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  • Members of Casey's old combat unit attempt to find him. Chuck continues his search for his mother, and Morgan is hesitant to tell Casey a big secret.


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    Iranian troops are moving containers of boxes into an underground bunker, only to be taken out by a Black Ops team.

    NAME: Packard (Eric Roberts) EXPERTISE: Special Weapons

    NAME: T.I. (Dave Bautista) EXPERTISE: Hand-to-Hand Combat

    NAME: Mackintosh (Joel David Moore) EXPERTISE: Electronics

    They thought it was too easy, but their leader reminds them of the work they have to do.

    NAME: Casey (Adam Baldwin) EXPERTISE: Tactics

    The team starts to clean up the area and plant explosives. But the crates didn't contain weapons. They contained gold bars. Packard, T.I., and Mackintosh were hoping to set up their own personal retirement fund, but Casey reminded them it wasn't their mission, as they were under orders from President Clinton, regardless of how they felt about him "or his mouthy wife." But Casey's men decided to pull their guns on him and make the bunker their personal ATM. Casey decided to throw a knife at the generator to knock out the lights and take out his team. They are not happy with their leader when they wake up. They're heading to Leavenworth, and Casey is heading to the Buy More.


    Casey is minding his own business at the store, but Jeff (Scott Krinsky) and Lester (Vik Sahay) want him in on the big game to bring back the good ol' days of the Buy More. If White Zinfandel and Magic: The Gathering could be considered the good 'ol days. But perhaps that's better than seeing Morgan (Joshua Gomez) with his daughter, Alex (Mekenna Melvin). In spite of Morgan keeping it merely to fist bumping at the store, Alex insists Morgan talk to her father at the risk of life and limb and play it honest with Casey.

    Chuck (Zachary Levi) asks Morgan to cover for him in the Buy More, since he has to look over the Costa Gravan files from Volkoff Industries with Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski). The only thing they find is a structure of prisons Volkoff runs, which might lead to where Chuck's mother is being kept. In charge of those prisons are three men, on whom Chuck flashes. Yup, Casey's old unit. Casey dragged them halfway across the desert and had them court-martialed. They promptly escaped from a maximum-security stockade...

    CHUCK: ...to the Los Angeles underground, where they survived as soldiers of fortune. (nobody is amused) Uh, you know, like The A-Team (1983)? (and aren't you glad I linked to the TV show and not the movie?)

    CASEY: I WAS The A-Team.

    Casey figured the only way they'd ever come out of hiding was to see Casey's funeral. And the plan is hatched. But will they be able to love it when a plan comes together?

    Beckman (Bonita Friedericy) is skeptical, but only Casey's handprint will open the vault with the Iranian gold in it. Chuck explains the plan to drug Casey and use him at the funeral itself. Every exit will be covered, and the mourners will be hand-picked agents. Beckman approves...but needs to speak to Chuck alone. She privately congratulates him for thinking like an agent so early in his career by putting Casey in tactical danger. Only Chuck didn't really consider that. He goes right to Casey to tell him he didn't have to do this. However, Casey's only concern was not fitting into his dress uniform. Chuck shows him the drug they'll use on him. It would kill most people, but Casey's "colorful" past with truth serums and all sorts of other drugs will allow him to only be paralyzed by the drug. Just to be on the safe side, he gives Casey an extra dose of the paralyzer in case the first one wears off. One final problem: someone has to deliver the eulogy, and Chuck and Sarah will be needed elsewhere. Let's say the choice to talk about Casey's death is a bit ironic. But Chuck is thinking by having Morgan deliver the eulogy, Casey will have no choice but to listen to all the nice things Morgan will say about him and soften him up to Morgan dating Alex.

    The funeral is on, except the only people there were the agents on the clock. Morgan is so happy Casey has to lie there and listen, although he didn't expect Casey to be able to open his eyes. Mackintosh shows up and stabs Casey's hand with an American flag pin to verify he's really dead. Morgan starts with the kissing up to Casey, only Casey opens his eyes several times, freaking Morgan out in the process. T.I. enters, and Chuck signals Morgan to stretch out the speech. T.I. burns Casey's hand with his cigar, but Casey still doesn't flinch. Finally, Packard enters as Morgan continues to toruture the audience. Packard goes up to the casket with a lily, but he has the drop on everybody. He detonates the C-4 and smoke grenades surrounding Casey, punching a hole in the floor for Casey and them to fall through. Casey and his former unit are gone.

    Chuck is beside himself for allowing Casey to be kidnapped while still paralyzed, but Sarah quickly mobilizes a team and locates Casey by his tracking device. Except Packard thought of that and put the device on a cat in an alley. Casey wills himself to move again before they have the chance to cut off his hand. He escapes, except his wallet and the needle with the paralyzer fall out. Casey is able to nail Packard, T.I., and Mackintosh, but not before Packard overdoses him with the paralyzer. Casey falls out of the building and calls for an emergency extraction. He is barely able to dial, but he does get the Buy More. Except he gets Jeff, who immediately heads out in the Herder with Lester. Chuck and Sarah get there a few minutes after Jeff and Lester do. The good news is Jeff and Lester call Morgan, who directs him to his apartment. The bad news is, Casey still can't move. ("He has couch lock, bad.") Chuck and Sarah go into the warehouse where they found Casey's phone, where Chuck accidentally trips several laser beams wired to explosives. Sarah crawls under the laser beams to try and defuse the bomb, but Chuck is upset about putting everybody he cares about in danger just for the sake of finding his mom. He wants Sarah to just run and leave him there.

    SARAH: You could have told me that before I climbed under the lasers. (Chuck is shocked) Chuck, you're being ridiculous--even for a man who is trying to free himself from high-tech explosives. Casey and I knew the risks, but of course we're going to help you. This is your mom.

    CHUCK: I love you, you know that? And I'd say that even if you weren't in the process of saving my life. Which makes you 20 to 25% sexier in my book...50, more like 50%.

    Morgan is having trouble communicating with Casey, mainly because he doesn't understand Morse code. However, he does understand Alex showing up, so he hides Casey by putting an Imperial Stormtrooper mask on the paralyzed Casey. (EPIC!) She talks to Morgan outside, as T.I. looks for Casey at his apartment, in the same complex where everybody is right now. Everybody except Chuck and Sarah, who were just captured by Packard and Mackintosh. (Don't you just love the old-school computer names of these guys?) Alex is not exactly happy Morgan hasn't talked to Casey, and Alex refuses to leave. But Morgan sees T.I. and "dumps" her to get her to leave. And just in time for T.I. to "deliver" a message that Casey has to return to where they found the gold if he ever wants to see Chuck and Sarah again.

    Morgan calls Awesome (Ryan McPartlin), still feeling quite awesome from finding out he'll have a daughter, to see what he can do about couch lock on Jeff. (conveniently leaving out how serious the situation is and that it's acutually Casey) Awesome suggests doing something to get his heart rate up. And seriously, why did Morgan bother trying to slap Casey ("it's like slapping a car!") first?

    MORGAN: I know you can hear me, and I have something very important to tell you. I've been dating your daughter. Well, technically, we're on the rocks right now, but things were getting serious. Holding hands, the kissing was getting out of control. I was a perfect gentleman, but very soon, it would have been like she would be spending the night.

    It worked all right. Up goes Casey, who puts the mother of all chokeholds on Morgan. But Casey kept the bigger picture in mind, and he had no choice but to take Morgan with him to Iran. Morgan is not happy about Casey putting the kibosh on his relationship with Alex.

    MORGAN: Hey, I'm a good guy. Not to mention, stupid me thought me and you were sort of friends.

    CASEY: WERE friends.

    MORGAN: Oh, right. Or maybe it's you don't have any friends. I happened to notice at your funeral, the only people who showed up wanted to see you dead!

    In Iran, Chuck grills Packard, T.I., and Mackintosh, given they're going to kill Sarah and him, anyway. Chuck asks about Frost, and Mackintosh tells them Chuck's mom is their boss. She's Volkoff's right hand. She makes problems disappear, and Chuck isn't happy about this news. Casey and Morgan make it to the bunker and tap into the electronics system. Morgan is to knock out the lights when Casey goes down. Casey drops his weapons...all of them...and Casey gives the code word to Morgan. Only insteado of turning out the lights, he floods the bunker. As Morgan tries to kill the lights, Casey is dragged to open the vault, and Casey tries to bluff Packard into thinking there's an entire commando squad waiting for them topside. Mackintosh fires outside and gets a girlish scream in return. Morgan surrenders in humiliation, but he has an idea. He grabs a live wire from the ceiling and jumps into the water with it. Everybody is shocked unconscious except Chuck, Sarah, and Casey, whom Morgan gave a "couch lock" warning to first. Morgan took 10,000 volts and died for 3 seconds, but he was the hero today.

    Back at the Buy More, Jeff and Lester are impressed by the fact Casey "wakes up in some of the best dumpsters in the city," just like them. Morgan tells Casey he's given up on Alex and invites him to an "I'm still alive" party. Casey shows up...and brings Alex with him. Casey told her he made Morgan dump her and Morgan stood up to him about it. And they're back together...with Casey's approval.

    CASEY: You break her heart, I break your everything.

    Chuck wasn't in much of a party mood after finding out his mom could be one of the bad guys.

    CHUCK: In order to find the one person who...left me...I've endangered the lives of everyone who never left me.

    Chuck wants to stop looking for his mom, because he doesn't need to bring back what he thought was his family, because he already had it.

    That is...until Chuck receives a call from his mother.

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