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*Spoilers inside* Hidden tailed showcased for Eliot/Christian
Stacy Akers Bond4 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I love this episode. There are several reasons why. First the guest star is John Schneider. Hello Bo Duke in the house and he is a wonderful singer/actor also. Second @ChristianKane01 aka #EliotSpencer gets to show off his wonderful singing voice. I didn't watch Leverage till the first of this year. Thats when I noticed Christian Kane. This episode had me researching who was actually singing. When I discovered Christain was also a very talented singer I became a Kaniac that day. I have to say that Parker/Beth done a wonderful job is this episode also. I love how they also done a word play on Christian's name for his character he plays and a play on the Kaniacs also. Its a wonderful episode and truly one of my top 5!
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