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Lesbian & Punk
Fanchoa21 March 2012
I've just seen this movie by Virginie Despentes (famous french writer). It's more mainstream than her previous one (Baise moi !)but nevertheless very provocative. Provocative because it's a lesbian comedy, Virginie Despentes being herself a lesbian she was intented on making it that way. I think it's very important to have such artists who can express themselves in a more and more consensual world and indeed her approach is commendable and necessary. As for the film itself i have some restrictions. First of all i don't really believe in the love story of the two main characters ( B. Dalle & E. Béart) , on the contrary their story is much more convincing when they are young. This is due to the life and energy given by Soko and Clara Ponsot. Two promising , attractive young actresses . The other thing that has bothered me is how punks are shown. For me it's a little flaw, too much cliché. I don't think you have to be always drunk to be a punk. It's strange because Despentes was punk and has known very well this movement in France. To her credit i must say that the soundtrack is excellent with songs from Berurier Noir, La Souris Déglinguée, OTH, Metal Urbain... All in all this is not a very good film, a little flawed but that's not very important here. What counts it's is freedom of speech and that's priceless.
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the betrayal of a great book
AtotheT8 March 2015
Lets start by this simple information : bye bye blondie is a book written by V.Des pentes in 2004 few years after big edition success Baise moi (fuck me). Being myself a citizen of Nancy (name of the town the book takes place for its 3/4) i have really liked it and i think i understood even its deepest aspect and guessed the non given information of it. To be clear : the love story happens between a working class girl and a fancy and rich class boy living in the ''Isabey '' part of the city and being probably student in st sigisbert high school. The strengh of the book is that it shows how Gloria (the female protagonist) switches from platonic to deep physical love with a boy from a total different background because he's involuntarily meeting with her punk values (abbility to dress psycho, to fight, to play guitar, to match and get friend with other punk boys). I have nothing against homosexuality, but this story can not be transfered to the love story of 2 girls, this is exactly why the viewer wont believe a word of it !! When i went to see it i know i was going for a massive deception, and it's been worse again !!! For me this movie should not exist under the same name or with any link or relatio n to the book ... Virginie, what the hell did you want to prove realizing this film ?????
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