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MPAA Rated PG for rude humor and mild action

Sex & Nudity

  • Gru puts a belt on that is supposed to detect something and he walks around thrusting his hips towards inanimate objects, he prolongs his thrusting towards a picture of another man. His thrusts can be considered to be vulgar and sexual.
  • They show a picture of Gru in a Speedo and is pretty detailed, and the youngest girl, Agnes, notices and says "ew, what is that" and the other girls cover her eyes.
  • A minion wearing a little-girl disguise loses the skirt on an escalator, revealing pink underwear and hides in a flowerpot.
  • In a beach scene, a minion runs off camera, tosses his coveralls back onto the sand, and the camera cuts to his butt as he runs into the ocean.
  • An outhouse door opens and we see a seated man covered by a large newspaper.
  • Agnes tells Gru "I know what makes you a boy" and he is puzzled and asks "you do?", implying she knows about the male body part, and then she says "your bald head".
  • Everything is played for laughs

Violence & Gore

  • Most of the violence is comedic.
  • The violence is similar to Looney Tunes. There are explosions, fire, crashes etc, but the characters manage to survive without serious injuries.
  • Minions receive purple injections and change into snarling, purple frazzle-haired zombies with raggedy teeth; they eat anything, including tricycles, bushes, a whole front yard and a police car; one of them chases two little girls and bites the bottom of a stuffed unicorn; many more minions are injected and become the same zombie creatures,
  • An overweight man drinks a purple serum and becomes a shaggy purple abominable snowman with a black beard; he chases a man who falls from a roof onto a scaffold, picks up the scaffold, and drops it as he roars at minions and the man until a scientist fires a "fart gun" to make him pass out after being shot with a taser (he convulses briefly).
  • A man pulls a knife and says someone will die in his restaurant tonight while a mad watch-chicken pecks at a man and a woman; the restaurant owner pulls out 10 knives and falls down unhurt.
  • A female spy argues with a man on the sidewalk and uses a taser gun on him and on two minions that fall into her car .
  • During closing credits, a black panel opens on screen as a minion lights a fuse with a cigarette lighter and the fuse burns up to a firecracker; the panel closes, we hear an explosion and we see the outlines of three minions embedded in the panel; the panel opens and the minions are dirty, but OK; they argue for several seconds, and break a sign over one's head, but do no long-term damage.
  • In two scenes, a fart gun fires a big blast of brown smoke toward the audience.
  • We hear that a woman's husband died.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Minions drink 'cocktails' and act drunkenly.
  • One reference to being passed out due to too much alcohol
  • Three restaurant scenes show drinks on tables (no one drinks).
  • Margaritas are served at a celebration (no one actually drinks).
  • A minion pretends to smoke (it's a toothpick).

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Very mild scary scenes, but you may barely notice.

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