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Cruelty to animals
ahlilly22 September 2017
In the scene where David is with some hillbillies there's a shot of a starved dog chained up. All bones.

How can a show not care about an animal and actually point a camera and air such cruelty!! The producers, directors and David should be ashamed of having walked away of a suffering dog that was not an illusion.
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Sort of a Throw Away
gavin694221 November 2016
Blaine enters the Hurricane stricken Ninth Ward in New Orleans and changes some people's luck. When he returns home to New York City, viewers see him doing magic for some of his friends, including Orlando Bloom, John Mayer and the Super Bowl Champion NY Giants.

David Blaine is a great magician and has some great specials. This may not be one of them. While it has a few interesting moments, there are none of the big tricks he has shown in other specials, both before or after. And if his biggest celebrity guest is Kimbo Slice, that's not enough to draw me in.

What is really odd is the goofy residents of New Orleans who are highlighted. I like the idea of cheering people up with magic, but it almost seems like some of these residents were picked out to make the city look silly. (You know which three people I mean if you've seen this.)
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