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Delightful Family Entertaining
claudio_carvalho1 February 2014
The ex-villain Gru is raising his daughters Margo, Edith and Agnes and researching a legitimate jelly and jam business with Dr. Nefarion and the minions. Meanwhile, a laboratory in Arctic is stolen by a powerful aircraft using magnetism. The Anti-Villain league (AVL) agent Lucy Wilde recruits Gru to help her agency to discover who has stolen the laboratory and its research. They know that the thief has a store in a mall, and Gru suspects that the owner of the Mexican restaurant Salsa & Salsa, Eduardo Perez, may be the villain El Macho that is presumed dead in an accident.

"Despicable Me 2" is a delightful family entertaining. Who can resist to Gru, Agnes and the minions? And now, with Margo growing up and interested in boys and the clumsy but heartwarming Lucy Wilde, it is a great fun for the whole family. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Meu Malvado Favorito 2" ("My Favorite Wicked 2")
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Good animated fun!
SnoosReviews23 June 2013
I went to see this film this morning and found it very enjoyable. I can't really remember the 1st so I can't really compare.

Despicable Me 2 is a fast paced, funny, feel good film that keeps you entertained from the 1st minute to the last. The pace of the film moves along nicely and keeps the audience attention very well. It has many laugh out loud moments, a decent mix of children humour and adult humour.

The main character Gru (voiced by Steve Carell)is likable and funny. The minions however are the main stars, they had me laughing on multiple occasions during the film. The language created for the minions is very well done as they speak in a fictional language but you can always gather what they are saying.

I found the visuals very impressive, it was very colourful and very imaginative. The action scenes we also very well done.

Would definitely recommend seeing this, no matter what your age. I am 22 and thoroughly enjoyed this movie. It's not just for kids!
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Loved It!!!
carrie-ann-707-76942427 June 2013
In all honesty I can't remember the first film that well, so I found it hard to compare to the sequel. On the other hand this film is completely memorable and so enjoyable.

I saw the preview and I absolutely loved it. I was worried that all the good bits were in the adverts but the film was full of exciting and hilarious parts that aren't in the advert.

The minions are so funny, I was actually crying with laughter at some parts. In fact, I enjoyed it so much I am taking my little brother to see it again (mainly so I can see it again! Hehe)

The characters are lovable, hate able, and hilarious, the film has evolved from the first one (from what I can remember) and its such a heart warming family film.

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Riotously hilarious, sugary sweet, absolutely adorable and most of all marvelously miniontastic!
almanjit2512 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I saw Despicable Me 2 in the cinema and when i left i did not like it all that much. If i do not take to a film on the first watch then i am unlikely to change my opinion on subsequent views. This film is one of the rare exceptions. I have many 'perhaps' reasons of not liking it the first time from spoilers to mood changes. Well that in neither here nor there. I decided to see it just to pass time after a strenuous day at college followed by work. And i was blown away. Then i saw it again yesterday and it was even better.

It has its goal set out from the very start. It is family entertainment in and out. And great family entertainment.

It is contemporary ingenuity coupled with zany cartoony fantasy to produce a feature that is so much fun and so exciting. It is the first animated feature in a long time to move away from serious or emotion filled animation and instead aim for the imaginative wild completely unrealistic feel and fun of the cartoons of yore. That is a great thing as it feels like something new and in this case new is awesome. I adore emotion filled animation but sometimes you just need to smile and laugh and laugh some more with crazy comedic toon antics and this film provides that. The animation is so colorful and delightful, so pleasing to the eye in its adorableness.

Whoever imagined the minions needs to be awarded a medal. They are the most adorable, most cute, most sweet, most pure laugh and smile inducing creations to grace animation in a long time. They made me laugh out wildly and smile all through the film until my cheeks were hurting and i felt like bursting with pure happiness. They are just fun and amazing. Oh and they sing too, hilariously.

The films posters said as their tagline "The Spy who Lover Her'. An obvious reference to the James Bond flick, The Spy Who Loved Me. So obviously espionage and spy craziness is thrown in for a satisfying story. A story that in fact feels like an updated cartoon version of an exaggerated James Bond film of the the 70's and 80's.

Gru really is an amazing father and his relationship with the girls is something very precious. I like how family dynamic is explored in this film. Rarely do we have films of adopted children coming into a new family dynamic. The last time i saw that type of dynamic was in Tarzan in 1999 before seeing it once more in the prequel to this film. The girls are just great in this film. Agnes who is just so adorable wishes for a mother and Gru sees that and he can see it is saddening her. Gru is also lonely and goes out into the dating world resulting in hilarious consequences and sweet surprises.

Agent Lucy Wilde, nice pun since she is a huge dose of wild fun, is just a great character addition that adds to the looniness and excitement of it all. She is so weird in the best way possible, quirky, funny and absolutely amazing. She is a remarkable character. And her vivid personality just adds to the sweetness and captivating charm of this film. Thus she provides the perfect romantic lead for Gru.

Pharell Williams needs applause for the music. The songs are just so upbeat and fun and in the distinct style of Mr Williams. They are just so warm and the animated sequences accompanying them are just marvelous, fun and dream like. Adding to the smiles galore of the film.

It is a film for the family and the hilarious humor is divided into slapstick hilarity that adults too will thoroughly love, some jokes that will go over kids heads and some really sensational references mostly aimed at adults such as The Spy Who Loved Me and many more including other James Bond references and references to Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, The Incredibles, Get Smart as well as The Matrix and Superman among others.

I feel this film will become what the film Up is to me. A film so sweet, so heartwarming and imaginative and so smile inducing that it will just keep getting more amazing with further views as the years go by and become an absolute all time favorite.

I like that they mix humor with sweet awkward and adorable romance. Then they stir in the Minion Factor of pure awesomeness. Toss in great gags and action packed and imaginative excitement. Sprinkle some sweetness and finally folding in a dollop of fun. A very fun movie for everyone.
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Fantastic family fun, on par with the original
TheLittleSongbird9 July 2013
The first Despicable Me was a wonderful film, so while there is the worry of whether a sequel would work you can't help wanting to see it anyway. Despicable Me 2 was just as good as the first one, maybe not as fresh in terms of plot but what worked so well in the first works equally well here. The animation, also having the advantage of staying true to the style and look that the first had, is bursting with vibrancy and colour without looking too over-saturated as well as having a lot of detail to it. The retro-futuristic designs and gadgets are inventive and very striking to look at, while the music has rousing energy and is also memorable. Despicable Me 2 in the writing and gags is peppered with humour, and this is of the laugh-out-loud hilarious kind, though because there's a lot and that you may be laughing so hard you may be at a risk of missing something. To counter-balance the hilarity, the film also incorporates a message, it is a heartfelt one and doesn't feel cloying and out-of-place. For what the story may lack slightly in freshness in correlation with the first, it more than makes up for it in wit, heart, excitement and how briskly it moves without feeling rushed. Having more of the minions- one of the best assets of the first film- was a masterstroke also, and their subplot also gave the story an increasing sense of jeopardy and threat(though theirs is a little more interesting than that of world domination). Gru is a lovable character, whether a villain like in the first or not, and adds a lot of charisma and energy to the film. The top-notch vocal talents of Steve Carrell, Steve Coogan, Kristen Wiig, Benjamin Bratt and even Russell Brand are a further advantage. All in all, like the first Despicable Me this sequel is fantastic family fun and equal to it. 9/10 Bethany Cox
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When the world needed a hero, they called a villain.
slwild-616-63580023 June 2013
I went to the cinema preview with my friend for this movie, and its even better than the first film! I only saw the first film recently, and I really liked it. I wasn't sure I wanted to go and see the film at first, but my mate wanted me to go and see the preview yesterday with him, and reluctantly, I said yes. Usually, the second films aren't better than the first, but boy was I wrong! I was laughing through out the whole film, and so was everyone in the audience, it was full to! Steve Carrell's character, Gru, was hilarious. I think everyone could agree though, the minions were the best characters in the film. My friend told me the directors made up a little language and did the voices, and I was very impressed, for you could hear a hint of English in every word they said.

So, if you have seen the first film and liked it, don't hesitate to go and see it when it officially come out on the 28th June. And if you haven't seen the first film, why not?
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Cute and Adorable Second Film!
ShelbyTMItchell20 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Really a cute film as it is once again the Minions stealing the movie. As it puts in a sense more of a focus on Gru as a father and the Minions become part of a sinister plot.

Now with raising three daughters of Agnes, Edith, and Margo at youngest Agnes birthday. And trying to go straight. But when a comedic but determined secret agent named Lucy tries to recruit Gru into the Anti-Villains League. He refuses saying he is raising his kids and trying to be selling jelly and jams, although he is failing at it miserably.

But she gives him her card nonetheless. But also after his assistant and friend, Dr. Nefario leaves to find work after missing being a villain, Gru reconsiders and he and Lucy are undercover.

While his three girls try to find him a date. Which he does not want but soon has feelings for Lucy but tries not too good to hide them. Same with Lucy. As both think that a Mexican restaurant owner named Eduardo is behind mutating chemicals. Along with getting his minions kidnapped due to Eduardo wanting them to help in his scheme.

To be honest I kind of liked the second film better than the first film. As it shows a little more character development in the three girls plus Gru and his love life. Plus the Minions being part of the plot.

Cute and adorable second film!
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A must see.
nazanya3 July 2013
This movie will honestly have you crying of laughter. It's as if this franchise will only continue to be better and better! With lots of lovely little twists and silly little gags Despicable me 2 will warm your heart and leave you smiling like silly! Definitely something to watch if you're upset, definitely will cheer you up.

The movie has you smiling straight from the start with the cuteness and the willingness emitted from Gru when it comes to the kids.

Despicable me 2 was absolutely worth the wait. With lots of highs and lows Gru has managed to prove to the audience that we should be able to put our faith in him, much like our common superhero movie Gru is put in difficult situations we question how he will get out of, but of course, he does.

This is not just for children either, people ages 30 could easily be caught smiling at this heart-warming movie.
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Better than the original!
VisionofHope21 June 2013
It's not often that a hit animated film's sequel surpasses the original film. Despicable Me 2 is one of those rare cases. From the moment it appears on the screen to the end of the film, Despicable Me 2 is a fast paced, fun film that never ceases to be entertaining.

This film has you laughing quite often, contains humour that both kids and adults can appreciate, and had at least one moment that was worthy of clapping out loud to.

The character development is to be praised, as is the warmth and soul that Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud put into this film.

This film leaves you feeling joyful and satisfied and happy for the characters and the new direction their lives are taking.

This film is not to be missed and I can't recommend it enough.
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A certain degree of disappointment
princedelapau6 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I totally fell in love with Despicable Me. It's probably going to be on my list of Ten Best Films, so naturally I awaited with eagerness the premiere of Despicable Me 2. I watched all the trailers, teasers and Mini Movies with Minions - loved them all. Then I watched the film in full 3D.

Oh dear...

I always thought that there might be a problem with transforming Gru from a villain into a good guy, and I was right. Half of the humour in the original film was based on the fact that Gru is not a nice person.

Unfortunately, he has now been sanitized, virtually recreated as a good suburban father, albeit with some extremely strange habits.

Two of the best protagonists from the original film were ignored: Vector, last seen on the Moon with a polythene helmet on his head, and Dr. Nefario, who vanished for 95% of Despicable Me 2. Even Gru's mother, who had some wonderful cameo appearances in the original, was visible only once.

So, continuity from Film 1 to Film 2 - virtually none.

One of the great charms of the original film were the incredible inventions: the Farter Blaster thing, the Anti-gravity Serum, the boogie robots... This time there was nothing to take their place.

With Vector and Pointy-haired Man from the Bank of Evil Gru had worthy opponents, but the villain of this film was an absolute non-entity - I can't even recall his name without looking it up. All of the tension and interplay between the characters in the first film were missing in this one.

Another of the highlights of the first film was the music. Unfortunately, the soundtrack this time was completely forgettable, with the exception of a reprise of one of the songs from the original - Pretty Girls, I think it was called. Something like that... I was a bit busy yawning to note exactly which of the good songs it was. I just made a mental note and then went back to being slightly bored again.

Yes, I enjoyed it, for a given value of "enjoy". Who could help but enjoy watching those darling little minions? But I left the cinema feeling cheated: Despicable Me deserved a better sequel, better music, a better story line and far better characterisation.

I'm wavering between 5/10 and 6/10, but I'll plump for 6/10 because I actually liked the 3D effects. Without them I'd probably plump for 5/10
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Great Fun!
Scottfarmer77828 July 2013
So Despicable Me 2 is a very family funny/friendly animated comedy which at points really does make you laugh! If you are reading this now and haven't yet seen the trailer, I would recommend you don't watch the trailer and just go straight to the film, Some of the best parts are shown in the trailer. To watch this film you don't really need to have seen the first however I would recommend you do as at points the film refers to Despicable Me (1).

I'm going to keep this review short and simply say, I gave this film a 9* rating as I found it strongly entertaining, not as funny as I thought but still a great film! The story line was also very easy to follow and keeps you engaged throughout.

Would recommend this film to anyone! I would say most people will enjoy this film, find it entertaining and recommend it to there friends!

This film is perfect for any family to view!
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it's OK... funny but a bit boring
goofyball5 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
i wanted to love it... i really did... i love the first one... told many about it... clearly lots of people saw it after it's theatrical run and are excited for part 2... but i saw it last night and it is a little dull... story is weak... predictable...

spoilers the main plot is that gru has to find a villain so gru's a good guy now... that's about it... not a bad idea but most of the movie is him stuck in a mall looking for this villain who is one of the shop owners... just not that interesting... and obvious and it just doesn't feel like a lot is at stake.

he points to the actual bad guy immediately... we all know this is the dude but the movie keeps going... the bad guy is kind of boring and not much is done... he's pretty generic... the villain (beyond gru) in the first one was so much better.

the oldest daughters thing for boys is cute... kristen wiig's character is fun and while their romance is obvious it's still OK the minions save the day... i mean the film.

not a bad sequel at all... still funny... carell and wiig are great... movie's just a little dull
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It was okay, I guess
almighty_kyra16 July 2013
I was really looking forward to this film, but to be honest, it wasn't all that amusing. It made me smile a couple of times, but no real chuckles. The story was a little messy. Gru wasn't as convincing. Neither were his interactions with some of the new characters. Pure good doesn't suit him very well. The minions weren't as funny - in fact, they were a little annoying - and the villain's master plan was rubbish.

The graphics were okay, but visibly low budget (compared to Pixar's Brave, for instance). It was as disappointing as one must expect from a sequel.

If you don't have anything better to do and just want to be mildly entertained for 98 minutes, go for it. Otherwise, just re-watch the original Despicable Me, it was a lot better.
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Jam & Jelly. Gripping stuff.
randreww21 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The first film was genius. Everyone loves the bad guys, & there were plenty of them in the first film. Squid gun.. Oh Yeah! But this film not only had no purpose, but it destroyed the personality of ALL the characters.

It starts off rather promising, with the mystery crime taking place. A giant magnet? Genius idea! They could have gone somewhere with the technology of that concept. Stealing the Eiffel Tower, ships at see, Rockets & weapons. But we never see or hear of it again. We don't even know who the villain is until the film is almost over. The first film was bold, edgy, had great ideas about the style of being bad. And Gru was a mad genius who was different, self aware, & refused to conform. He took advantage of how dumb other humans were, & he had a deep passion for his concepts. ALL that is gone in this film, & he is reduced to a bumbling idiot, desperate to get hitched. He is made to look a fool by an annoying woman from the start, & everyone just makes fun of him for the rest of the film. The eldest girl was smart, mature, responsible & lovable in the first film. In this film, she leaves her two youngest sisters on their own in a mall to go & have it off with a young boy who was taken straight out of the book of clichés. That's what this film is.. one long list of endless clichés. It's an insult to all who made the first film so intelligent & unique. It was a clever spy mad professor movie. I hate how it has been reduced to a soap opera chick flick.

It puzzles me how this film has such a high rating. I suspect that IMDb is now fixing ratings for promotion techniques. And can no longer be trusted. Either that, or people have lost their standards today. After all, the films being made today are the worst kind of disposable trash imaginable. This one is no exception. AVOID.
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Do not believe these ratings - part 1 was a good movie, part 2 is definitely not.
CAREFUL! I went to the cinema yesterday to watch this movie because I liked the first part and because I trusted in the good rating here on IMDb which was a mistake. Maybe you like Despicable Me 2, but if you are looking for a movie like Despiceable Me 1, I want you to know that THIS MOVIE IS NOT COMPARABLE TO ITS PREDECESSOR. I liked the predecessors extraordinary and impressible sense of humor - which has become damn silly in part 2. I also liked the story and its message in part 1 - which has become ordinary and cheesy in part 2. Sad that they did not put half the effort and love into this movie compared to Despicable Me 1.
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One hundred percent Enjoyable!
srivenkateshkr11 July 2013
The sudden torrential showers had me thinking do I really have to go for the movie, but thank god I did! One and half hours of laughter made it worthwhile for braving the rain. From the word go, you start laughing and till the movie ends (and it gets only better during credits). There is no special intro to Gru this time but his 'Angel' costume really sets the tone. Agnes is cuter than ever and watching her run like the unicorn makes you smile (atmosphere gets better if you have kids in your theater, I had quite a few and makes you laugh when they imitate Agnes!). Margo is growing up and Edith is just the same. Gru is also looking out for a date all through the film, not knowing he has one right next to him, Lucy. She is the Agent from AVL (Anti Villain League) and her first job is the way she brings in Gru. (Lipstick taaaser!!!). And then there are the Minions. They actually are the focus of this film. You get a load of them throughout the film but you never notice. Every single one of their scenes make you laugh so hard that at one point I couldn't stop!!!(Minion Fire Brigade!!) And then there is El Macho and his son(and his chicken!) who give the twists in the end. You wont miss out Dr.Nefario who seems to leave Gru and plot the crime but helps save the world in the end. So the final verdict: if you want to have 90 mins of real hard laughter, you can close your eyes and go for it!
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40% more Minions a must go see!
kmacmillan8804 July 2013
This was better than the 1st film which I saw and enjoyed. This is fast paced and funny because I laughed throughout. There are loads of potentially funny situations and they exploited them all instead of the disappointment of not taking things that little bit further. I'll be seeing it again and again as there is so much to catch the 2nd and 3rd time around too. The new characters, bad guy and gal spy, the spicy Latin flavor all enhance the storyline and enjoyment of the film. Minions are all throughout the film so if you wanted more you got more. I saw the 2D version which was brilliant. 3D would be quite a ride with all the action scenes. Check it out !!!
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Every You Would Want In A Family Film,
lesleyharris3024 June 2013
Despicable Me 2 is a brilliant film with a great storyline and an impressive voice cast.I definitely wouldn't say it was better than the first Despicable Me,the first one was a lot more heartwarming,but it still is a very good sequel and has everything you want in a family film,humor for both young and older audiences.However,the story of the movie feels very scattered and throughout I felt like they were trying to fit too much in one hour and a half.Like the first Despicable Me,the Minions are the best part,and they get even more screen time in this one that they did previously,it's almost impossible not to laugh at these goofy and lovable characters.It's not as good as the first Despicable Me,but this sequel is very funny and an enjoyable movie for the whole family and I look forward to seeing what Illumination Entertainment does with these characters in the future.

Gru (voiced by Steve Carell) joins the Anti-Villain League in order to find an anonymous villain working on an experiment to turn the world evil.
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sydjenks12 July 2013
I don't understand how this is 7.8. I am a fair reviewer and this is at most a 6 by IMDb standards.

It is well rendered, and there are some innovative parts, the characters which were excellently formed in the first one have now no consistency, the subplots clumsily come together, and no matter how many reviewers say this has adult and child appeal, it really is aimed at very young children.

if I was to compare it in standard, you are looking at a Ice Age/Madagascar standard instead of the Kung Fu Panda/Toy Story 3 level.

Worth a watch but 7.8 sounds a bit fishy to me
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More Minion Madness? Yes, please!
aaronx4730 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
"Despicable Me 2" is the highly anticipated sequel to the lovable "Despicable Me". It was fairly unique as instead of the typical good guy as the main character, they put up a villain as the protagonist (although he ended up good) which made it more refreshing and more fun to watch. Aside from his pointy nose and hilarious accent, we were also invited to spend some time with the extremely adorable and mischievous yellow Minions, who speak almost entirely incomprehensibly in their own unique language. There were also the three little girls that have the movie heart (Margo, Edith, and Agnes).

This time around, Gru's no longer a villain. He's devoting his life to being a father and raising his three adorable little kids. (He dressed up as a fairy for Agnes's 6th birthday.) He's also managing his business of manufacturing jellies. But when there's a villain who just stole a secret formula (named PX-41) that could threaten the entire civilization, Gru is recruited by the Anti-Villain League, headed by Silas Ramsbottom ("bottom" read in a Minion's voice), to stop this new villain. His partner is an orange-haired funny woman named Lucy Wilde.

Gru is facing with different kinds of experiences now. He's raising his three girls and has become a father. He's managing his jelly business. But he's also for the first time in love, which is haunting him due to a past experience back in his days at school. Love is a central theme to the story this time around. Gru is in love and a fun love storyline comes in full effect. Not only is Gru in love, but Gru's oldest daughter Margo also experiences the rush of falling in love. Even Dave, one of Gru's many Minions, falls in love. This love theme is what sets this sequel apart from the original.

We have an array of new characters now. The first one is Lucy Wilde, the orange-haired woman who works for the AVL and eventually becomes Gru's love interest. Her funny actions and hyperactive behavior makes her a fantastic addition to the wide range of vibrant characters here. There's also Silas Ramsbottom (emphasis on "bottom"), the leader of the AVL. His elegant personality and unique appearance makes him a lovable addition to the diverse cast. The final main addition to the character list is Eduardo Perez, the owner of a Mexican restaurant whose real identity provokes the saying: "there's more than meets the eye".

While these new colorful characters add a delight to the screen, none of them compare to the lovable army of yellow Minions. Hands down, they stole the whole film. They have fantastic chemistry with just about anybody and they're funny as hell. Every sound that comes out of their is just damn hilarious. I have no doubt that children will enjoy the Minions' mischiefs. This time, the Minions have more scenes dedicated to them too, compared to their appearance in the first film. Oh, and don't forget Dr. Nefario too, who sadly has his appearance minimized. But every time he appears on screen, he's a delight.

The comedy here works too. The jokes are humorous and most of them work for all ages. Some of them may not be original or repetitive, but they're still able to give you a laugh. And it doesn't hurt that an incredible cast was behind the delivery of the jokes here. Steve Carell was charming as usual and he never fails to impress with his excellent voice portrayal of Gru. Kristen Wiig was energetic as the energizing Lucy Wilde. Benjamin Bratt also gave a satisfying performance as Eduardo Perez. The rest of the cast was superb too.

The visual effects were incredible. The sets were also very vibrant and colorful. They're so wonderful that they make the film come to life. Everything is splendid about the setting. They're also very detailed and it's just a treat for the eyes. The animation too is just eye- popping. All the characters' movements are extremely detailed and very smooth. The 3D is more of an optional choice though, but some scenes are especially tailored for 3D as they literally pop out of the screen, especially the end credits. Don't miss that one.

Despite the beautiful visuals, the film only explores several locations which is kind of upsetting. A big chunk of the film is set in Paradise Mall, a colorful mall. Some scenes take us to other places but I feel that it's kind of limited. I feel that it's kind of a missed opportunity because the animation here is just irresistible and they could've given us more sets to feast our eyes on.

But despite some setbacks, "Despicable Me 2" is a satisfying sequel to the excellent original. I won't say that it's better than the original because it lacks the freshness the first film possessed. But this sequel comes really close and this should be an entertaining 98- minute adventure.

Rating: 8/10

Final Verdict: It's not as fresh as the original but "Despicable Me 2" nearly matches the first one and is highly entertaining for all audiences, with plenty of laughs and a superb cast.
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A disappointment
jcl54129 July 2013

I don't get to watch too many movies, and even fewer on the big screen. So after watching Despicable Me (the original) numerous times at home - and loving it to death, this movie was a big disappointment for me and my daughters at the movie theater. It's been hard for me to put a finger on exactly what was missing, but I think it is mostly the lack of clever, witty dialog that filled the first movie. There are many fun moments in this movie, but they are predominantly sight-gags and one-liners. And sadly, the space between those moments was just not too intriguing. FYI, my girls (10 and 7) were also underwhelmed - though my younger one asked to get it on DVD or iPad, so she could replay the few parts she really liked.

I thought this sequel had a lot of potential - especially in the Lucy character, but most of that potential was just squandered. The villain is portrayed with a very stereotyped and non-PC caricature, and unlike Vector (the villain from the first movie), didn't seem to have any motive. The evil plot was actually kind of scary instead of being funny, and the characters seem to spend a lot of time doing things that were just not that interesting and saying things that were just not that funny.

All in all, a real let-down for our once-in-a-blue-moon trip to the movie theater.
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One of the funniest movies I've ever seen
avsroxbronxfan24 July 2013
***NOTE*** I only check-marked this because I say one joke from the movie. Other than that, this review is spoiler-free.

When I saw the first Despicable Me movie, I liked it a lot, but I was expecting a really funny movie with serious moments in there. I personally believe the first one is a film that has a first priority to make you care rather than just go for laughs the whole time. It does that, and has a few funny moments. I felt that the sequel would be similar in that aspect, but I was wrong about that. This film is loaded with funny moments. You saw some of it in the trailer, but I still expected the movie to be like the first. I'm glad I was wrong though, because the more funny moments in this film really gives us something new and unique about it. This was the big comedy I was expecting with the first film. There are so many humorous moments in this, you'd lose track easily. I think the joke that made me laugh the most was at the beginning of the film when Agnes is having a medieval-themed birthday party. The minions are playing along and one of them keeps hitting the wrong thing, and all the other minions just attack him. That was just awesome. Speaking of them, I love how creative they've become. There's so many great jokes with them, it's hard not to enjoy them.

As for the characters, all your favorites from the first are back, plus they introduce a few new ones, like Lucy, and the villain. I'm not going to say who the villain is, or what he does, but I will say that his build-up in the movie is really clever. He kidnaps most of the minions, but you don't see his face, or even any of his body. It's not revealed who the villain is until around the end of the movie. I think that's really clever, but I don't think the villain is very threatening, or even funny.

I'm also not a fan of Lucy. She always seems to be in a laid-back mood. There's one scene where she's strapped to a rocket, and she's not even acting like she's freaking out. Why is she happy about everything? I can understand that they're trying to make her a fun character, but I think she was overdone.

Another thing I like about this movie, however, is that when I was watching the trailers for it, I felt this may just be Gru trying to stop a bad guy. For the most part, it is, but there's another story going on (I know I check-marked spoilers, but I'm not saying it) that is balanced very well into this movie. It's more than just Gru trying to save the world.

I personally liked this movie better than the first one, although that one was good too. I may even put this as one of my favorite comedies. Go see it when you have the chance.
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a big let down
acid_marmalade6 August 2013
i watched the first movie a lot of times, i must admit it was by accident cause there wasn't anything good on TV, but i loved it, the villain, the minions and the plot, so i expected way more from this movie. In the first one the minions were used as sidekicks they had their funny moments but weren't like really part of the plot, which was okay cause they were the ingredient for the comedy and were used very well.. in the second one they are way way overused.. they put minions every five minutes and the jokes and even their language aren't as funny as the first.. it feels like "they tried too hard".. the villain was the stupid "i wanna rule the world" overused motive.. vector was 100 times better... i'm not saying was bad but was just a movie i wouldn't watch again... the first one i could watch over and over.. Btw i'm sorry if i don't make much sense.. my English is very limited
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Fell Short of the Goal
Vincent_B6 July 2013
This movie might be worth the rental and then it is just something to toss at your kids about 6 to 8 years old. The first movie was hit with both young and old but this movie is just cliché filled with tropes and idioms. Unlike the first story this one lacks humor.

The writers completely lose sight of the good characters from the first movie such as; Vector, Dr. Nefario, and even Gru's Mom. They bring in a new villain who leaves a dry taste in your mouth. The only thing original and funny about him was his premature demise. Instead the comedy falls on the shoulders of his minions. The plot is far too predictable for any adult.

The moral of the tale? Apparently single parents are just no good at raising children.
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definitely worth seeing - as good as the first one
mrkiz22 June 2013
i just came back from cinema and have to say that it was great, fast, funny, full of jokes for audience of all ages, although storyline has a lot of secondary threads it lacks some major twist that could make you say 'i did not saw that coming', but then again it is aimed at audience that expects fun and not mind bending stories

it does have some moments that are a bit scary for 5 year old so make sure that your young one remembers that it is only a story and it will end well (which of course is true)

like in the first part there are some bloopers at the end so don't leave too quickly
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