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skip it
mysekurity9 September 2010
Like most movies under the Ferrell/McKay brand, this one is immature, dumb, and worst of all boring. I saw it last night in Union Square in NYC, and even the usually forgiving audience there was silent through most of the movie. With the rare exception of a couple well-placed scatological jokes, there really isn't much to write home about. The archetypes from the famous teenage comedies are all there, but the film seem to borrow especially heavily from Superbad. It's shot in a Cloverfield-meets-road trip movie style, with the two main characters stuck in a Jonah Hill / Michael Cera roles, which is strange because there isn't one name actor in the bunch. It's surprising that they're pushing this for wide release, as the $2 million budget seems better suited for art houses. In all honesty, you could do a lot worse than this movie. But with 1.5 hours you could also do a lot better.
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Readjust Your Expectations
BlackSox1919-121 January 2011
Everyone keeps trying to compare this film to the Judd Apatow-era teen comedies, or the "American Pie" franchise. Thus, they are going into this with the wrong set of expectations. This isn't *that* kind of comedy. It has a lot more heart,for one thing, and it plays by a different set of rules. Apatow & Co., and "American Pie" come from the perspective of my generation (Gen X) projected on the current generation (Gen Y? The Millenials? Whatever we're calling them). This film comes more from the sensibilities of the current generation: sharing *everything* online, no such thing as TMI, no sense of privacy.

I tried to consider comparisons to other films. It reminded me a little, in spirit, of the recent little sleeper "Bart Got A Room." I also tried to approach it from the perspective of "'Porkys' made by kids who weren't born when the original was made." All of those fell short. Ultimately, it's its own film. Just like the kids it's about, it has a different set of boundaries and priorities; but underneath, the humanity is the same.
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Really funny movie - if you give it a chance!
jb12120 February 2011
I must say, I was really into The Virginity Hit after about the first 30 minutes. The beginning of this coming-of-age story was a little shaky (being filmed by an amateur with a hand-held camera) but eventually settled into a funny, "I can't believe that just happened" romp through the landscape of a young boy becoming a man. Matt Bennett was by far the best actor of the bunch portraying his character in a sensitive and realistic manner. Nicole Weaver and Krysta Rodriguez were very believable and likable as well. The friendship of the four male leads felt true. By the end of the movie I was feeling like I wanted to see more of the friendship. What now for the four, I wondered? I think the movie is very entertaining and encourage others to give it a chance!
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pastanley14 October 2011
This film is an insult to movie making. Reality TV no, pretend reality TV, it tries to be. Called a mockumentary, it is only a mocking travesty of a film.

Who wants to see a bunch of adolescents filming themselves clowning around? It's not funny, it's not dramatic, it's not horrific, it's not romantic, it's not informative. I've seen home movies of better quality.

Even the photography is poor.

It is totally pointless. See it if you don't care how you waste time or you're drunk, drugged on prescription or hard drugs or high from something.

The dialogue is appalling. If this is reality, let me out.
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Waste of time
the_bichu8 March 2011
I tried to find interest in this movie but this is the most boring, idiotic and uninteresting movie i ever watched.

I didn't got what they are trying to do, it was so disturbing and finally after 20-30 minutes i turned it off.

All character in this movie were okay they acted well, Nicole was pretty and matt's look was innocent but the story was so awful and tooooooo slow. thats why i recommend people to skip this movie and don't waste you time as its precious.

If this movie is the last choice still don't watch it instead of watching this movie hangout with friends.
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Immature and boring
KineticSeoul21 January 2011
Sometimes I enjoy watching dumb comedies, but this one wasn't enjoyable at all. Just immature and boring for the most part, and there wasn't even a single funny moment in it. Now I ain't one of those types that judges movies on it's morals or anything like that, especially when it comes to comedies. But this movie just constantly gives off one negative message after another without it even being funny. Now the trailer to this movie even looked crappy, but the movie itself is even worse and has some of the most annoying characters. Especially the fat ginger kid, who is like the ultimate cock block and was irritating to just look at and is just annoying watching the stuff he does on screen rather than it being funny. I have no idea how anyone could find this movie to be hilarious, cause it really isn't. It isn't a uber terrible movie, but there really isn't anything positive to say about it either.

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Not the first time we saw this
StevePulaski5 March 2011
The Virginity Hit plays like it's real when it's really 100% a work of fiction. It's supposed to play like a home movie made by teenagers trying to get their best friend to have sex for the first time. The film was one of the very underrated comedies of 2010 while the trailer was released very mainstream. I saw the trailer on Youtube and was rather curious how the film would turn out. I never saw it in my local theaters listing.

It wasn't until I went on Facebook, and saw a friend of mine went to a Midnight showing downtown to go see it and after a quick Google search I was able to find out it was released very limited. The film is better than a movie like Grown Ups, but it still uses the tiresome, drab virgin formula. I don't know what it is, but for some reason, comedies that come out now are all about someone trying to lose his virginity.

Even though most things now aren't the freshest meat on the market, they do have some fun moments in them. The Virginity Hit is about teenagers Matt, Zack, Jacob, and Justin. All the friends take a hit off a bong when they lose their virginity, and Matt is the only one of the four that hasn't had sex yet. Zack, Jacob, and Justin go through the trouble to film Matt's adventure with trying to get lucky with his girlfriend Nicole.

The jokes are hit or miss, very few scenes are memorable, but The Virginity Hit is a good sport and does squeeze in some laughs here and there. Matt Bennett (Matt) is part of Nickelodeon's ho-hum series Victorious, and he's the one character in the film I really found myself liking from beginning to end.

The Virginity Hit doesn't score big, but it has about the same level of humor as The Other Guys which was also produced by Adam McKay and Will Ferrell. While neither McKay or Ferrell appear in the film, good or bad, the movie has a bit of the Old School movie feeling, but it still doesn't match the humor in that film. But it's still a nice late night comedy that isn't extremely awful.

I'll put it this way, I wish it would've had a wider release.

Starring: Matt Bennett, Zack Pearlman, Jacob Davich, and Justin Kline. Directed by: Huck Botko and Andrew Gurland.
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Less Interesting Than Watching Paint Dry
wes-connors17 September 2013
The teenage son of a wealthy New Orleans couple endeavors to lose his virginity. This young man is Matt Bennett (as Matt), the last of his group of friends to get lucky. Offering the most help in his quest for sex is Matt's brother Zack Pearlman (as Zack). At one point, Matt receives a pair of his favorite pornographic star's panties for a birthday present. She also appears in the flesh. But, don't get your hopes or anything else up for this limp, sexless story. It could best be described as a home movie. If you are on the screen, or know one of the performers, it might be nice to have a copy. Otherwise, it's is a waste of time. By the way, "The Virginity Hit" title refers to the friends' pact to only smoke weed after one of them loses his virginity - these guys are clearly not thinking ahead.

* The Virginity Hit (9/10/10) Andrew Gurland, Huck Botko ~ Matt Bennett, Zach Pearlman, Jacob Davich, Justin Kline
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American Pie for the Youtube generation
MosHr3 September 2010
The virginity hit is like a string of youtube videos, or is supposed to be a string of youtube videos that chronicles the losing of the virginity of young high-school or college student named Matt. Zack and Matt are best buddies and adoptive brothers; and Zack is a video camera shutterbug and records everything. The entire movie is presented as a series of amateur videos shot by Zack, differing in quality from cell phone like grainy videos to high quality digital camera shots. This amazingly doesn't detract from the movie and gives the movie a real manic energy; though surprisingly the presentation doesn't lend well to being relatable and real (or fake as Youtube viewers would call it).

The cast form a tight cocoon around themselves and you get the feeling that you're watching them and their lives more than the story. There is only basic explanations to who they are and their backgrounds but as in a youtube video, it's like a slice of someone's life. Having said that, the jokes and events are hilarious and scripted well. Perhaps one of the greatest revelations of the movie is that it is possible to make a 2 hour youtube video and make one that is highly entertaining and that the usual teen comedy story can seem so fresh when presented this manner.

The "hit" in the title comes from the ritual of taking a hit from a bong after the loss of virginity. I found it a bit surprising that drugs and alcohol were so easily obtainable but sex wasn't but maybe that's just me. This is a must see movie if you like movies like American Pie. Overall, this is a very entertaining and funny movie.
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A mockumentery about a boy trying to lose his virginity. American Pie meets Superbad, without the funny stuff. I say C-.
cosmo_tiger16 January 2011
After making a pact to lose his virginity Matt sets up a motel room and everything is ready. Zack is there to film the whole thing, then something goes wrong. This is a "mock-umentery", which uses a lot of "youtube" videos to tell some of the story. This is a totally made up movie but shot like a documentary to get the right feel they want. There was a definite "American Pie" & "Superbad" feel in some of the jokes and the way the characters act, but it's missing a quality these two had...humor. Some parts are really funny, but there are also extremely depressing things thrown in right as the movie gets rolling which grinds it to a halt and takes a while to feel like laughing again. It's not terrible but I was expecting something laugh-out-loud funny and this was not it. I think that some of the problem is that I may have outgrown this type of movie (20-somethings looking to lose their virginity), or it could just be that this one isn't funny. You be the judge. I give it a C-.
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Just like with a real friend, once you get to know these guys you can't help but like them and find them amusing!
Hellmant28 September 2010
'THE VIRGINITY HIT': Four and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

Andrew Gurland and Huck Botko co-write and co-direct this fake documentary take on the 'virginity losing' teen sex comedy. Will Ferrell and Adam McKay produced the film (the teams last co-writing effort 'THE LAST EXORCISM' was produced by Eli Roth, so the duo is good at getting high profile money men to back their films apparently). The film is cast entirely with unknowns and was reportedly shot for under a couple million dollars. It's in limited release now but hasn't performed as well as expectations and probably won't be widely available to the masses until it's video release (although Ferrell and company are fighting for a wider theatrical release).

Matt Bennett, Zack Pearlman, Jacob Davich and Justin Kline star as Matt, Zack, Jacob and Justin; four guys who make a pact to all lose their virginity one year and as they do they all take a hit off a special bong (this is where the film's title comes from). As the film opens we see an elapsed time montage as three of the four friends all hit the bong and share with each other their experiences. The rest of the film becomes about the three buddies helping the last virgin Matt 'score' anyway he can. Matt and Zack grew up together in the same house, since Matt was nine when his mom passed away from cancer. Zack takes it upon himself to document he and his friends' quest for Matt to have sex and their exploits; the entire film is played out documentary style with snippets of video from the boys' wild experiences here and there.

The 'fake documentary' gimmick has been a little overused lately but it's never been used in a teen sex comedy that I can recall and it works beautifully here. The story, of course, has been done many times before and there's nothing really new or original in the joke material but still the film feels very fresh and unique. All though the movie is light on 'laugh out loud' moments it's still extremely amusing and entertaining. The actors are all very natural and impressive and the directing and editing are both clever and effective. It really feels like were watching real people, the movie is so well done that we get caught up in the characters and don't care if their humor is childish or overdone. As we get to know the characters the movie does become more 'laugh out loud' funny as well, just like with a real friend, once you get to know these guys you can't help but like them and find them amusing. I'm a big fan of all the teen sex comedies I had growing up as well as more recently ('AMERICAN PIE' and 'SUPERBAD' are classic). All though this film might not be as hilarious as those it is refreshing and new and memorable all in it's own way.

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