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  • Sean and Beverly are still reeling from the network's decision to cast Matt LeBlanc as the star of their show. But when they meet him at a swanky LA dinner party at Merc's house, Matt couldn't be more charming or flattering about their show. Unfortunately, over time the natural animosity between Matt and Beverly rises to the surface, and Beverly learns just how much you don't want the former Friend as an enemy.


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  • Bev and Sean still sit in shock after hearing Carol suggest Matt LeBlanc. "For the erudite, verbally dexterous head master of an elite boys academy, you're suggesting 'Joey'?" Sean says.

    She wants them to "take the meeting" with Matt "as a courtesy". She swears Matt saw the show recently on a shoot in London and loves it. She also passes on an invitation to a dinner party at Merc's house, an offer they can't refuse.

    At lunch, Bev catches Sean staring at a woman's fake knockers as they wait for Matt. He arrives, on his cell phone.

    "So, I'm here, why?" Matt says.

    Not only did he not recently shoot a movie in London, he has no idea who they are. He's busy texting about a sushi restaurant he's trying to open.

    Matt doesn't understand why they want him for the old fat guy's part. Bev says they don't, the network does. Sean tries to gamely forge on, saying they're fans of Matt's, but his cell phone rings and he's back to the restaurant again.

    Leaving the restaurant, Matt gets a call from his agent, saying the "British people" loved him. He says Merc has a money truck ready to drive up to his house, big enough to open a restaurant.

    The agent assures him they'll change the show to suit him. Matt asks again about the money truck.

    Outside their gated community, Wallace the guard again fails to recognize Bev and Sean. Carol calls, Bev, telling them they got Matt LeBlanc. The toadies are thrilled.

    "The best part is that Merc's excited about the show again!" Carol tells them.

    "When did he stop being excited about the show?" Bev asks.

    "Never," Carol says.

    At Merc's dinner party, Sean is struck by the art. Merc introduces them to his gorgeous, but blind wife, Jamie.

    She ate something toxic, went into a coma and woke up blind. "It takes us forever to get out of the house. On the other hand, she shops less," Merc kids.

    They run into Carol, who urges them to make nice with Matt. Bev winces.

    Matt tells them he's been watching tapes of their show and it's fantastic. He seems sincere. He says they have to cast real kids, not TV actors. He urges them not to let the network make them cast anyone they don't want. He offers to be the heavy if it comes to that.

    "Merc and I go way back to when he ran NBC sports and he used to get me Laker girls," Matt tells Bev.

    He wants someone great for the female librarian part, someone, strong, classy and beautiful. He asks if Bev can act. She gets all giggly schoolgirl and snorts as she laughs.

    Dinner is served.

    Bev and Sean can't believe Matt seems charming. They still think he's wrong for the part. "But he has such great hair," Bev says.

    At the dinner table, blind Jamie tells a story about giving gifts to kids in an orphanage and Merc gets bored and pantomimes hanging himself.

    Later, Matt and Bev take a stroll around the pool. He shows her pictures of his two boys. She's charmed.

    Inside, Carol and Sean admire Merc's art. Carol accidentally mentions there's a great piece in Merc's bedroom.

    Outside, Matt asks if he's wrong for the part. "Spectacularly," Bev says. He says he's screwed and she thinks she is too.

    He suggests what if he wasn't the headmaster, but a wrestling coach. Bev hems and haws. He says he needs the show to be hit, or something you can't make fun of on talk shows.

    He reassures her it's her show. Then he tells her about this really funny show he saw recently about kids with Tourette's. She's appalled and their brief connection is gone.

    Sean and Bev head for the exits. Merc says good bye with his bad British accent, which now sounds like a pirate.

    He says Matt was telling him about the changes for his character, to make him a lacrosse coach. He says it was Bev's idea. Then it's a hockey coach. "We can call it 'Pucks,'" Merc says.

    "This is so much better than your old show," Merc says.

    "How would you know, you haven't even seen our show!" Bev protests. Then she has to fix it in front of Carol.

    In the car ride, Sean tries to understand how Bev let Matt turn their show into one called "Pucks" about a hockey coach. "Just once, could you not make everything harder?" he asks.

    When they get back to Wallace at the gate, he again doesn't recognize them.

    Bev lets looks with a string of blue profanity.

    Sean looks to Wallace to explain: "Tourette's."

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