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Season 3

27 Jun. 2014
A Breath of Fresh Air
As Korra tries to restore the streets of Republic city, she learns that her decision to keep the spirit portals open has created a new conflict between humans and spirits, and triggered the emerging of new Airbenders.
27 Jun. 2014
As the Avatar team faces difficulties while searching for new airbenders, Zaheer makes the next step in his plan.
27 Jun. 2014
The Earth Queen
Korra and Asami collect tax money for Queen Hou Ting. Mako and Bolin suffer an unexpected family reunion. Kai can't get rid of his old habit. Lord Zuko visits a secret prison in Northen Water Tribe.
11 Jul. 2014
In Harm's Way
Korra finds out that the Earth Queen imprisoned airbenders to create an army. Jenora leads an investigation with her spiritual projection. Lin joins the Avatar Team.
11 Jul. 2014
The Metal Clan
Korra, Mako, Bolin and Asami visit Sao Fu, the city of Metal Clan. Lin does not want to meet her past. Suyin tells her life story. Air Temple Island training camp has a new recruit.
18 Jul. 2014
Old Wounds
Korra practices metal bending. Lin takes an acupuncture session. Zaheer, Ghazan, Ming-Hua and P'Li escape Republic City.
18 Jul. 2014
Original Airbenders
Though contending with Bumi's bad attitude, Tenzin tries to train the new members of the Air Nation.
25 Jul. 2014
The Terror Within
As Opal leaves for the Northern Air Temple to start her airbending training, Zaheer and his gang try to kidnap Korra. Although Korra's friends are able to prevent this following a climactic fight, they suspect that someone inside Zaofu has been aiding the enemy.
1 Aug. 2014
The Stakeout
While tracking Aiwei, Korra finds out more about Zaheer's motivations and purposes. Team Avatar is chased by both Zaheer's gang and the Earth Queen.
7 Aug. 2014
Long Live the Queen
Korra and Asami are captured by Earth Kingdom forces and held in an airship en route to Ba Sing Se, and Asami's escape plan leads to a worse situation.
15 Aug. 2014
The Ultimatum
As Ba Sing Se continues to erupt into chaos, Mako and Bolin struggle to leave the city to deliver Zaheer's message to Korra they were going to attack the Northern Air Temple.
22 Aug. 2014
Enter the Void
Team Avatar hatches a plan to save the Airbenders, but all is not what it seems like. Zaheer rediscovers an old Airbender talent. The motive of the Red Lotus is finally revealed.
22 Aug. 2014
Venom of the Red Lotus
After being captured and poisoned by the Red Lotus, Korra must fight to keep herself from being killed in the Avatar State, which would end the entire Avatar Cycle forever.

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