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MPAA Rated PG-13 for mature thematic content involving drinking, sexuality, bullying, some violent images, and language-all involving teens.

Sex & Nudity

  • A teenage girl mouths the word "blowjob" to a boy as a promise for later.
  • Girl flashes her bra covered breasts to a bunch of girls in a car
  • The theme of the main character losing her virginity is throughout the film, but heavily referenced in the first half an hour.
  • "No glove, no love" and condoms are mentioned a few times throughout the film
  • A passionate scene with heavy kissing on a bed - lasts about 40 seconds.
  • A boy puts his hand under a girls top or gropes her breasts a number of times during kissing scenes.
  • A girl hands another girl a condom, saying: "No glove, no love"

Violence & Gore

  • A teenager gets into a fight with another girl at a party and everyone ends up throwing their full cups of alcoholic drinks at her
  • A few teenagers, for a couple days in a row, end up in fatal car crashes.


  • There are 3 F-Bombs, 2 of them which are quickly glossed over as well as some uses of b*tch, sh*t, a*s, h*ll and G*d d*mn,
  • 2 uses of the "f**k", and some use of other bad language such as "bitches", 1 use of the "gd word", and "hell".
  • Name calling such as "psycho" and "Norma Bates" are used to describe a specific teen.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • There are about a handful of drinking scenes and no smoking scenes.
  • Teens at a party drink alcoholic beverages.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • An intense truck accident scene is shown between 3-5 times as well as one other time in a vision.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • The main character dresses provocatively and acts very suggestively toward her teacher.

Violence & Gore

  • A teenager runs into a street getting hit by an incoming car intentionally trying to commit suicide. The car is shown flipping over afterwards and it's revealed all the girls in the car died too.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There is a scene of bullying in the film where some popular girls ridicule a misfit by calling her names. It is suggested that the misfit commits suicide following the incident.

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