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Season 1

14 Apr. 2012
Welcome to Republic City
Korra, the new Avatar, travels to Republic city to start her Airbending training.
14 Apr. 2012
A Leaf in the Wind
Against Tenzin's prohibition, a frustrated Korra sneaks out to visit the pro-bending sports arena.
21 Apr. 2012
The Revelation
Korra attempts to infiltrate the Equalist movement and learn more about its mysterious leader.
28 Apr. 2012
The Voice in the Night
Korra becomes part of Councilman Tarrlok's task force which aims to rid Republic City of the Equalists.
5 May 2012
The Spirit of Competition
As Asami steals Mako's heart, Korra struggles to express her feelings for Mako and also at the same time Bolin tries to win Korra's heart by being brave enough to ask Korra to go out with him. The tension gets higher as the Pro bending tournament starts.
12 May 2012
And the Winner Is...
Korra and the Fire Ferrets are in the pro-bending championship, but will the Equalists allow the game to go on?
19 May 2012
The Aftermath
Korra suspects that an ally is working with the Equalists.
2 Jun. 2012
When Extremes Meet
Korra faces off with Councilman Tarrlok as Equalist activity continues to rise in Republic City.
9 Jun. 2012
Out of the Past
After being imprisoned by Tarrlok, Korra attempts to analyze the mysterious visions she has been having. Meanwhile, Tenzin, Lin, Mako, Bolin and Asami search for Korra, having been given false information by Tarrlok.
16 Jun. 2012
Turning the Tides
The Equalists begin their attack on Republic City.
23 Jun. 2012
Skeletons in the Closet
Korra and the rest of Team Avatar go into hiding in Gommu's underground shelter where benders and non-benders live together in harmony.
23 Jun. 2012
The duel between Amon and Korra - will Korra be powerful enough to beat Amon?

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