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Sex & Nudity

  • Two teenage girls kissing.
  • Man shown in underwear.
  • Overall no nudity.
  • Woman and man having sex, her bare back and his full chest are shown

Violence & Gore

  • Chopped off head seen in a reflection.
  • Execution by a wire. Very bloody but it's a brief flashback.
  • A character is cut in an arm. We can see it in a distance.
  • Execution by a shot in a head. Shown off-screen.
  • Fight scene involving a knife.
  • One scene showing fight between two women. Non bloody.
  • Dead body is being moved by one of the characters.
  • Close-up of damaged body parts shown in a pictures. Very brief, not really graphic.
  • Use of sleeping gas as an attempt to kill someone.
  • Shot in a head shown in a reflection.
  • One fight scene in a bar involving killing people by shooting and stabbing. Some blood splashing in a distance.
  • Dead body covered in blood is shown.
  • A man is hanged by the neck
  • Fight scene involving punching, strangling and stabbing.
  • Sharp object impaled in the hand. Shown from close-up.
  • Boiled water poured on the faces of several people.
  • Two knives plunged into the chest of a man.
  • A knife plunged into the head of a man.
  • A knife plunged into a neck with a blood pouring out. Very bloody.
  • Man stabbed in a back.
  • Man stabbed in his shoulder.
  • One brutal kill involving multiple stabbings in the body and one in the head.
  • One character is seen crawling after being stabbed. We can see he's covered in blood.
  • After a man has his throat cut, there is some blood splashing. The scene is viewed from the back.
  • Close-up of a character with a knife plunged into her neck and blood coming out of her eyes. Very disturbing.
  • Man gets killed by getting his head smashed by a knife handle. Very graphic and bloody.


  • 7x F words

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Few scenes showing smoking cigarettes.
  • Glass of wine shown on a table.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • One scene shows a young woman being forced to eat and swallow a cigarette. Half of her face is beaten up.
  • There are two brutal kills.

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