Guess with Jess Poster

(2009– )

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Season 1

9 Nov. 2009
How Can We Make a Boat?
Jess and Horace want to play Boat Racing on the pond - but first the need work out how to make a boat! Some things are too heavy, some are too light... having tried lots of options and worked out that they need something light and boat shaped, they make Mimi's paper hats into boats for their boat race. Perfect!
When Will My Coloured Stripes Come Back?
Jess is playing puddle jumping, dodging the rain to have fun on a gloomy day when suddenly, just as the rain's stopping, the sun comes out and at the same time he sees a beautiful rainbow in the sky. He's desperate to show his friends, and it's not until he works out you need sunshine and rain at the same time to make a rainbow that he can show his friends the beautiful coloured shape in the sky.
27 Nov. 2009
Who Wants to Live in Baa's Meadow?
Baa's feeling lonely as his buddy Billie the mouse has gone off for the day. Jess goes hunting for someone to come to the meadow to live with Baa. He find a fish to live in the trough, but there's no pond weed for him to live, he tries Sammy snail but he carries his own home on his back so he doesn't need a new home, finally they realise that there are ants already living with Baa in the meadow.
19 Nov. 2009
Why Do Spiders Build Webs?
The friends are having a tidying up day. Frightened Baa doesn't like spiders or their webs but Jess helps him to stop being scared by working out that Spiders build webs to catch their supper, and Baa feels re-assured and happy. Spiders are rather nice, rather clean and rather clever.
1 Dec. 2009
What's my Favourite Thing About Spring?
Mimi has promised Jess a special surprise if he can work out what he likes best about the Spring... He finds out that there's blossom on the trees, fresh new grass, bright young flowers in the Springtime. But he decides his very favorite thing is the newly hatched very cute little baby birds which his friend Little Bird has been singing about all along.
8 Dec. 2009
When Will the Water Come Back?
Jess is concerned that all the water on the farm is frozen and sets about working out when it will come back. He works out that once the sun is out the ice melts and learns all about freezing and melting..
10 Dec. 2009
Where's my Feather Gone?
Jess loses a feather and goes looking for it in the Whispering Woods.
9 Nov. 2009
How Can I Go Up and Down on the See Saw?
Baa and Billie have built a fantastic new see-saw in the meadow. Jess can't wait to have a go. But when he tries to make it go up and down with him on one end and Baa and Billie on the other he just gets stuck in the air and can't get the see saw down. 'How can I go up and down on the see saw?' he asks? -desperate to have all the 'up and down' fun he see the puppies having when they jump on the see-saw. Jess asks Horace the hoppy frog what he knows about 'up and down', he talks to Willow about scales and weighing things until finally he works it out - if he finds ...

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