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MPAA Rated PG for rude humor and mild action

Sex & Nudity

  • When Agnes says to Gru "I know what makes you a boy", Gru thinks that Agnes knows it's his privates. But Agnes then says it's his "bald head".
  • One of the female characters has cleavage.
  • A Minion with a girl disguise loses the skirt in an escalator and then panties are shown

Violence & Gore

  • The violence is all done in a cartoonish fashion.
  • The violence is similar to Looney Tunes. There are explosions, fire, crashes etc, but the characters manage to survive without serious injuries.
  • Minions receive purple injections and change into snarling, purple frazzle-haired zombies with raggedy teeth; they eat anything, including tricycles, bushes, a whole front yard and a police car; one of them chases two little girls and bites the bottom of a stuffed unicorn; many more minions are injected and become the same zombie creatures,
  • Eduardo pulls a knife and says someone will die in his restaurant tonight while Pollito, Eduardo's chicken, pecks at Gru and Lucy. As Eduardo spots them, he pulls out 10 knives, but is hit by Lucy's car. He falls down unhurt.
  • Lucy, an Anti-Villain League (AVL) agent, argues with Gru on the sidewalk of his house and uses her Lipstick Taser on him. She later uses it on two minions that fall into her car.
  • During closing credits, a black panel opens on screen as Bob lights a fuse with a cigarette lighter and the fuse burns up to a firecracker. As the panel closes, we hear an explosion and we see the outlines of Kevin, Bob and Stuart embedded in the panel. The panel opens and they are dirty, but they appear to be OK. They argue for several seconds, and break a sign over one's head, but do no long-term damage.
  • In two scenes, a fart gun fires a big blast of brown smoke toward the audience.
  • Jillian points out that a woman's husband died, and Gru sprays her with a water hose twice.


  • In the Spanish (Spain) dub of the movie, the word "shit" ("mierda") is only used once.
  • Some name calling like "bonkers", "sheepbutt", "idiot!", and "old man".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Minions drink 'cocktails' and act drunkenly.
  • El macho drinks whiskey and pours snake poison with a snake.
  • When Gru's date Shannon is knocked out with a moose tranquilliser dart by Lucy, one of the Italian waiters asks what happened, but Lucy lies that Shannon is just drunk.
  • Margaritas are served at a celebration (no one actually drinks).

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The purple minions can be frightening to children.
  • Lucy is transferred to the Australian Branch for the AVL. The separation between them is VERY upsetting and may make some cry.
  • El macho dives into a volcanoe riding a shark with 200 pounds of dynamite strapped to him
  • Lucy demonstrates the effects of the PX-41 serum by showing Gru and the Minions a video clip of two lab scientists testing out the serum on a lab rabbit. As soon as the serum is injected, the rabbit transforms into a purple beast form and attacks the scientists off-screen. As the camera peers closer, the rabbit monster runs at the camera, attacking the cameraman (off screen). Frightening for young viewers.
  • Very mild scary scenes, but you may barely notice.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Eduardo "El Macho" Perez drinks a purple serum, known as the PX-41 serum, and becomes a big, shaggy purple monster with a black beard. He chases Gru, who falls from a roof and onto a scaffold. As Gru dodges the scaffold, El Macho picks it up, and drops it as he roars at Gru and the Minions. Dr. Nefario then fires a "fart gun" to make him pass out after being shot with Lucy's Lipstick Taser, which Gru uses on him (he convulses briefly).

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • When Kevin as a purple minion is about to eat the unicorn, Agnes screams in a loud, high-pitched, insane way. This can scare some. This will scare young children.
  • There's a purple minion jump-scare during the climax; shattering a window. It's brief but can be a little scary to children.

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