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Loved it, fun, and gives a good message
mikey187-818-89962013 July 2014
I'm not sure why there is so much negativity aimed at this movie. I enjoyed every second of the movie and would definitely watch it again.

Yes the story line is predictable and we all know what the outcome is going to be, but don't we know that already is most animated movies?

I thought it was an inspiring story and gives out the message that if we treat people well , and help people, then good things can come your way when you need it, which works out well for dusty when everyone gives him spare parts for the goodness he shown them and the courage he shown making the journey.

It teaches the lesson you can be what you want and you don't have to be told what you are and i like that.
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Flies aimlessly - like a cropduster
StevePulaski11 August 2013
Planes is a mixture of its direct-inspiration Cars, Monsters University, and the forgotten PBS Kids show Jay Jay the Jet Plane. Even with reminders of brighter, more vivid animated works, Planes is a middling Disney effort and clearly a corporate byproduct from Disney (not Pixar as many will assume) to sell merchandise to children, with the quality of the actual film being a clear afterthought.

The film was originally conceived as a direct-to-DVD film and have a series of sequels follow accordingly. Of course, last minute, Disney decided Planes and its planned sequels possessed enough promise to go theatrical. This decision isn't hard to comprehend; Cars and its sequel weren't critical favorites and their box office receipts were notably lower than previous Pixar films, but their merchandise sales totaled roughly $8 billion. From toy cars, to diecast collectibles, to blankets, to bedspreads, to posters, to stray DVD short films featuring the characters lining store shelves, the marketing behind the Cars name was stunning and blatant. Planes hasn't been graced with the brazenness of toys and TV commercials, making me question why Disney decided to allow the film to go to theaters if they weren't going to milk it for what's its worth.

Whatever; it's probably best the marketing splash for the film was reduced to a quiet disruption in the cinematic ocean. The film focuses on Dusty Crophopper (voiced by Dane Cook), an ambitious cropdusting plane that predictably spends his days flying over tall grass spraying fertilizer. His ambition is to become a racing plane, flying high, soaring to unforeseen heights, and racing around the world. His biggest drawback isn't really the fact that he's not built for flying of this capacity but his fear of heights. Since he is so used to flying at pretty low heights for planes, he fears soaring to the "highway in the sky," as put by Skipper Riley (Stacy Keach), an F4U Corsair with a successful past, who also serves as Dusty's mentor. Backed by a crew of ground-ridden misfits (okay, vehicles) and his passion, which is incorruptible, Dusty's dreams literally soar as he competes in one of the most prestigious plane competitions in the world.

The animation in the film is some of the strangest I've seen in the post-CGI animation takeover. Some scenes are truly evocative and breathtaking, and usually exist when we're somewhere like the Taj Mahal or in The Himalayas. They showcase the location in stark detail and really show off the beauty and majestic area that encompasses such a place. Other scenes, specifically ones that feature several characters on the screen at one time, appear stunningly bland and unfinished. They almost look like unfinished products of CGI animation – like the final still before all the finalizing and color-correcting is done. They lack detail and lighting specifics known in modern animated films, and before you tell me otherwise, remember Disney just brought us "Wreck-It Ralph," which showcased dozens of video game worlds through the beautiful medium that is animation.

This is likely because the project was meant to line store shelves immediately rather than be blown on the big screen. On an average, living-room-size Television, Planes probably looks pretty damn good. On a gigantic theater screen before an audience of maybe fifteen people (in my case), it looked underwhelming. Whether or not you liked "Cars" or its sequel (I'm in the minority that loved the original film and tolerated the sequel), you can't say this film exists on the same level of visual beauty that the latter pictures did. Cars 2, alone, had a number of amazing set-pieces and lighting techniques that were used perfectly. Even Monsters University was beautiful in the way the animation was textured and the way the lighting was used to brighten and liven certain settings. In comparison to the look of other animated features such as Despicable Me 2 and Turbo (both of which currently attracting children now), Planes will likely not come close to the revenue of both of those films or inspire the true awes thanks to the animation.

To all the people who criticized Larry the Cable Guy's Mater as being an insufferable character, I challenge the same people to not mention the stunning shallowness of the characters here, especially the international planes that could be the perfect example as to why other countries view Americans as close-minded and ignorant. Just to give you an inkling as to how deep the international planes are, one is named "El Chupacabra," and is known for being a passionate romantic, a gifted Mexican singer, and a telenovela star. He also boasts the most stereotypical Mexican accent in cinema history. For all you kids out there, imagine Juandissimo Magnifico from The Fairly Odd Parents and there you have it. Even the British plane at one point says, "I don't cry, I'm British!" There are children's films that will make both a child and their parent smile and have a rewarding time at the movies (most of them come from Pixar, but Dreamworks is known for several too). There are children's films that will appeal to children and leave the parents groaning at the thought they had to pay to get in as well.

Then there are films like Planes that may appeal to some children, but the stimulating effect on their growth and mental health shouldn't be sacrificed for the ninety-two minute electronic babysitter that the film is. Everything about the film has been done in previous animated efforts, right down to the "be yourself and be brave" moral at the very end, only this time, it feels especially, almost unacceptably lazy and contrived.
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Disappointingly lazy
TheLittleSongbird22 August 2013
Feelings before seeing Planes was more the "not sure how it was going to turn out" sort of feeling. On one hand, there was the hope that Disney(or Disney Toon Studios to be exact) would continue the return to form trend started with 2009's The Princess and the Frog, which later saw even better films with Tangled(their best film since The Hunchback of Notre Dame) and Wreck it Ralph, Winnie the Pooh was also very sweet. There was also the feeling of trepidation as well because reading the plot line gives the sense that it would be predictable and unoriginal. Regardless of any initial feelings, the only way to judge Planes was to see it. Sadly, Planes was very disappointing for this viewer and possibly their weakest since Chicken Little. And this is coming from somebody who hopefully knows how to judge family films, yes guys this is a family film not a kids' film.

Planes does have things that it did do well. The animation is the best aspect by some considerable distance, it is great, not the best animation there's ever been but it looks beautiful all the same. It manages to be colourful and well-textured with detailed backgrounds and well-designed characters. The camera angles as well are a source of wonder, they're very well-incorporated and really give the sense that you're journeying in the air with the character. The music is catchy, with very well-chosen songs, and serves the film very well, the mariachi version of Love Machine is very sweet and fun. The aviation at least shows that the writers have done their research. The voice acting too is commendable all round, with Dane Cook in particular voicing with enthusiasm. John Cleese, Julia Louis-Dreyfuss and Val Kilmer are pleasing too, though they have been better.

Unfortunately Planes is also one of those films where it starts slowly and unpromising and never really takes off, sorry couldn't resist. The story just doesn't have any spark, the storytelling is predictable and lazy and the pacing sedate. People have said that it is basically Cars in the air with touches of Top Gun, Jay Jay the Jet Plane and The Ugly Duckling story and that is true, it is a very derivative film that makes a bigger problem in that there is nothing of surprise or distinction. The script lacks freshness, charm and wit, instead it's full of tedious down-time talk, tired one-liners and jokes(crazy like a firefox for example) and has no emotional impact. The air-force/aviation jargon might go over children's heads as well. The romance between Dusty and Ishani comes across as a cliché that is poorly developed, almost like an afterthought. The characters are annoyingly shallow, Dusty is not so bad but the rest are not very interesting and their development is thin, Skipper's back-story especially felt shoe-horned in and forced. El Chupacabra has his moments but is a stereotypical character(something that people may take a dislike to) and too many of his jokes are lame. In fact there are a lot of cultural stereotypes, and much of them border on the insensitive. The villain Ripslinger is also stereotypically designed and is possibly one of Disney's blandest villains, with some of the most annoying and unnecessary goons of any animated film in recent memory. The action looks good in the animation but fails to generate any excitement, much of it suffers from too much predictability and that the pacing is too sedate throughout.

In conclusion, far from a truly terrible film or the plane wreck it's made out to be but a disappointingly lazy one where it's easy to see the things Planes has been criticised for. Then again this is personal opinion and be taken with a pinch of salt instead of being discarded for being an opinion being different to your own. 4/10 Bethany Cox
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It *IS* a Cars spin off, and that's okay...
dunstone10 August 2013
There is a bimodal distribution (2 peaks) in the user review scoring of Planes: 1-star, this is a horrible rip- off, nothing new here, Pixar's image is tarnished - and 10-star, what a wonderful kid's film, details are excellent, funny, good message.

First, this is not a Pixar film. You read that right. It's Disney, not Pixar. But it does have common cast of writers/producers. You may even note the tag line, "From above the world of Cars," overtly acknowledging the connection. If you can get past the notion of a rip-off, then, you'll find a lovely, joyful movie with enough to keep parents entertained while children are having a blast.

Yes the characters resemble those in Cars. Yes some of the plot lines are familiar. Yes the animation is similar to Cars (although the flight scenes are spectacular in spots). You know what I remember? Cars was a great movie! I'm pretty sure I remember that since I've seen it 147 times with my son (not really).

This is not an academy award winning movie. But it is a lot of fun. Before giving this children's cartoon 1-star, be clear what you're watching.
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A good movie but not quite Pixar perfect
adfogel15 August 2013
I enjoyed this movie as did my 3 1/2 year old son. While not quite as 'warm and cuddly' as the original Cars movie it was still loads of fun (and far better than Cars 2). The landscape views from the air were tremendous as were the snow and water scenes. The dialogue was good but a bit more for kids and a bit less for adults. Still, they got a lot of the aircraft stuff right and the take on VF-17 was a nice touch and did a simple but effective job of helping to tie in Skipper's appearance in the film.

Overall I rate this one a invariably will be compared to both Cars movies but really it should stand as its own flick. And on that it holds its own and has real merit. Worth a look-see and BTW my son REALLY loved it.
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Never takes off
natashabowiepinky23 August 2013
I've just bought a new food processor. If you put in every animated film ever made, and set it to the highest setting, you may come out with something like Planes.

You have the plucky young dreamer who seems destined to a life of drudgery, but aspires for higher things. He has a stoopid best friend, who is charming in his own special way. There is an elderly mentor, who initially turns down the whippersnapper when he asks for his help... but gosh darn it, he changes his mind once he sees how determined the kid is. The bad guy is an irredeemable moustache-twirler with two giggling goons who follow him around everywhere. A 'comedy relief' is a cheeseball Mexican who is obsessed by dance and romance (of course, and this guy outstays his welcome from his first syllable). As for the love interest, she starts off working for the evil dudes, but soon discovers her true feelings, and...

So on, and so forth. There isn't one original idea in the whole farrago... and that's without even getting into the recycled story or the below par animation. The fact is, this is film-making by committee: it ticks every box, caters for every demographic but missing that all important ingredient: soul. If you respect your kid's intelligence, take 'em to see something else this Summer. 5/10
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Perfect film for the "Cars" fanatics
originalbabyblo14 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Many people are saying this movie is JUST like Cars. I agree. Although, it's not a jerky main character, but just the opposite, it is yet another underdog story of hard work and dedication. However, I as a mother of 2 young daughters, thought it was a bit awe-inspiring, similarities aside. The action kept me on the edge of my seat (even though it is a cartoon). My 5 year old daughter is a Cars FANATIC. This movie, as I expected was created more for those fans who can't seem to get enough. If you are looking for a surprising story line with an ending you will never forget, then skip it. If you are like me, and have a little one that just LOVES this stuff, then it's worth seeing. We got our tickets for free to see it, so maybe that's why I'm not so hard on it. Not quite sure if I will be so eager to buy it when it's out on DVD though.
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Confused ...
Jo-Cino7 September 2013
Not sure WHY this movie has received such a poor rating - i thought it was actually a pretty solid, pretty fun movie. Could it have been better?... sure - not many movies in the history of cinema that you can say 'no' to, but if you just want to go have some fun and enjoy a 3d animated film with the kids for the night?... you certainly won't go wrong with Planes.

The irony to me about most of the negative reviews was that this movie borrowed a lot of the material from 'Cars' but most of that was to be expected, no?... isn't that half the reason of going to see this movie in the first place? ... meanwhile, most of the architecture and outline from Cars was blatantly stolen from 'Doc Hollywood' but that didn't seem to bother too many people did it (haha - believe it!)

Anyway... i thought it was a fun movie - pretty predictable, yes, but how many animations aren't? I don't think we watch these movies for the twist endings do we?

I was pretty happy to see the return of Dane Cook, who has seemingly vanished since his (cringing) attempt at romantic comedies (thank god that's over)... but as with many of these animated movies today, it was the supporting cast and the eccentric characters that regularly steal the show. (El Chupacubra anybody?!)

All in all - i'm glad i didn't listen to everyone's negative reviews and went and saw this on the big screen... my daughter is too
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Better than the reviews! Much better!
GroggyLane10 August 2013
OK so it's no Cars. Or actually, it's very much like Cars, but the Planes part of that world. That's the whole idea. The Brent Mustangburger character ties it together if there was any doubt. Some of the jokes are similar. Some of the sight gags are similar. But the story itself is actually superior. Rather than a story about a spoiled sociopathic jerk who discovers that he actually does have a heart, this is a story of an individual who is all heart and proves to the world that you can be more than what everyone else tells you that you have to be. The Skipper character is very much reminiscent of the Doc character but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Overall, it's a very inspiring story. Perhaps a little contrived, but it's a cartoon for kids. Lighten up! The jokes are good. The animation is good. My 4 year old daughter liked it and so did I (a 40yo man). As an inspiring story for kids to dream, work hard hard, and succeed, it is far superior to Cars in every way.
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Better than reviews make it sound
paroberson-769-33273319 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
While not Disney's best, it is definitely not one of their worst. The movie starts off rushed and doesn't fully set up the plot of the movie, it starts to settle towards the middle and turns into a decent movie. Dane Cook did a much better job voicing Dusty than I think Jon Cryer would have done. Although it did have many similarities to the much more successful Cars, it still is a movie worth seeing. The one thing I have a major problem with is the chemistry between Dusty and Ishani. The whole romance between them seemed to lack much focus and didn't really leave me satisfied. They didn't put as much emphasis on that than they did in Cars between Lightning and Sally.
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Just awful
jimscott31 August 2013
Yea, its a kid's movie. Yea, the reviews were bad so I went in with low expectations. Despite that and other factors this movie disappointed even my diminished hopes that it would provide some entertainment. It was banal, completely trite, devoid of anything even slightly new, didn't even have any small chuckles from some slight unexpected twist or resolved tension. It was flat as a pancake. Even both my kids (7 an 16) remarked that it was like a thousand other things they have seen without anything new or interesting. The actors voices were flat too. Like they didn't really put much effort into the emotions. Of course, since there was no real substance to the dialog its hard for an actor I suppose.
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Disney's Planes is not a classic like the studio's previous ones but it's entertaining enough for what it is
tavm15 August 2013
Just watched this computer animated feature in 3-D with my movie theatre-working friend. Part of me knew this was going to be a formula movie with the Disney trademarks of someone thought of as being average doing extraordinary things being the premise but it still works here. Also, there was some good funny lines sometimes and the story and characterizations were not bad if not great. I mean, John Cleese is good at being the stuffy Brit as one of the racing planes. There were also many exciting point-of-view shots of the leading plane flying through the skies so there was that. I also liked another one of the planes serenading a female racer with a slow version of "Love Machine". So on that note, Planes is worth a look if one is not too discriminating in choosing one of these late summer movies...
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Unexpectedly Excellent Animated Film!
3xHCCH25 August 2013
I had no plans to watch  "Planes". The posters were so much like desperate copies of "Cars" and what's worse, the initial reviews were not too good.  Today, we just happened to be in an expensive mall, and the kids were insisting to watch it.  So, grudgingly I bought tickets for the whole family. You know what, my kids and I all agree that this surprisingly turned out to be one of, if not the best, animated film we have watched this year!

"Planes" proudly announces at the start that it was indeed part of the world of "Cars." The animation style of the characters was that of the first "Cars" with its old-fashioned charm.

The lead plane is Dusty, a lowly crop duster, who loved to fly fast and fancy. Determined to be more than what he is made to be, Dusty aspires to qualify and win a prestigious aviation race around-the-world.  

This is already an oft-repeated theme. In fact, just earlier this year, we just saw this same story in "Turbo", a snail who wanted to race with race cars.  But there was something special about "Planes."

I think it was the very good nature of Dusty. He was always humble, helpful, and friendly. His kindness will get him his just rewards at the end, in more ways than one, and we will all cheer him for his many victories.

Despite many commonalities with others, it never felt like an exact copy of anything.  The aviation terminology and air force jargon is very interesting to hear.  Id like to buy the DVD so i can run those lines by me again and read about them. The numerous aerial sequences were breathtakingly executed and edited. The musical scores were also exhilarating during the scenes, making them all the more exciting to watch.
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It's a Disney movie, it has happy endings and it gives kids great motivational dreams.
tiffanyyongwt9 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
It's a Disney movie, it has happy endings and it gives kids great motivational dreams. A spin-off from Pixar's Cars, the movie gave some good comic relief with their stereotyped personality and the colourful images seem to be able to calm the hall of screaming children.

I was quite impressed after I did my "homework" researching about the film for this review. The design of the planes and settings were actually taken after real planes and airports. Some of the plots were actually what was really said in real life.

I always like motivational movies, and in this case, Planes teaches kids how they should always try to overcome their fear. What's more important is the breaking of hereditary roles and defining who you want to be, away from what society thinks you should be. You don't need to be a fantastic race-plane to win the race. As long as you are willing to work hard (and of course, with supportive friends and a good tutor), the sky is the limit! If you have small children, time and money to spare, it's might be worth a trip to the Cinema.

For full review:
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B-Diaz0610 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
OK, this movie was lame for this reason. It's pretty obvious that Disney just wanted to squeeze as much juice as they could from "Cars", so they basically make another "Cars" movie, and just make the main characters into "Planes." Like I just said, very lame-o.

On the positive side, the quality of the animation is very good, and you I'm sure a lot of the kiddies can't get enough of this stuff, and I'm sure they will have a lot of cute toys, maybe even a ride from this movie, but seriously, if you are older than 7, maybe 8, you will be able to see right through this as just another marketing ploy by Disney.

I believe they have a sequel in the works for next year as well, so gear up for that folks!
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GREAT for kids and adults alike. Cotton candy for aviation buffs.
aux-761-28627410 August 2013
"Planes" = fantastic movie. Critics will say it is derivative...I say SO WHAT! It was filled with correctly used aviation lingo cotton candy and humor, the score was terrific, flying scenes were outstanding, and it was fun yet plausible.

I understand how non-aviation (you "get it" or you don't) adults may feel "lost in the lingo", but your kids won't...they will suck it up like a sponge. Regardless, it's a touching, fun, funny and cute movie.

Coming out of the theater...I saw something I have not seen in 40 running around outside the theater, arms out, acting like planes. (tear in my eye) I doubt you will see that coming out of the snail movie.
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'Planes' Not Smooth, But Enjoyable Flight
disneymoviereviewer11 August 2013
This review took a while to write. I was trying to decide whether my casual interest for airplanes was clouding my judgement. Then I got confused about whether I was rooting for DisneyToon Studios to succeed or fail in its first theatrical effort in nearly seven years. What I came away with was this: Planes is a good movie. Dusty Crophopper (Dane Cook) is a crop dusting plane who dreams of racing. Besides the fact that he is afraid of heights, Dusty is hampered by his lack of speed. Still, he chases after his dream and, through a series of incredibly predictable events, he ends up in a race around the world. There are some things to dislike about this movie. The most obvious is that it starts with a title screen that says "From above the world of 'Cars.'" It's like Disney was shouting, "We hope you saw that movie because that was really cool. This will try to be that, but it's going to fail." Beyond that there were a few parts that were a little hokey. Some say "Planes" has weak script writing, but I think the real weak link is Dane Cook. Every time I heard Dusty talk, I kept thinking Owen Wilson would have been great in that role. Then I remembered that Owen voiced Lightning McQueen, the main character in "Cars." There is no way they would reuse Owen's voice for what is essentially the same role in a movie that is so connected to "Cars." Still, Planes won me over. Roper (Sinbad) and El Chupacabra (Carlos Alazraqui) were hilarious. I liked how Disney showed multiple cultures and gave each its individual identity. They even got a Bollywood actress to voice the Indian plane Ishani. This is a great movie for kids who wonder when they will ever need Science or Math, as the planes constantly talk about gravity, drag, tail winds and moisture levels. It will further bolster arguments that those subjects are good for lots of things. You don't need to see Cars before you see this, but there are some ties to that movie. Planes doesn't have the Radiator Springs emotion of Cars, but it tries to make up for that in other ways. If you liked cars, you will like this. Final Verdict: I'll let others debate whether this should be a direct-to-home video film. If you have nothing else to do, Planes is a solid movie for you to see. It gets a solid 7 out of 10 in my mind. It doesn't soar to high heights, but it doesn't crash and burn. Cars was a favorite with kids and I suspect this series will be as well.
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Thought it was great
justin-792-20332814 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Not sure why people think this is a bad movie. I thought it was great and the intended audience my kids loved it. Its not Pixar, and this is good it didn't have that boring part in the middle (like the 60's and 70's bands where is just instrumental.) This was better then cars I have seen Cars well over 100 times, and every other Pixar and or Disney movie and my boys love them.

But this one was something I liked as well the planes were cool and they had personality. To say its boring is just a review thats out right wrong. sure the Ishani flt was sorta the slow part but the animation and detail of the taj mahal was very good.

I do agree it seems like Disney threw a bunch or merchandise out very quickly, but everyone on the planet knows about the Disney Machine and how it works, so thats not new. IF you didn't like its because you didn't give it a chance and had an expectation of it to be like a pixar film.

I say see it I have taken the boys to see it twice and it was just as good the second time.
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Planes a wonderful tale of never giving up on your dreams.
bluesman-2021 September 2013
Disney takes the Pixar Formula that made Cars and Cars 2. Instead they make it about the planes that inhabit the Cars world. the Story is actually Very simple. Dusty Crophopper is a Crop duster. but he dreams of being a big time racer. His friends tell him he wasn't made to be a racer stick to dusting crops. But he has two friends that believe in him. And when they actually get him ready to qualify for the big race and He to everyone's amazement Does Qualify. Dusty becomes much more then just a dust cropper. He seeks the advice of a old World War II corsair named Skipper who pushes Dusty thru his paces and makes Dusty perfect because of Skipper's intense training. When the race begins Dusty is met with scorn and isn't given much of a chance. The Current Champion ripslinger hates him because Dusty represents all of the planes that have no business racing. but slowly Dusty Makes friends and impresses everyone with his heart and courage.

And not once does he ever give up on his dreams. There is a wonderful story here. But a Better lesson for kids who want to be something and are told no they can't because of whatever reasons.

I took my kids to see it and they loved it. Sure it's a kids movie but it's so well made it can be for adults as well. Never give up on your dreams put the hard work in that's needed to succeed and you too can be a winner.

Some people say it's lazy film making but it isn't. There was a lot of hard work and hard thought that went into this movie and a lot of inspiration. I took a group of five year old boys to see it. Two of them have ADHD and they sat thru this movie and paid attention. That alone should tell you everything you need to know.
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johnkerher14 March 2014
A plane that is afraid of heights? Really, is that all you could come up with...

That's like a car that's afraid of a freeway. This is only going to be enjoyed by children under 10, if even that. Bob the builder is better, seriously.

Summary: Jokes were not funny - Every line was trying too, too hard - Any effort to give the characters life fall very, very short - Action scenes were boring and predictable - It was like drinking a flat soda, no spark or fizz from start to finish.

Well, I feel like I have put more effort into this review than it deserves! Which is more than I can say for the film.

UGH, I want my time back please!
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crgdan30 September 2013
As a pilot and a father I loved this movie. I read an article in AOPA magazine before watching it that was fair. I looked for and found many inaccuracies in the flying part of it, but I did enjoy knowing the fact that they purposely did not make the wings move as arms. Their were a few "one liners" that as I pilot I got like when he first entered New York airspace, flying it myself for the first time was just as daunting and it made me laugh maybe too hard. I also did a little crop dusting in a Pawnee (similar to dusty) and enjoyed the storyline of him being afraid of heights, I can see that. while some may find the focus on flying a bit dull, my son enjoyed it as well and he is the target audience. I cant wait for the planned sequels to come out.
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Nice Film
Writer_Commentary7 September 2014
I saw this movie on an airplane once since I figured it would be appropriate. I know that it has some connections to Cars, even if it isn't Pixar. While I heard good things about Cars and bad things about Cars 2, I was wondering how a movie like this would fare. Well, I think that the film was good in the end. It may not be entirely realistic, but it's a cartoon so it really isn't supposed to be. I admit that the whole plot of the movie can be a bit obvious and predictable, but that doesn't make it any less enjoyable. Planes was a good use of time on that long flight. The subplots may not be what you expect, but that makes them all the more better. I hope that you enjoyed the film like I did.
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Good Disney movie and worth it on the big screen!
lauragoconnell3 September 2013
I am in my 20s and am a huge fan of "Cars" and even I was sceptical that "Planes" would be a direct knock-off. It's not the same movie, has all different characters, and different settings. The good feelings associated with the movie are similar, but aren't all Disney animated movies about good feelings?! I really liked this movie for its animation. The flying sequences rival that of the scenery from "Avatar". It is definitely worth seeing it in 3D. I agree with some reviews that say that "Planes" is more aimed at children than adults, but that is okay. It is a Disney animated movie.....and a good one! Disney Animation did a wonderful job incorporating details of the scenery, plane history, and the US military, as well. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!
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Good Kids Movie
dcassady18 August 2013
Everyone is comparing this movie to Cars. Obviously it's of the same style with similar voices, but it's not really the same. There are some twists and turns that one might not expect. I found this movie less predictable than cars in the subtleties to the point where overall it was a quite different movie. I have to wonder how closely those who are saying it's just another Cars movie actually watched it. It's easy to tune out once you recognize the voices and the style of animation and think you've seen it all before, but I bet they missed some key points that those who come at it from a fresh perspective would've appreciated. It was a great movie for my 7 year old son and I - one that actually provoked some meaningful conversation which Cars, although enjoyable - did not. I thought Cars was much more simplistic and predictable.
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Cars 2: Car crash, Planes: Plane wreck
rubycacchione13 August 2013
After seeing what Cars 2 was capable of showing, my expectations were very low for this movie...... Well they should have been lower..... Pixar could see this crash from miles away, and made the right move to sit this one out. Disney had just redeemed themselves with Monsters University, and now they're back where they were 2 years ago... Well I guess we will just have to wait till Finding Dory and or The Friendly dinosaur so Disney can put them selves back together. Wait till this movie is out on DVD to see it, this movie is not worth your money! Although the animation is nice, the plot and charters are not! Do not see this Movie if you are a fan of Cars! Or Disney!
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