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  • Hank's discovery of Gus Fring's fingerprint in Gale Boetticher's apartment is enough for DEA and Albuquerque PD to bring Gus in for an interview. He seems to have an answer for everything, including why his fingerprint was found at the crime scene. Everyone but Hank seems to be satisfied and they decide not to pursue the matter. Hank isn't so sure. Gus realizes how close he's come to being caught and in flashbacks, his entry into a world of crime and his work with the Mexican drug cartel is revealed. Hank involves Walt in his plan to track Gus' movements putting Walt in a very dangerous situation.

  • A Mexican drug cartel wants a big bite of Gus's profits. Walter wants Gus dead and gives Jesse the means to kill him. Hank matches one of Gus's fingerprints at the home of the murdered chemist then wants Walter's help in tracking Gus's movements. Gus stays cool, and we learn some of his Chilean back story.

  • When Hank produces evidence that Gus is Albuquerque's crystal meth kingpin, Walt worries that he and Jesse will be killed to protect their boss.


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  • We open with a flashback to Walt speaking with Gus in the hospital after Hank was shot. Gus assures Walt that everything will be okay and we spot Mike leaving the hospital floor after finishing off the second cousin.

    Cut to Tio (Mark Margolis) watching a news report and learning that the cousins have both been killed. Gus enters the room and turns off the TV. He sits next to Tio and tells him that his nephews grew impatient about wanting to kill Walt and decided to go after Hank. Gus tells Tio he was responsible both for tipping off Hank that he was about to be attacked and the murder of Juan Bolsa. He tells Tio "This is what comes of blood for blood, Hector."

    Walt goes to the hospital for his regular scan to see if his cancer is still in remission. He sits next to a man who recently found out he has cancer. The man talks about giving up control to the cancer and Walt tells him he's wrong, that he should live life on his own terms. At any point the cancer could come back, but until then Walt is in charge.

    Gus is called in for a meeting at DEA. Hank, Gomez, Merkert and Roberts are present. They ask about his fingerprints being found at a crime scene and Gus immediately brings up Gale. He has a flawless explanation, mentioning that Gale is a past recipient of a scholarship program Gus sponsors. They two hadn't seen each other in quite some time but Gale recently reached out to him. Gus says he was looking for money and mentions that Gale was always interested in cutting corners. Everybody is satisfied, but Hank has one final question. He knows Gus is of Chilean decent but can't seem to find any record of him that country prior to 1986 when Gus immigrated to Mexico. Gus explains that one of the many issues of the Pinochet regime was lackluster record keeping.

    In the elevator afterwards we see Gus's fingertips nervously tapping in rapid-fire succession.

    There doesn't seem to be any sense that Gus's story wasn't credible to the agents. Hank points out it is strange that Gus never came forward when he read about Gale's murder, but Merkert tells him they can't push forward with a murder investigation because somebody didn't call the police.

    Saul drops by to see Andrea in her new place. He leaves her some money. She asks about Jesse and Saul says he's "busy." Jesse was waiting in the car and gets the report.

    At a family dinner Marie says she's thinking about making a move up to management. Walt says his scan showed he's still in remission. Marie brings up Hank's recent DEA meeting but says he won't tell anyone what it was all about. Hank asks Walt to give him a ride to a mineral fair the following day.

    We see Hank in the car with Walt, telling him they aren't going to anything related to minerals. They pull up to Los Pollos Hermanos and Hank tells Walt he thinks Gus is a drug dealer. Hank tells him about Gale, the fingerprints and bringing him in for questioning. Despite Gus performing so well in the interview Hank is still sure he's involved. The reason they are there is that Hank wants Walt to place a GPS tracking device on Gus's car. At this moment Mike pulls up two spaces away from their car. Walt says he doesn't feel good about doing it but Hank presses him into it. In full view of Mike, Walt stops near Gus's car and then heads into the store.

    Inside the store Walt walks up to a register and shows Gus that he has the device, thus making Gus aware of Walt's dilemma. Gus twigs and tells him to "do it."

    Walt walks back outside and places the tracker on Gus's car. He gets into his car and leaves with Hank.

    Walt goes to the lab and tells the camera he had no idea why Hank brought him there. He says nobody in the DEA believes Hank's story and that if anything were to happen to Hank it would increase suspicion.

    Walt goes to see Jesse and tells him the timetable for killing Gus has advanced. He mentions Hank being "onto Gus." Walt reminds him that Hank catching Gus means Hank catching them, as well. Jesse thinks that if Gus was worried he was have taken Hank out. Walt thinks this is a good opportunity for Jesse to request a sit-down with Gus. Jesse goes to the bathroom and while he's gone gets a text that reads "Meeting is off. Something came up. Boss is busy." Walt reads the message and puts the phone back, telling Jesse he thinks he got a call when he returns. Jesse doesn't tell Walt what the message was about, and says "It's nothing."

    Mike calls Gus and tells him that Hank is completely alone in his suspicion and there is no warrant behind the tracker. Mike thinks if he, Mike, can't locate Gus prior to 1989 there is no way Hank will be able to. Mike thinks the cartel is the bigger issue, but having to deal with both Hank and them at the same time is dangerous. Gus says he'll be in touch.

    Gus places the tracker on a newspaper machine in front of his store and drives to see Hector. He tells him he's said no to the cartel's ultimatum and that Hank is a "concern." He asks Hector "Is today the day?"

    We flashback to a young Gus and his young friend Max (James Martinez) -- the "Pollos Hermanos" - waiting for meeting with a cartel boss named Don Eladio (Steven Bauer). Tio and Juan Bolsa are Eladio associates sitting in on the meeting. We learn that Gus and Max want to make meth and help the cartel to profit from it as well. Max, sponsored by Gus, has been trained in chemistry at a Chilean university. Gus gave some of Eladio's men free samples to get the meeting. Eladio doesn't think much of meth, associating it with "bikers and hillbillies." Gus and Max counter that what they are making is more potent than what he is familiar with and they could make him millions. Not to mention that unlike cocaine the cartel will be able to reap more financial profit, instead of acting as the Colombians' middle men. Ultimately Eladio tells them he is offended by having his hand forced into meeting with them. When Gus isn't looking Hector shoots Max in the head. Gus, his face covered in Max's blood spatter, is forced to stare into Max's dead eyes as Hector tells him that he is the reason Max is dead. Eladio tells Gus the only reason he isn't being killed as well is because Eladio knows Gus. Eladio reminds Gus "You are not in Chile anymore."

    Back in present day Gus leans into to Hector face and says: "Look at me Hector. Look at me." Gus leans back in his chair and smiles. He gets up to leave and places a hand on Hector's back, adding "Maybe next time," before walking out.

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