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  • With the DEA now aware of the threat against Hank, Skyler and the children move into protective custody. Walt refuses to do so, barricading himself in his house determined to face whatever fate now awaits him. Jesse again refuses to let Gus get rid of Walt, even after the DEA visits the laundry to have a look around. When his girlfriend's son, Brock, falls seriously ill he realizes that the poison Walt had given him is missing. He goes berserk assuming Walt is responsible but Walt has a different explanation for him. With Jesse maintaining a vigil at the hospital and refusing to cook in the lab, Walt has a plan to deal with Gus.

  • The DEA is putting Hank and his family in protective custody; however, Walt refuses and awaits his fate in his house. Meanwhile, Brock has fallen terribly ill and Jesse suspects Walt may be behind it.


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  • Alerted by Saul's fake 'phone call (per Walt's instruction) warning of Hank's danger, DEA agents pull up to Walt's place to take the family to Hank's for safe-keeping. But Walt tells Skyler that he's not going, since he's the real target. The plan is for her to tell everybody that he's going to take care of the car wash. Walt says some heavy stuff about needing to suffer the consequences for the choices he's made the past year. The frantic Skyler doesn't like it but eventually leaves him there.

    As the family packs up Walt calls Hank to tell him he won't be coming with Skyler and the kids but will be there as soon as he can. Hank doesn't seem to think there is much to this threat. Walt takes a long look at Skyler and the baby as they drive off.

    We see Walt sitting by the pool spinning his gun on the table. Each time he spins it, the barrel of the gun ends up facing him.

    Walter Jr. is upset with Skyler, wondering how hard she tried to get Walt to come with them. Marie is upset with Hank for not having the DEA guys force Walt into the car. Hank mentions he thinks this is nothing to worry about and guesses it's related to his looking into Gus. Hank ends up guilting DEA agent Gomez into taking a driver over the lab.

    Gomez smooth-talks his way into letting the guy running the laundry above the lab give them permission to take a look around. An agent and a dog check the area while Gomez takes pictures.

    Underground we see Jesse turn off the machine. Tyrus has gotten word as to what is happening upstairs. Gus calls and wants to talk to Jesse. He tells him that what is happening is Walt's fault and tries to talk him into getting permission to kill Walt. Jesse doesn't budge and Gus tells him only that there will be an "appropriate response."

    Gomez and his guys leave without finding anything and Jesse resumes his cook. After finishing the cook, Jesse calls Walt and hangs up when it goes to voicemail. He checks his voicemails. He has a half dozen increasingly desperate messages from Saul.

    Jesse goes to see Saul. He gets frisked before Saul lets him in. Saul gives him his share of the cash and tells him he's about to disappear for a while, until the heat dies down. He mentions that Gus threatened to kill Walt's family. This is news to Jesse.

    After Skyler hears from Hank that the sweep of the laundry yielded nothing she calls Walt. He isn't answering. Skyler goes outside and bums a smoke from one of the agents.

    At home Jesse gets a call. Something is wrong.

    At the hospital Andrea tells Jesse that Brock is really sick. Something like a flu that keeps getting worse. A nurse says they are taking Brock to the pediatric ICU.

    Jesse walks outside the hospital to have a smoke. He looks in his pack and notices the cigarette with the poison isn't there. He runs back inside. He grabs Andrea and tells her to tell the doctors that Brock has been poisoned with Ricin.

    There is a knock on Walt's door. It's Jesse and he's by himself. Walt tells him what happened with his family. He stands by a window and talks about wondering when Gus might come for him. Jesse picks up Walt's gun and points it at him. Jesse accuses Walt of poisoning Brock to get back at him for siding with Gus, to "break his heart" and he wants Walt to admit it. Walt assures him he had nothing to do with it. There is no reason for him to kill a child, he says. He asks if Brock could've gotten to the cigarette by himself, to which Jesse says he switched it into his new pack that morning. Jesse points out that only they knew about the Ricin. Jesse accuses him of having Saul's goon take the cigarettes while he was frisking him and having Saul find and poison Brock. Walt points out how much of a stretch that is. He then falls to the ground laughing (similar to how he did in "Crawl Space") at the realization that Gus is behind this. This is Gus's way of getting rid of Walt by tricking Jesse into thinking this was Walt's idea. He points out that only Gus has a record of killing children for his personal gain, that he could've had Tyrus easily lift the cigarette from his locker while he was at the lab, and that Jesse has become everything Gus wanted in a cook. Walt forces the barrel of the gun right onto his forehead, telling Jesse to shoot if he truly believes Walt did it. Jesse can't do it, realizing that the idea of Walt doing it was more far fetched that that of Gus doing it. He heads for the door, stating that he's going to kill Gus. Walt tells him it's suicide to go head first at him, but he wants to help.

    Jesse walks into the ICU and stares at Brock before being made to leave by the nurses.

    The next morning Tyrus wakes up Jesse who's spent the night in the waiting room outside the ICU to tell him it's time to cook. Jesse refuses, even going so far as making a scene to force Tyrus to leave him alone. Tyrus calls Gus to say they have a problem and Jesse sends a text.

    We see that Walt is hard at work making some sort of chemical explosive and a remote detonation device. It takes a couple presses before it works. Jesse's text says that he thinks he's got Gus's attention.

    Gus arrives at the hospital with a bodyguard. Gus meets with Jesse in the hospital chapel. He tells him to get back to the lab, but Jesse refuses to leave knowing the kid could die at any moment. Gus offers whatever services the hospital has, stating that he's a board member. Jesse tells Gus that he thinks Brock was poisoned. Gus relents, giving Jesse a week off.

    Gus and two bodyguards walk through the parking garage to his car. Walt is watching through binoculars from a building across the street. He has the detonator in his hand. For some reason Gus stops about 50 feet from the car, almost as if he senses something isn't right. He walks over the railing and looks across at the buildings. He doesn't appear to spot Walt but turns and walks in the opposite direction. A despondent Walt slumps over.

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