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  • The top 4 contestants dance a group performance and with two different all-stars. Clips of their life, before they auditioned for the show, are shown.


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  • After a season worth of auditions, live performances, coupling with all-stars and with each other, the final four contestants on So You Think You Can Dance vied for the three coveted spots in next weeks finale.

    Guest judge Tyce DiOrio joined the regulars on the panel, and we first got a look at the final quartets rehearsal on a group routine from the show, Guys and Dolls. Afterward, Tyce said he was proud of the bunch and noted that Kent stands out above the rest.

    Lauren: Lauren teamed up with all-star Pasha for an Argentine tango choreographed by Miriam Larici and Leonardo Barrionuevo. Lauren vowed to make it steamy as she played a seductress who wakes a lonely nightclub goer from his slumber. It was a dark, almost somber dance that Nigel loved and said showed why Lauren was in the top four. Tyce said Lauren gave a bunch of sound effects that were apparently meant to imply strength and seduction. Mia said the choreography was great and told Lauren she just became a woman. Adam took some time to note that Proposition 8, Californias ban on gay marriage, was overturned by a U.S. District judge, and asked Nigel to marry him. He then told Lauren, Every little thing you do is magic.

    A little segment about Lauren followed her performance. It was meant to remind us about where she came from. She was still in high school, where she was a cheerleader and a dancer, and an athlete. She graduated from high school since the start of the show and said the show forced her to grow up quickly.

    Adechike: An African Jazz routine choreographed by Sean Cheesman awaited Adechike and his all-star partner, Lauren. Nigel called it a good, fun routine and told Adechike to watch the straightness of his back, which was too stiff and didnt allow him to get into the dances waves. Tyce looked at Nigel, shook his head and said, What are you talking about? He then joked that he didnt mean it and just wanted to say that. Tyce then told Adechike to find his center and deepen it. Then he told him to lay it down. No one seemed all too clear on what Tyce was talking about. Mia then said she didnt care for it, calling out the execution. She said that Adechikes tightness didnt allow him to expand to meet the celebratory feel of the dance. Adam joined in, but gave Adechike the simple advice for his next dance: Just forget that were here and just dance for your life.

    Robert: Jonathan Roberts of Dancing with the Stars fame joined for the first time and took on the challenge of teaching a contemporary dancer, Robert, how to dance ballroom. Pasha joined Robert on a Viennese waltz. Nigel thanked Jonathan Roberts for taking what can often be a boring routine and was anything but boring on the show. Nigel said it was superbly danced. Tyce said Robert invested whole-heartedly in the dance, which the audience appreciates. Mia called it so romantic and said Robert is like the prince of this season. She did say she wanted to see Robert relax and enjoy the ride and the beauty the waltz allows. Adam said, if there is ever a night to be brilliant, it is this one, and you were brilliant.

    Roberts background piece was about his stepdad and what a great influence hes been on Robert since his mother and father separated when he was 12. He then talked about his roommate, Channing Cooke from Season 6, and his new family of roommates.

    Kent: Kent drew a disco dance with choreographer Doriana Sanchez, who teased Kent about having never been to a dance club and knowing nothing about disco. He was partnered with all-star Courtney, who was worried about the many lifts in the routine, which were giving Kent some trouble in rehearsals. Nigel told Kent that he did a good job laying off the cheesiness factor, which he was ready to criticize. Tyce told Kent he did a good job, then suggested to Kent that he do more research about a dance with which hes unfamiliar. Mia said it was a little rough for her, especially when Kent was not partnering with Courtney. She said it was the worst performance from Kent all season. The boos then poured down. Adam told the crowd to boo him, too, because shes not totally wrong.

    Kents background piece took us back to Wapakoneta, where Kent ditched his soccer aspirations in exchange for a future in dancing. His father called that decision disappointing at first, but realized how correct it was when he came to see what Kent was going to pursue.

    Lauren: For her second dance, Lauren coupled with all-star Ade for a Sean Cheesman jazz routine. Nigel called it really strong work and masculine work that Lauren did in a feminine way. Tyce said Lauren did a fantastic job, but said there could have been a little more ferociousness from her in the end. Mia called Lauren a strong female dancer even though the sexual chemistry wasnt as evident as she would have liked, but, on the whole she thunk it was amazing. Adam told Lauren the only words a dancer wants to hear: I want to hire you.'"

    Adechike: Adechike said he "almost peed" himself when he saw choreographers Desmond Richardson and Dwight Rohden waiting for him in the rehearsal room. Adechike said it was an honor to have them do a routine for him. They decided to challenge him, but also show off his gifts in the routine with all-star Kathryn. Nigel enjoyed it and said Adechike has shown off his gifts throughout the season, but he said he lost his wind and strength a little toward the end of the routine. Tyce congratulated Adechike for how far he's come. Mia said she wanted more, but said Adechike has the potential of being a superhero dancer.

    We got a chance to see where Adechike came from -- the streets of Brooklyn, where he said "it's not cool to be a male dancer." His dance teacher talked about how unfocused he was when he started school, and how different he was when he finished. Adechike became emotional after the background piece played, saying he was humbled and thankful for the opportunity.

    Robert: His second dance was a hip-hop routine by Tabitha & Napoleon, in which he partnered with Dominic. They played a pair of clowns who just got word that their circus is closing. Nigel said he loved it and asked Dominic to do the routine on the tour. He said Robert did everything that was asked of him, once again. Tyce said Robert made it "everything and a chips." Mia loved the concept of "hip-hop theater," and called it "dope." She said everything about it was perfect, and said Robert had "an amazing evening." Adam said Robert "outdanced" Dominic, and Dominic agreed, even though everyone seemed shocked by the declaration.

    Kent: For the final dance of the night, Kent was paired with all-star Neil for a Travis Wall contemporary routine in which they portrayed friends whose friendship was ending because Neil had to move on. Nigel said Travis inspirational piece was just what Kent needed in the top four show, and said Kent just booked a place in the finale. Tyce repeated Are you kidding me? He said excellence was just delivered by Kent, Travis and Neil. Mia got weepy and said she couldnt find the words, saying its so real, and so uncomfortably awful. Adam, too, got emotional in telling Travis he was brilliant. He then told Kent that if this were the finale, he would have just won the show.

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