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  • Nina gives Chris some space as he travels to Queensland in search of his missing wife.


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  • After almost pending the night together Chris and Nina end the night with a phone call from Chris's mother in law saying that they have a lead on the whereabouts of Chris's estranged wife. Chris reluctently goes to Brisbane and speaks to old friends and collegues. One collegue slips Chris the address of the wife and Chris goes to see he r. He rings the her door bell and no-one answers. We dont know if it is really the wife but Chris believes it is and says goodbye. Chris Havel comes back from Brisbane after somewhat finding his wife knowing that he only wants Nina. Nina has a very busy in the hospital and sucessfully delivers three babies in twenty five minutes. She finds out that the midwife can easily read her thoughts. Nina on the other hand after getting a few disconnected phone calls gets the wrong impression that Chris want to get back with his wife. Nina and her sister's ex Mick have a few too many drinks at Nina's flat when the power goes off and end up making the biggest mistake of their lives and have a one night stand. The power comes back on in the building later and alarms etc wake up the lovers. Chris also is back and knocks on Nina's door. Nina tries to cover up the fact that she has just had sex with somebody else but Chris knows and is upset and leaves. Mick climbs out the window just as Nina's sister comes back to the flat. Nina pretends that she is asleep so she doesn't have to talk to her sister.

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