should have said, " Uh, no. Let's take this back to the writing desk and tighten some things up." Please, no more like this...
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not for fans of the book series
sarajimi19 June 2022
The movie is fine on its own. Maybe i'm biased because i like andrew walker. Normally, i like nikki deloach as well but not so much here. Not that she was bad, she just didn't feel like she was owning the role. It's a typical hallmark mystery with a few more suspects than usual so not an obvious solution. My main complaint is why'd they bother tying it into the book series? Granted, the series was/is popular but the book of the same name was written in the 80s; surely there are more recent properties you could use to get a ready-made audience? Or were they hoping no one who saw the movie had read the book? The similarities were minimal. Yes, movie and book goldys are both divorced caterers with children but thats as far as the similarities go. Book goldy has an established business at the time of this story, her ex-husband was (and still is) abusive, their divorce is contentious to say the least, her child is a son, and that's just some of the character differences. As far as plot goes, the victim dies in a car accident and the common ground ends there. So my question remains - why bother with the tie-in?
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Good start for the series
Ekm82851110 July 2022
Best Hallmark mystery movie so far for 2022-I love the Nikki/Andrew pairing and know their movies have done well with ratings in the past. Hoping to see more movies to this series in the future!
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Dying for Chocolate: A Curious Caterer Mystery
JoBloTheMovieCritic25 May 2022
6/10 - pretty good start to what is presumably a new mystery series on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries with capable leads in Nikki Deloach & Andrew Walker and an interesting mystery.
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What Drek!
fwsfilter-imdb12 April 2022
I am a big fan of Diane Mott Davidson "Goldy Schulz Mysteries."

Hallmark has per its standard operating procedure has whitewashed and saccharin-ed this movie too death. No pun intended.

In the books Goldy's ex-wife husband was an abusive SOB and referred to as "The Jerk", Marla who is also an ex-wife of "The Jerk" is a force of nature, and I have no idea from where they dredged Mason up. Goldy and Det. Schulz use the same tired sleuthing methods and shenanigans as almost every other female-led Hallmark mystery movie.

The actors portraying Goldy and Det. Schulz are pleasant enough but I did not feel any chemistry between.

I'll do a hard pass on any more Curious Caterer mysteries.
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Fun mystery!
nora-601985 August 2022
Nikki Deloach is one of my favorite Hallmark actors. The movie was enjoyable to watch although the writing could have been better. Hopefully, this will turn into a series.
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barneybeth15 June 2022
A delightful movie from Hallmark. I have enjoyed all of their mystery movies. I hope they make another one with the Curious caterer. Enjoy the scenery, the two lead players, and the realistic dialogue.
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Really liked it
xbatgirl-3002925 November 2022
As someone who didn't even know this was based on a series of books, I really enjoyed this and look forward to sequels. Reading other reviews now that say in the books Goldy's ex was physically abusive, I'm actually glad that was left out. It seems too serious for a Hallmark mystery. I've been a casual fan of Lochlan Munro since maybe the 90s. I know he could play that character. But I prefer Goldy now having a good relationship with him and their issues in the past. The one character that didn't do it for me was Marla. She was just too generic Hallmark - size zero with those super annoying crispy tendrils hanging over her face. Now I find out she was completely changed from how she was in the book. I think the change was a bad idea. Not the actress's fault. It's just casting.

Overall, I liked the mystery and didn't see the ending coming. There was a point in the first few scenes at the school reception where I thought "do real people actually talk or act like this?" But once the mystery got going, I was into it. I loved the chemistry between Goldy and the detective. I don't watch many of the Hallmark romances, so I had not seen the actors in their other roles. But they definitely have fun chemistry.

As I have written in other reviews, I've been unhappy with new Hallmark mysteries the last 2-3 years. They were pretty generic and lifeless with forced wholesomeness. I was hoping for a change under the new management. I was super happy with Nikki and Nora and now I feel the same about this one. Definitely looking forward to a sequel.
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Not your traditional Who Done It...
maggie122417 April 2022
I love anything that these two are featured in. I hope that this is one of MANY more movies by this writer... The books are great, so lots of material for future movies... I did find it strange that the detective was so quick to allow a simple caterer assist him with a murder, but, meh, that was the only issue I had with the story line. It was a good find on TV, have missed a quality Hallmark Mystery, these two made the wait for something new worth it!
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A caterer, a cop, and a crime
jlbsword18 April 2022
This is yet another effort from Hallmark to create a mystery series based on a successful book series, and which shows little to no similarity. In the books Mike & Goldy are much older, and Goldy has an adult son. Her friend Marla is also older and not nearly as slim because she loves to sample Goldy's treats. Her ex-husband is a creep and an abuser. Of course, none of that is acceptable to the Hallmark style. So, putting all of that aside, viewers can just enjoy this story of two people that join forces to solve crimes and played by the very popular Nicki and Andrew. They do have some chemistry and the story is decent, so let's hope the 2nd one can be even better and reflect the good stories in the books.
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