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crimson_knight_72 August 2014
Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, by Christopher Berkeley, Lauren Montgomery, Jay Oliva, was a complete disaster! I don't know if a curse was put on the Green Lantern, but almost every movie starring him has been an abomination.

Unlike other Warner Brothers animated movies which offer us a complex and thrilling plot, Emerald Knights examined back story, after back story, after back story for almost every character which not only bored me to death, but it exasperated all the time that could of been used to focus on the main plot. I understand some people don't know the back story of the Green Lanterns, but character development should not consume more than half of the movie especially when the back stories were thematically unoriginal and one dimensionally monotonous. Furthermore, having so many origin stories was incredibly distracting to the flow of the movie. As a TV show this concept would have been much more successful; however, such a theme is completely irresponsible in a movie due to the time restraints of a film.

If you examine every DC animated film, you'll notice that maybe 10- 15 minutes is given for a super heroes origins, than it focuses on the main idea which will drive the bus the rest of the way. An excellent example of this structure would be the animated movie Wonder Woman.

As much as I like Green Lantern's character, Emerald Knights was incredibly mundane and ultimately scattered. For this reason, I give it a 3.
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Nice Little Film
JoeB1318 June 2011
This is WB and DC doing a little warm-up for the big budget movie on Green Lantern that is coming out this month.

As always, the Animation Team probably has a better grasp on the characters and settings than the suits in Hollywood ever do.

The Green Lantern Corps faces an inter-dimensional threat, and while they wait for the final confrontation, they tell stories of the greatest accomplishments of the Corps.

The movie is probably at its weakest in the fact that they have Nathan Fillian of "Firefly" fame doing the voice of Hal Jordan (Why isn't he doing it in the Live Action version? Why?) but he is only involved in the wrap around story that keeps the plot moving from one section to the next.

The stories themselves are quite good, though. Each one a little gem, even if a bit predictable even for the fan who is familiar with this universe.
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It's a pass, unless maybe if your a hardcore Green Lantern fan
KineticSeoul16 February 2015
If you are a viewer that is a huge fan of the Green Lantern and want to see more about the history of few teammates of the Green Lantern Corps. Besides that I don't see how anyone can really enjoy this movie. Yes, it has one main mission that the story has, but it's far from it being the focus. And it seemed like it's just there for the teammates to show what they can do in the short amount of running time this movie has. There is just nothing really exciting or interesting about this DC installment. The back-story of the characters doesn't bring anything special, the only somewhat memorable back- story is Laira's, but even that was boring to sit through. Overall, unless you are a hardcore Green Lantern fan and want to know more about Hal's teammates, then I guess it's worth a watch.

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Green Lantern Emerald Knights: For fans only
Platypuschow8 January 2018
Emerald Knights has a story it does, but it makes up a small percentage of the film as most of it is short tales being regaled to the newest member of the Lantern Corps.

Some are good, some are meh, but the whole thing felt very incomplete due to this.

With fantastic voice talent including Nathan Fillion, Henry Rollins & Kelly Hu the effort/budget clearly went into this but alike the original Green Lantern offering I simply don't get the appeal.

Weird aliens, bizzare powers and lore that keeps shifting.

What bugs me about all these animated movies is that they aren't connected and have no consistency. Characters who died are back, events that happened never took place etc etc and that's very evident here. They really need to make an animated universe and stick with it.

Emerald Knights isn't terrible, I'm just not the demographic.

The Good:

Opening sequence was brutal

Kelly Hu & Henry Rollins

The Bad:

Contradicts the lore in places

Spread rather thin

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

The guardians are smurfs
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Not as good as First Flight
DCfan25 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This was a good movie. Considoring there was not enough action but more or less flashbacks of other green lanterns, how green lanterns are trained and what happens to the ring when they die. Even the beginning of the film had a brutal death of a green lantern. But the main reason why I carried on with watching this film was because the was a hot human alien hybrid teenage girl green lantern cadet (Arisia) who was like the main character of the movie to stare at her body. However it is weird that Sinestro hasn't betrayed or tried to betray the Green Lantern corp yet or even become a Yellow Lantern. Also it is a suprise that Abin Sur is still alive or even Atrocities not becoming Red Lantern yet.

Overall a decent movie the casting of Nathan Fillion as Green Lantern and Jason Issac as Sinestro was a good choose.
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Is it a sequel or a prequel?
adonis98-743-18650325 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
As the home planet of the Green Lantern Corps faces a battle with an ancient enemy, Hal Jordan prepares new recruit Arisia for the coming conflict by relating stories of the first Green Lantern and several of Hal's comrades. This whole movie is basically upon other Lantern's you have Laira, Abin Sur, Sinestro, Kilowog and more. Honestly this isn't as great as First Flight was but that doesn't mean it's a bad animated DC movie it's just that it kinda makes you wonder is it a prequel or a sequel to the 2009 film cause many of the characters from the previous film are still alive but anyways the strongest flashbacks is the one of Laira and Kilowog i found their stories more interesting the other's were OK nothing more. But in the end of the day this was a pretty good movie. 9 out of 10 for me.
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A great telling of the Green Lantern Corps
Zackery Burgess14 August 2011
I love the Green Lantern Corps. When I read the comics I see a great space adventure, that get me excited although they need to get better artist for the books. This does a great job doing that. It explains the Green Lantern Corps history. We see the six different Lantern's stories to the audience and to one of my favorite Green Lantern, Arisia Rrab. While I think this could've been a sequel to Green Lantern: First Flight, it works well as it's own film. The animation is great and like I said I do like the stories. This was very great, and I hope to see more Green Lantern animated movies. In fact this was actually better than the live action Green Lantern movie. But I must say, although I disagree with DC editor Dan Didio, but I agree with him on how the Sinestro Corps War should get it's own movie and I agree.
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Pretty much brilliant
TheLittleSongbird8 September 2011
I like the comics very much, feeling rather nostalgic for them for the joy they gave me as a kid. I loved this movie and find it much better than the live-action movie. It was lovely to hear Nathan Fillion as Hal Jordan, and he does do a great job, however I think he was deserving of a little more to do. That said, the animation is crisp and smooth with beautiful colours and detailed backgrounds, and the music is exciting and gives plenty of emotional weight. The writing is sharp, clever and thoughtful, the stories while episodic are told with clarity and heart and all the characters are engaging and have great personalities. The voice acting is very strong, with Jason Isaacs particularly impressive as Sinestro. All in all, Green Lantern: Emerald Knights is pretty much brilliant. 9/10 Bethany Cox
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Episodic tale done well
MasterFantastic2 May 2014
As an animation geek, I usually look forward to any upcoming DC animated release, knowing that the animation, voice work, and direction will be superior to anything the Marvel group puts out. (If only DC could put out a live action version of its superheroes superior to what Marvel does, but I digress).

Green Lantern: Emerald Knights does an excellent, if somewhat formulaic, job in showing the birth of the Green Lantern Corps, the various aliens that all DC geeks would probably know about (and even if you aren't a DC fan, you'll be entertained)and the conflicts they have.

Of all the stories, the ones that captured my interest most were the ones with Avra, the first Lantern, Laira (voiced by the excellent Kelly Hu)as a powerful female warrior who really should have been used more often in the comics, and Mogo (Mogo Doesn't Socialize).

The last of the three also featured the guest voice of Roddy Piper, former WWE wrestler, and he is incredible as Bulphunga the Unrelenting. No slackers in this voice cast at all, with Nathan Fillion doing solid work as Hal Jordan, Jason Isaacs as Sinestro--quietly cool and menacing even though he's still a good guy at the juncture in time--and Elisabeth Moss as Arisia. Arnold Vosloo is also memorable as Abin Sur.

There are a couple of continuity points to be argued over, mainly Tomar-Re and Boodika's existence, but if you're not a GL fan then you probably won't mind. Overall, the animation is superb, the music inspiring, and the direction inventive. This is definitely worth adding to any serious animation fan's collection.
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Superior to Live Action Film in Nearly Every Way
phxpoet6 December 2011
I picked up Emerald Knights and All-Star Superman for an extremely cheap price during Black Friday weekend and after being somewhat disappointed by the indifferent effort on All-Star Superman I was stunned by the high quality of Emerald Knights. One of the elements I enjoy about the Geoff Johns era of Green Lantern comics is the distinction that's made as to how each Green Lantern wields the power ring. Emerald Knights digs a little deeper and showcases the differences between the various Green Lanterns themselves. Like the artistic renditions, the stories of how Green Lanterns find their own path to greatness are unique and well executed. In all, there are five tales recounted to a rookie member of the Green Lantern Corps as war stories while the collective group prepares to face their greatest challenge; the transition from the current story to the flashback tales can come off as a little forced, but the content is of high enough quality that you will forgive the obvious method of delivery. The only other real shortcomings are that, like the live action Green Lantern movie, the big bad isn't fleshed out a lot and the lack of white incorporated into the costumes can make the Corps look a little homogeneous. Overall, though, check this movie out if you want to see a Green Lantern movie the way it's supposed to be.
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As an uninitiated viewer of GL, this was an entertaining space opera
fantasyescapist30 August 2011
After loving the sublime Batman: Under the Red Hood earlier in the year, I decided to give another DC straight-to-DVD animated film a watch and I'm glad I did.

The plot is told as pretty much a frame story of episodic flashbacks of the Green Lantern's past. All I found interesting and easily accessible for a newbie, like myself. There were a few giggles at some of the silliness in the GL universe but that's inherent in the conceit itself, anyway.

The voice acting was mostly strong, the animation had some spectacularly awe-inspiring scenes, the score too was good and it importantly had heart to back up all the spectacle.

Overall, possibly the best superhero film this year in terms of consistency and I like this brave team that's sort of like an intergalactic police force-7/10.
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The Green Lantern Corps long overdue moment in the spotlight.
alanrayford17 July 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I have three problems with D.C.'s line of animated DTV's. First, of the twelve films (including the showcase compilation), only three haven't starred or featured Batman and/or Superman. Secondly, the story lines and art styles are often lifted panel by panel from the comics. Lastly, the running times for these productions falls somewhere between an hour and 78 minutes. This is normally too short to tell a full story and way too short to be taken seriously by anyone but an extremely small, niche market. Well, I'm glad to say "Green Lantern: Emerald Knights" (GL: EK) remedies most of this.

Superman and Batman are nowhere to be found within this anthology. Even though he's on the cover, Hal Jordan isn't even the focus. This DTV instead fleshes out the expanded DCU characters of the Green Lantern Corp across six chapters.

There is "The First Lantern". Serving as an origin story, of sorts, for the Corp, we get to see the first time a ring chooses its bearer. Later, when this first batch of Lantern's is being pummeled, we get to see Avra, a former scribe, create the first ever energy construct and save the day. After this is "Kilowog", which is a condensed, cosmic version of the military boot camp scenarios presented in films like "Heartbreak Ridge" and "G.I. Jane". It starts with Kilowog as a rookie dealing with an overbearing drill sergeant named Deegan and how, due to battlefield conditions, he ultimately becomes THE overbearing drill sergeant. Next is "Laira", which successfully combines the tone of Xena with the Green Lantern mythos, and sports some of the best fight scenes to have graced any animated DTV. Following this chapter is "Mogo Doesn't Socialize". The short is basically one big setup that leads to a pretty effective punch-line regarding the size and scope of the Corp's single, largest member. Narrated by Sinestro, "Abin Sur" is mostly a sobering discussion between Abin Sur and the warlord Atrocitus and then between Abin Sur and Sinestro about such heady subjects as death and destiny. Honestly, it was a bit of a drag. The final entry is "Emerald Knights" which ties together all the shorts in a grand cosmic battle where the planet OA is wielded as a mace to knock the big bad back into the sun.

Of these six stories, "Kilowog", "Laira" and "Mogo Doesn't Socialize" were lifted from the comic's. Contrarily, "The First Lantern", "Abin Sur" and "Emerald Knights" were largely original creations. The art style owes more to the lavish designs of "Green Lantern: First Flight" (GL: FF) than any comic panel which helps this further distinguish itself from the source material. I'm also highly grateful for the increased running time. These DTV's usually feel about ten to twelve minutes too short. But, at 84 minutes, "Emerald Knights" doesn't feel even remotely rushed and has enough time to say what it needs to. Unfortunately, there is some bitter to go with the sweet.

The pink, beach-ball looking G.L. was killed on camera in Laira's story and his ring then went to her. However, he could clearly be seen at the end as part of the assault against Krona? Also, GL: EK contradicts or completely disregards major plot points from GL: FF. A seasoned Hal Jordan works alongside Sinestro, who's yet to go rogue? Arisia is a new recruit being mentored by Hal? Boodika and Tomar-Re are still alive? This makes it so the two films aren't related in any way save for subject matter. The DTV market may be flexible enough to accommodate this, but I see it as a wasted opportunity and take issue with it. By the way, speaking of Tomar-Re, it's a shame his character was so marginalized—given his role in the comics and the live action film. It would've been nice to see more on his back-story, even if it was nothing more than the fact Krypton blew up in his sector and on his watch.

Despite these shortcomings, to any fan of the comics, the movie or numerous animated series to feature any member of the Corp, GL: EK is still well worth watching as either a rental or as part of your collection. While it sports a few dings, Bruce Timm and Lauren Montgomery have demonstrated a far better grasp of what makes this property work than the powers behind the lackluster, live-action production do. One can only hope they're allowed to continue devoting their talents to the characters of the expanded DCU and not just to a nerdy bumpkin named Clark and a sad little rich boy named Bruce.

So now, as a blogger, a fan of animation, a reformed comic fanboy and just cause I can, I'm going to ramble off a list of projects I'd love to see: Secret Lives/an anthology detailing a day in the life of the core Justice League's secret I.D.'s; Deathstroke/the sacrifices Wilson's made to be the most dangerous man in the DCU as he faces his greatest challenge; The Flash/Wally West's first time connecting with the speed force; Birds of Prey/showing how the fairer sex of the DCU is most definitely not the weaker one; Robin/Tim Drake dealing with the legacy of being Robin as he takes the title out of Batman's shadow; Suicide Squad/villains unleashed against enemies of the state; Shazam/Captain Marvel repeatedly being mistaken for an off-world Superman as he repels an alien invasion; Wonder Woman/a direct sequel to her outstanding 2009 DTV; Secret Six/bad guys fighting worse guys; Hit-man/Tommy Monaghan and company shooting their way through a different side of Gotham City; Booster Gold & Blue Beetle/the duo falling ass backwards through saving the day; Blue Devil/high technology mixes with ancient magic, creating a new kind of hero; Green Arrow/anything by Mike Grell.

If just one of these characters ended up being the subject of an animated DTV, I might risk breaking my face and actually crack a smile.
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This is what the green lantern corps every comic fan wants to see . . its grand . . its epic . .
vinty_j23 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
When I first saw the news of upcoming DC and WB Animation movie being Green Lantern. . i was super excited to watch the sequel to Hal Jordans story or may be Kyle Rayners entry into WB animation . . But when i heard it being a compilation of 4-5 stories about the most famous green lanterns . . i was a bit unsure whether it would impress DC comic fans as THE FIRST FLIGHT did.

Hell but i was proved wrong . This movie is an epic. . One might not know much about Laira or even killowog. . but believe me guys at the end of the movie you start caring for each character . . and thats what this movie has been about . . BUILDING THE CHARACTER of the green lantern corps . . and what better way to do it than go deeper into its own members.

The script is strong . . the stories are ..short..crisp..full in depth of character..direction by Lauren Montgomery is superb. . the movie is grand . . the fight scenes and background score is full of character. . great job . .

they have covered all the important details for the comic fans . .Krona . .antimatter universe. . secret behind the green colours choice. like even the short entry of Atrocitus and his power of RAGE against the green lanterns . . and the dialogue of Sinestro " if only i had a power ring every time i heard that i would have my own corps " . . Lou . . its just a perfect pun . . a brief look into the sinestro's future . . Abin Sur's deep faith in destiny and THE FINAL PROPHECY OF BLACKEST NIGHT . . they have touched all the main aspects of green lantern . .

i can't wait to see an MOVIE ON THE SINESTRO CORPS WAR . . hope it happens . .but as for EMERALD KNIGHTS . . 9/10 . .DC comics movies never disappoint you . . and they have lived upto their expectations. . definitely better than the GREEN LANTERN 3D movie. . all those who become utterly disappointed after seeing the movie . . please see EMERALD KNIGHTS . . thats what you call GREEN LANTERN CORPS..
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Green Lantern: Emerald Knights (2011)
SnakesOnAnAfricanPlain13 December 2011
I'm a MASSIVE Green Lantern fan. This is a small release that will introduce a lot of the mythology to newcomers before the release of the main live action film. It's really a series of individual stories being told. This means that each one varies in quality. Most are a lot of fun, especially "Mogo Doesn't Socialize". The most distracting thing about this film is that it uses the same character designs from First Flight, but has new voices and a new continuity. This can be overlooked fairly quickly. What's harder to overlook is some of the disappointing vocal work. Fillion, a fan favorite, isn't given enough to do and Jason Isaacs puts in next to zero effort. Rollins is also not gruff enough as Killowog. Vosloo and Rowdy Roddy Piper do excellent stuff. It's a great introduction to such a vast universe, and will preview what a Green Lantern franchise is capable of.
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Tales of the Green Lantern Corps
dragonmysterious25 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This is an excellent story about the less-known characters of Green Lantern. It is comprised of a few short stories about the Green Lantern Corps. I especially love Kilowog's story as I read it in the comics the first time and it was very well done. I like the beginning part of it where he was talking to his mentor. It was hilarious, and done just like in the comics.I like how Laira's story portrays the phrase in the Green Lantern pledge "No evil shall escape my sight".

This is a story that Green Lantern fans will definitely enjoy. If you are a comic book reader, you will enjoy it because of its links. If you are new to Green Lantern, this serves as an excellent story to know more about the Green Lanterns apart from the more popular ones like Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner, etc
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Good fun, if inconsequential
Neil Welch20 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Arisia,newly recruited to the Green Lantern Corps, is suffering from nerves before her first mission, so Hal Jordan tries to put her at ease by telling her tales of famous Green Lanterns of the past.

This feature is, by definition, episodic, and anyone who wants to watch a single story is going to be disappointed. But for those who want to enjoy Tales Of The Green Lantern Corps - a comic title which enjoyed some popularity for a while - this is a treat. It's good to see many of the other Lanterns featured, although the voice work isn't always what one would wish for: Jason Isaacs leaves Sinestro lacking in gravitas and self-importance, and Henry Rollins is a rather lightweight voice for Kilowog.

For all that, this is good fun for GL fans.
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